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					                           OXON WOODTURNER’S CLUB
                                             NEWSLETTER NO. 62                         JULY 2007
   WOODTURNERS                                            wood used was better than nothing, as most of you
 CLUB                                                     will know, the first question potential buyers ask,
                                                          when looking at the work is ‘What wood is it made
FORTHCOMING EVENTS – Our August meeting
                                                          from?’ The sniff test is not always convincing when
on the 9th. is a ‘Hands On’ evening and we are
                                                          there are three layers of polish on it!!
hoping to make it a little more interesting on this
occasion, so please come along and see what has
                                                          NATIVE TREES – Those of you who read the
changed. On the following week-end (11th/12th
                                                          Revolutions magazine will note a three page article
August) we have our demonstration and sale of items
                                                          this month on the Hawthorn by Guy Ravine. It is a
at the Harcourt Arboretum, if you have any items you
                                                          wonderful article as I could not have produced three
want sold or donations for the charity stall please
                                                          lines on the tree, and I do envy a person who can go
pass them on to me or another member of the
                                                          into such detailed research and keep your interest.
Committee. For our September meeting we have the
                                                          For those of you who missed it, I can tell you it is not
return of the popular John Berkley.
                                                          much good for turning but you can eat the young
                                                          shoots, but please, if you get a chance put by ten or
ANOTHER INNOVATION – Just prior to our last
                                                          fifteen minutes and have a read as I am sure you will
meeting Tony spoke to John Dillon regarding the
                                                          learn something from the article.
feasibility of having two cameras operating in
sequence at demonstrations. As if by magic John
                                                          IN GENERAL – I am a little out of touch as I have
arrives at the meeting with the necessary spare
                                                          missed the last two meetings, one for a holiday in
camera and switch gear to demonstrate the benefits
                                                          Cornwall. I have always liked Cornwall as if the
of two cameras giving enhanced imaging by using
                                                          weather is not too kind you could spend time going
the facility of immediate switching between different
                                                          round the Art and Craft shops in the small towns.
angles. Our thanks go to John for his expertise,
                                                          How that has changed in recent years, you now have
enthusiasm and immediate response to the
                                                          a huge supermarket on the outskirts of almost every
suggestion. We await the response of members and
                                                          town and as a result the town centre has declined to
‘feedback’ on the experiment but general comments
                                                          charity shops, opticians, estate agents and banks.
appeared to be in favour.
                                                          This is another reason in my view why local arts and
                                                          crafts have almost disappeared, it is one of the first
WEB SITE – As you all know Richard Shock has
                                                          times I have returned home without something from
done a marvellous job with our Web Site and has set
                                                          a truly local source.
it up in a very professional manner, but has now
changed his occupation and is finding it very difficult
                                                          TAILSTOCK – A man went into a pub, followed by
to keep it up to date, with many pressures on the time
                                                          an ostrich, he said to the barman, ‘I’ll have a pint of
he has available. Has anyone got the knowledge to
                                                          your best bitter’. He then turned to the ostrich and
carry on with the Web-Site? I believe it is not too
                                                          said, ‘What will you have?’ and the ostrich replied,
difficult now that it is up and running. Would you
                                                          ‘The same as you’. The man then said to the barman,
have a word with Tony, Richard or myself if you
                                                          ‘I will have the gammon and chips’ and the ostrich
would like to ‘have a go’. Also the Club would like
                                                          said, ‘I will have the same’. The man then said to
to see more photos of member’s work on the Web-
                                                          the ostrich, ‘Shall we sit in the window seat?’ and the
Site, if you have digital photos on your computer, to
                                                          ostrich replied, ‘Fine by me’. The barman was by
send them to Richard via the internet, just click on
                                                          this time very curious and said to the man, ‘Please
the ‘Attach’ button, the one with the paper clip and
                                                          tell me what is going on with you and the ostrich?’
then find your photo in your files and send it to
                                                          The man said, ‘Well I had two wishes granted to me,
Richard@shocks.clara.net, if you have a problem,
                                                          and I asked for a million pounds, which was okay,
give Richard a call and he will guide you through the
                                                          and I then asked for a tall bird with a slender neck,
procedure step by step.
                                                          long legs and a wiggling bum, that agreed with
                                                          everything I said, and this is what I got’. Just shows
                                                          how careful you have to be when making wishes!!
get one response to this suggestion and the thought
was that we should really be rather more honest.
Although some description to include at least the                                     John Green              Ed.

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