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Each team member will be responsible to plan the layout for a football/multi-use venue for their Fantasy Football Team. The following
are the guidelines for the project – designed to apply the sports marketing concepts learned in class. A hint: have fun with the projects,
involve everyone in the group and think outside the box. Sometimes the best and most fun ideas are the ones that you don’t expect to

Stage Six: Venue Poster

               o   Teams will create a 22” x 22” poster to present their team venue to the class.

               o   Use computer generated lettering, graphics, and printouts in your designs & poster

               o   Posters should include color and may include hand-drawn illustrations & designs.

               o   Posters will include team sponsor logos from either the internet or products purchased.

Suggested Items to Include:
           o Venue Location map, traffic patterns, and other venues in the area
           o Venue Football Layout
                    Alternate Floor Plans: Soccer / Concert / Open Arena…
                    Concessions, Kiosks, Restrooms, Handicapped Access
                    Floor Layout: Signage, Jumbo-Tron, Display Boards
           o Luxury Box Design(s) and Amenities
           o In-Venue Team Store Design or Store Front
           o Sample Signage to be displayed in Venue               22” x 22” poster
           o National & Local Sponsor Logos/Names
                                                                                  Leave a 1 inch margin around the outside

                                                                                  Fill the poster area with all different types
                                                                                  of information that represents your team.

                                                                                  Do Not Include Venues, Venue Designs or
                                                                                  Team Sponsors on this poster.

 INCOMPLETE                     DEFICIENT                     CAPABLE                  COMPETENT                   EXEMPLARY
     Task or Activity        Task or Activity Attempted   Task or Activity Completed   Partially Mastered Task         Mastered Task
    NOT Attempted or                    but                 & Performed; Required      Completed & Performed            Completed &
       Completed                 NOT Completed             Instruction & Assistance    with Limited Assistance    Performed Independently
                                                                                                                    without Supervision
           F                            D                            C                           B                          A
       0 points                    50%                           70%                         80%                        100%
                             of Possible Points            of Possible Points          of Possible Points         of Possible Points
    Task Must Be                 Task Must Be
                                                             Task May Need
     Completed                     Finished                                            Task Completed!!!           Task Completed!!!
     Turn In Late                 Turn In Late

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