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									                                            Governor’s Honors Program
                                                 2012-2013 Timeline
            DATE                                                    EVENT
    August 28, 2012         State Releases GHP Information
    September 5, 2012       Local School GHP Coordinators meeting (Sprayberry Media Center 4:00)
    September                Local School GHP information posted to school website
    October                  Schools post GHP information in visible areas around the school (posters/ flyers)
                             Coordinators review selection criteria with faculty
                             Coordinators conduct GHP awareness session with 10 and 11 grade students
                                                                                       th       th

                             Teachers nominate qualified candidates according to local school guidelines
                             Local schools conduct interviews and select candidates
                             Selected candidates and their nominating teachers complete state GHP
                                 nomination forms
                             Home School parents contact local school coordinator to set up interview times
                             Students take PSAT
    October 19, 2012        School Coordinators email list of nominated students to the appropriate district office
                            coordinator listed below by 4:00 p.m.
                             Academics: A Coker
                             Career Technology: J Brown
                                Fine Arts: M Arasi
    October 23, 2012        Alternate nominations for Academics due (alternate slots may not be available)
    October 26, 2012        School Coordinators deliver to appropriate coordinator completed nomination packets
                            for each student who will be interviewing. Forms must be completed electronically, and
                            then printed. Do not submit handwritten forms. Be sure to obtain all required

                            NOMINATION PACKETS MUST INCLUDE:
                                Completed GHP Application Cover Sheet attached to front of each student’s
                                NOMINATION FORM
                                Copy of Official TRANSCRIPT
                                PSAT or SAT score sheet
                            No other attachments are permitted; Keep one copy of each packet
    October 29, 2012         Student interview times sent to schools via email
                             Schools are to notify students of interview times
    November 5, 2012        District Fine Arts interviews: Pebblebrook High School 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    November 8,2012         Interview Areas: Biology, Chemistry, Communicative Arts, Physics, Social Studies,
                            Mathematics, French, German, Latin, Spanish, Architectural, Graphic, & Industrial
                            Design, Executive Management, Engineering &Technology
    November 14, 2012       Local schools receive notification of students selected for state interviews (pending
                            state approval)
    January 3, 2013         Statewide interview schedule posted to GHP Web Page: Local school coordinators
                            inform students of their interview times when you return to school.
    Saturday, January 26,   Statewide interviews for Communicative Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social
    2013                    Studies: Luella High School, Locust Grove, Georgia.
    Saturday, January 26,   Statewide Interviews for Dance and Theatre: Pebblebrook High School, Mableton, GA
    Saturday, February 2,   Statewide interviews for Music and Visual Arts: Pebblebrook High School, Mableton,
    2013                    Georgia
    Saturday, February 2,   Statewide interviews for Mathematics, Design, Technology, Executive Management,
    2013                    French, German, Latin, Spanish, AgScience/ Biotechnology,
                            AgScience/Environmental: Luella High School, Locust Grove, Georgia.
    March 8, 2013           GHP finalists posted on the GHP website. Local school coordinators inform finalists.
    March 25, 2013          Student acceptance deadline
    June 23-July 20, 2013   GHP Program

Alison Coker (Academics)                             Fax: 678-429-5884
Melissa Arasi (Fine Arts)                           Fax: 678-594-8571
Jacquelina Brown (Tech)                          Fax: 678-594-8569

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