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									                     BY LAWS OF THE

                                            Article I

                                   Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Utah Local Association of Community Health
Education Specialists (hereinafter ULACHES), a nonprofit, professional organization affiliate of
the Utah Association of Local Health Officers.

                                            Article II


The mission of ULACHES is to assure quality health education programs in Utah through
training, public health policy advocacy, monitoring the allocation of resources, and promoting
positive relationships between all local health departments, the Utah Department of Health and
other agencies.

                                           Article III


The purpose of ULACHES is to:

•       encourage and promote Community Health Education programs and activities that will
        motivate the public we serve to lead healthier lifestyles;

•       coordinate local health department resources with federal, state and other local agencies;

•       provide leadership and direction for improving the delivery of community health
        education services;

•       keep our members abreast of the latest research, development and pertinent information
        relative to community health education, by providing training and in-services at
        regularly scheduled meetings.

•       advocate responsible public health legislation at the federal, state and local level.

                                                                                   Last Updated: 1-29-99
                                           Article IV

Members of ULACHES shall be the Health Education Director, lead Health Education
Specialist, or staff employed by a County, City/County, or District Health Department and
assigned by a Local Health Director to health education responsibilities. Exceptions shall be
allowed for more than one representatives from the same department wherein administrative
oversight and/or supervisory responsibilities reside in different areas in the department. Other ex-
official members may be elected by a majority vote and they will be without voting privileges.

                                            Article V

                                     Officers and Duties

Officers of ULACHES shall be a President, President-Elect, and Immediate past President. Two-
year membership in ULACHES shall be required before taking office as President. Attendance at
a majority of all quarterly meetings shall be the minimum requirement to be elected to the office
of President-Elect. Terms of each office shall be one year beginning at the conclusion of the last
quarterly meeting of the calendar year at which time the President-Elect becomes President and a
new President-Elect is installed.

Officers will be determined by a rotation method with the representative of each local Health
Department/District taking a term of office. In the event a Health District/Department does not
have a representative the office would be filled by the next-in-line District/Department
representative. Exceptions will be reviewed by a simple majority of ULACHES. The following
is the order in which District/Department representatives will fill offices:
•        Bear River Health Department
•        Central Utah Public Health Department
•        Davis County Health Department
•        Wasatch City/County Health Department
•        Southeastern Utah District Health Department
•        Utah County Health Department
•        Southwest Utah Public Health Department
•        Tooele County Health Department
•        Summit County Health Department
•        Salt Lake City/County Health Department
•        Tricounty Health Department
•        Weber-Morgan Health Department

Duties of the Officers shall include, but not be restricted to the following:
a.     The President shall set the agendas for all meetings, preside at meetings, conduct all
       official business of ULACHES, orient all new members to ULACHES, and make
       necessary appointments to committees or work groups. He/she shall be the official
                                                                                  Last Updated: 1-29-99
         spokesperson of ULACHES with matters dealing with the Utah Association of Local
         Health Officers, the Utah State Legislature, and other professional affiliations/
         organizations. The President may delegate such responsibilities to any member of

b.       The President-Elect shall take minutes during all ULACHES meetings and be responsible
         for providing a meeting summary in writing at the conclusion of any meeting of
         ULACHES and submitted to the President for the purpose of review and forwarding to
         the Chairman of the Utah Association of Local Health Officers, members of ULACHES,
         and other interested parties upon request. A summary report shall be written The
         President-Elect shall also assist the President in his/her duties and shall act in his/her
         stead during the Presidents absence. In the absence of both the President and President-
         Elect the immediate Past President will serve as the acting President in conducting the
         business of ULACHES.

c.       The immediate Past President shall assure that proper officer responsibilities are followed
         as outlined below, serve as the by-laws officer, and serve as parliamentarian for
         conducting the business of ULACHES during all meetings. He/she may also assist with
         other duties as requested by the President.

                             Priority for Officer Responsibilities

         Responsibility          Immediate Past             President             President Elect
     Minutes & meeting                 2                         3                        1
     Conduct meetings                   2                        1                        3
     Spokesperson                       3                        1                        2
     Meeting Agendas                    2                        1                        3
     Parliamentarian                    1                        2                        3
     Local Health Officers              3                        1                        2
     Member Orientation                 2                        1                        3
     By-laws Officer                    1                        3                        2
     Appointments                       -                        1                        -

d.       Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of ULACHES membership.

                                            Article VI


There shall be at least one meeting of the membership of ULACHES during each quarter of the
calendar year to conduct official business. Special meetings of ULACHES may be called at the
discretion of the President or by majority of the ULACHES membership.

                                                                                  Last Updated: 1-29-99
Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the Authority for the conduct of business of ULACHES. Such
rules can be suspended in favor of other actions by majority vote.

                                         Article VII


Voting may be necessary to determine the will of ULACHES. All questions at a meeting of
ULACHES shall be decided by a simple majority vote of the members present. No votes shall be
taken if attendance constitutes less than two-thirds of the total active membership of ULACHES.

Each member shall have one vote. No District/Department shall have more than one vote.

                                        Article VIII


Dues may be collected as needed by equitable assessment or donation by action of the
membership of ULACHES.
                                        Article VIII


Amendments or additions to these by-laws may be made in accordance with the voting rules.
Amendments will become effective following the meeting at which the amendment was made.
                                                                              Last Updated: 1-29-99

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