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Upwardly Launched
     Conceptual Physics
 Text Correlation: Section 3.2
                Question 1
• What determines         • Answer: When the force
                            of air resistance is small
  whether the effects       compared to the force
  of air resistance are     that propels something,
  important or not?         then motion is not
                            appreciably different
                            with or without air
                            resistance. But when air
                            resistance makes up a
                            strong component in the
                            net force on something,
                            then it makes a
                 Question 2
• Since in our everyday      • Answer: Because air
                               In this way he discovered
  environment there is         the law of is a
                               resistancefree fall and the
  always air resistance on     law of inertia, both later
                               dominating influence on
  a projectile, why do we      embraced particularly
                               projectiles,by Newton.
                               high-speed be
                               Things can projectiles,
  place so much                it can obscure the a
                               complicated. We get
  importance on cases          physics of whatthem if we
                               better grasp of is going
  where air resistance is      on "beneath" the air rules
                               first understand the
  "negligible"?                drag. Galileo was one
                               that apply when the
                               complications are
                               of the first to mentally
                               strip away the air drag
                               minimized. Being
                               overwhelmed by
                               to see what was the
                               complications may
                               prevent clear analysis.

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