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NIBC Back by HZPSpuY5


									1. All participants must be a member of USBC and reside in the following areas; Alaska, Washington, Orego
             and the Western Provinces of Canada.
2. The tournament shall have one division with handicap of 90 of 220 for singles, 440 doubles, and 1100 for 5
            There will be a scratch singles division.
3. No refunds unless the tournament is terminated:
4.   $25.00 will be charged for all returned checks.
5. The secretary shall have the authority in drafting the schedule and prize list.
6. Not more than (3) three sets of doubles and singles per pair of lanes.
7. Entrants in the NIBC tournament shall use last highest book average.
8. Summer league averages will not be used unless it is the only average the entrant has. Must bring a final st
9. If no verifiable average entrant must bowl scratch (220)
10. USBC rule # 319a2 does not apply (10 pin ru!e).USBC rule 319a does not apply (reporting of prize win
                apply (rerate rule). Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average, whether submitted by
                others. Rule 319a3.
11. No line-up changes shall be made prior to 45 minutes before squad time. The substitute shall then finish th
             the regular bowler arrives.
12. The first and last name together with the bowlers USBC id number must be on the entry form. All names m
              printed legibly for each event or the entrywill be returned for proper completion. NO BOWLE
13. Bowlers may bowl multiple times in each division. You must change 2 bowlers in team. The first appearanc
             counts towards all-events. USBC rule 315
14. A second entry for each event must be on a different entry form. Bowlers entering doubles/singles must bo
           time. Second time either or both events. Singles will be bowled first on all singles and doubles squ
15. TEAM not more than 3 players on one team can place more than once in the prize standings. USBC rule 3
16. DOUBLES in no case shall the same 2 players on a doubles team be permitted place more than once in th
             standings. USBC rule 315b2
17. SINGLES in no case shall the same individual be permitted to place more than once in the prize standings
18. Each of the bowling events shall be bowled on a different pair of lanes. No pacers.
19. Team, doubles, and singles entrants shall check in 45 minutes prior to squad time. Practice is scheduled to
            before scheduled squad time. Any player or team arriving after this time will not be allowed ad
             arriving after squad begins shall begin in that frame. NO SCORE WILL BE GIVEN FOR FRAMES

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