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parade application form 2010 by 5T50Mu5c


									  Please read the entire form and the application guidance notes as some details have changed from
                                            previous years.

           Application forms must be returned with full payment by Friday 28th May 2010 to:
                                       Pride in Brighton & Hove
                                           6 Bartholomews
                                               BN1 1HG

Your entry:
Name of group or organisation:

Your chosen theme for ‘Pride and (No) Prejudice’:

Brief description of your entry:

Contact Details:

Contact Name:


Email Address:

Telephone Numbers:

                             Pride in Brighton & Hove Parade Application Form 2010

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What type of group are you?

Local LGBT/HIV voluntary group or charity

National LGBT/HIV group or charity

Local voluntary group or charity

National voluntary group or charity / public sector / services / political

Local business – registered Pride Business Supporter or Media Partner

Local business

National Business

Entry Details:

Has your organisation entered before?                  Y/N

If so which year(s)

Type of entry: Please state if you intend to submit a float or a walking group

Is your entry sponsored?                                 Y/N
If so by whom

Please give details of sponsorship agreement (e.g. what is the sponsorship for
and what does the sponsor expect in return)* see point 6 on the guidance notes which states
that Pride in Brighton & Hove must give prior approval of all sponsors.

Number of intended participants

                            Pride in Brighton & Hove Parade Application Form 2010

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Will your entry have music?                                  Y/N

If so please provide details of how it will be produced (DJ / live PA / live
percussion) etc.

Please note an additional charge is required to cover this, see fees
Please also provide details of how this will be powered
Note no petrol generators are allowed* see point 12 of guidance notes

Promotional Material* see point 18 of guidance notes
Do you intend to hand out promotional material on the Pride Parade route?

Have you obtained a licence from Brighton & Hove City Council

Promotional Words:
Please write below a description of your organisation and Pride Parade entry for our
listings and for the announcement at the beginning of the Pride Parade route
(maximum 50 words)

Pride Parade Workshops:
Subject to Arts Council Funding, we are planning on running another Pride
Construction workshop programme with Same Sky local community arts company.
The workshops are free and will take place throughout June and July. There will be
master classes for those who have entered before and beginners’ classes for those
who haven’t.

Are you interested in joining the workshop programme                                        Y/N
If yes, we will pass your details on to Same Sky who will get in touch with more
                                    Pride in Brighton & Hove Parade Application Form 2010

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I confirm that I am an authorised representative of the applicants; that I have read and
understood the Pride Parade Guidance Notes and understand the Pride Parade regulations.
I/We agree to send a representative to the Pride Parade Sign-Up session and the pre-Parade
Health & Safety briefing. I/We agree to abide by the terms, conditions and regulations and
will comply with all instructions provided by Pride in Brighton & Hove officials before, during
and immediately after the Pride Parade. I/We understand that non-compliance may result in
the organisation being excluded from the Pride Parade.

Print Name


Total Fee Enclosed (see guidance notes)

Closing date for all applications is: Friday 28th May 2010
Send your application with payment to:
Pride in Brighton & Hove
6 Bartholemews

For office use only:
Date received:
Payment received:

                           Pride in Brighton & Hove Parade Application Form 2010

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