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									                           East Sussex Community Voice
                                      Role Description

East Sussex County Council, working in partnership with stakeholders, is establishing
East Sussex Community Voice as an independent community interest company (a
social enterprise) acting for the benefit of the community. This company will be the
primary vehicle to deliver the functions of Healthwatch East Sussex, a new consumer
champion for users of health and social care services.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, all local authorities in England which provide
Adult Social Care services now have a duty to establish an effective, efficient and
representative local Healthwatch from April 2013. The role of Healthwatch East Sussex
will be to:
   Gather the views and understand the experiences of patients, social care clients and
    the public;
   Make these views known to commissioners and providers of health and social care;
   Promote and support the involvement of these groups in the commissioning and
    provision of local care services and how they are scrutinised;
   Provide information, ‘signposting’ for services and support to make informed choices;
   Recommend the undertaking of investigations or special service reviews to
    Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission (CQC); and
   Make the views and experiences of people known to Healthwatch England and
    provide a steer to help it carry out its role as national champion.

East Sussex Community Voice will be contracted by East Sussex County Council to co-
ordinate, commission and deliver these Healthwatch East Sussex functions and activities
as described in the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The vision for Healthwatch East Sussex, developed through community engagement, is
as follows:

   ‘Independent but not self serving; non-bureaucratic and non-political; focused
  around a small central team; professional in all that it does, focused on building
  partnerships with existing provision; able to expand if appropriate beyond core
 Healthwatch functions; sustainable into the future and easy for people to become

The board of East Sussex Community Voice will comprise five members: one ex-officio
member (the Managing Director) and four non-executive members including the Chair.
The Chair will be the first to be appointed and will participate in the appointment of all
other board positions. All positions will be appointed by an independent appointments

The Chair will be appointed for a period of three years. One further non-executive will be
appointed for three years with the remaining two appointed for two years, to ensure board

Chair role description
For this innovative role in a ground breaking social enterprise, the successful candidate
will bring a range of board level skills and experience including: facilitation; business
acumen; performance management; relationship building and change management.
Beyond these skills, the successful candidate will have a keen interest in the community
and in improving health and social care services.

The Chair will play a leading role in setting the strategic direction of East Sussex
Community Voice. In addition to preparing, attending and leading formal board
meetings, the Chairperson will provide regular challenge, support and advice to the
Managing Director through monthly meetings; ensure robust communications amongst
board members; and will be involved in board and staff evaluations.

The Chair, with the support of the other non-executives, will also have a significant
‘probity’ role to play ensuring that, as a community interest company, East Sussex
Community Voice adheres to its principles, purpose and vision and operates in a moral

and ethical way in the service of the local community.

The following attributes are required of the successful candidate:
    Experience of developing and/or leading an organisation that operates for the
      benefit of communities;
    A high level of business acumen with a track record of achievement in challenging,
      competitive social and/or market driven business environments;
    Budget management expertise and experience of securing and overseeing
      development of external funding streams and new business opportunities;
    Experience of building and developing successful partnerships, alliances and
      working    relationships   with   a   range   of   organisations,   stakeholders   and
      communities; and
    In addition, understanding of health and social care service structures would be an

We anticipate the time commitment in year 1 could be up to 1 day a week with additional
time required in the early period which will be a development phase.

Whilst predominantly a high profile voluntary public service role, expenses will be paid.
It is recognised that the time commitment required to support the development phase is
significant and some remuneration may be available for this period, subject to negotiation.


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