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                        The Five Themes of Geography

 I.   Location: Where are we?

       A. Absolute

             1.      Latitude/Longitude (Global)

             2.      Street Address (Local)

       B. Relative

             1.      Described by landmarks, time, direction, distance, and


II.      Place: What kind of place is it?

       A. Human Characteristics

             1.      Architecture, land use, communication, travel networks

       B. Physical Characteristics

             1.      Mountains, Rivers, Soil, Beaches, Wildlife
III.    Human/Environment Interaction: How do humans and the environment

        affect one another?

       A. Humans adapt to the environment

             1.     Clothing

       B. Humans modify the environment

             1.    Building, digging, chopping/planting trees, cutting lawns

       C. Humans depend on the environment

             1.     Rivers for water and transportation

IV.     Movement: How do things move?

       A. People

       B. Goods

             1.    Import/Export

       C. Ideas: Communication

             1.     Fashion

             2.     Politics

             3.     Email/Internet
V.     Region: What is it like there? (an area that displays a unity of some


     A. Formal

           1.     Government boundaries

           2.      Not open to dispute

     B. Functional (newspapers, airline service area, pizza delivery)

           1.      If the function ceases, so does the region

     C. Dialect

           1.      “The South”

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