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annex 6 first meeting of the network by HZPSpuY5


									                         Neformalna mreza
                         ekoloskih nevladinih organizacija Crne Gore
                         Tehnicki sekretarijat - NVO Green Home
                         Radosava Burica 31, 81 000 Podgorica
                         Tel/fax: +382.609.375



Date: 20.05.2011.
Place: Press Ecology Center, 17 Fair of Ecology, Trg Slobode 5, Budva
                                       Number of participants: 15

                                  INVITATION AND MEETING AGENDA

Dear Colleagues,

As you know Natura 2000 Info Center members will perform together at the 17th Ecology Fair which will
be held in Budva from 20-22 April.

Related to this we invite NGOs to submit their promotional, informational and educational materials
that they produced and which wish to be distributed, including also publications for
demonstration (which will not be shared).

Materials will be accepted in the NGO Green Home on Monday and Tuesday to 17h so please make
arrangements in time with us on ways of delivery. In the part of the congress sessions held during the
fair, N2IC will further present the two issues "Fundamentals of the Natura 2000"Natasa
Kovacevic, Green Home, and "Local Action for Biodiversity Conservation" Jasna Vukicevic,
Please take a note that meeting of the network will be held in Wednesday 20th April at 15.30 in Press
Ecology Center.

The agenda of the meeting follows:

15:30 to 15:45. Arrival of participants

15:45. -16.30. Introduction and discussion:
    o Information about grants to local NGOs
    o Study visit to Croatia
    o Finalization of the strategic plan for working groups
    o the Memorandum of cooperation networks and associates (review)

16.30.-17.30 Plenary presentations and discussions:
    o Considerations on the possibilities for strengthening the budget for the working group
    o Other
                         Neformalna mreza
                         ekoloskih nevladinih organizacija Crne Gore
                         Tehnicki sekretarijat - NVO Green Home
                         Radosava Burica 31, 81 000 Podgorica
                         Tel/fax: +382.609.375


Remarks from the fair:

                                         The 15 NGOs had shared materials (brochures, information
                                         papers, leaflets, educative books, electronic materials etc.) to the
                                         stand Natura 2000 info centre which was placed at visible place,
                                         taking 20m2 of surface.
                                         Part     of     materials
                                         consisting information
                                         on           biodiversity
                                         protection, Natura 2000
                                         and information on
network was settled at separate table. Six representatives of
NGOs (NGO Da zazivi selo, NGO Zeleni Korak, NGO Green
Home, NGO, NGO Breznica, NGO Green Action)
were volunteering at the desk and sharing information to the
interested individuals and groups who were approaching to the desk, involving environmental agents
from ministries, institutions, business sector/private enterprises, school children and local citizens.

During fair congress, two of the sessions were presented by Network members: 1. ABC on Natura 2000
and 2. Partnership actions of local NGOs for biodiversity protection.

In the final the participants had opportunity to hear more about main facts on Natura 2000 and our
network of NGOs and what we achieved so far. In addition, Jasna Vukicevic, member of the Network
from, presented six local actions which will be implemented in frame of the project and
answered on the questions of the participants.

Remarks from the meeting of the network:

After welcoming words Natasa Kovacevic, technical secretariat
Green Home, presented information about winners of the
regional programme for local grants and activities which were
preceded. As the 4 winners of the local actions were
presented, several questions on administration of the local
actions were arise and justified. The explanation on
unsuccessful local action proposals were also given and
discussed with participants. In addition were shared
information about planned study visit in Croatia and slightly
changed dates for its organization.
                         Neformalna mreza
                         ekoloskih nevladinih organizacija Crne Gore
                         Tehnicki sekretarijat - NVO Green Home
                         Radosava Burica 31, 81 000 Podgorica
                         Tel/fax: +382.609.375


In next phase participants worked on strategic plan which were assessed as unrealistic, hardly reachable
and not saying too much about who Is responsible for which action point from the action plan so
members agreed that revision is needed to be done at the principle “point by point”. In order to do so
all participants were discussing in plenary and plans for all working groups. Some of the points showed
on a screen were deleted as unrealistic to be done in five years time period, some of them merged with
similar (or even same) and some of them were delegated not even to certain organization but also to
certain person within the one organization.

At the end members agreed to establish three instead four working groups, by merging WG Education
and WG Communication into one group. In addition, new coordinators were chosen:

       WG Scientific research – Bjanka Prakljacic
       WG Education and communication – Aleksandar Perovic
       WG Policy and advocacy – Miodrag Karadzic

Related to the Memorandum of understanding was discussed if the MoU between the N2IC members
should be signed. After discussing the technical part of signing MoU (36 network members), members
agreed that 3 originals should be produced and stored in technical secretariat and rest of the members
will receive the copies of the documents with certification that can always use the original if there is a
need for this.

In last part of the day were considered possibilities for strengthening the budget for the working groups.
Not many new opportunities were assessed but members agreed to follow IPA grant programme in
order to provide financial strategy for the year 2012. One of the accepted proposals was related to the
final event of the local actions when the results will be presented to the donors and interested

In addition was discussed financial strategy for the network for year 2012. The small actions approach
was assessed by coordinators of the working group as good mechanism for building institutional
capacities of members NGOs but also of the network capacities and visibility as its mission is promoted
and communicated through at least 10 municipalities in Montenegro. Also the approach „learn by
doing” provides better understanding of biodiversity issues.

Report prepared by:
Natasa Kovacevic

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