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					  Buying and Selling Complex Performance
         European Operations Management Association, EurOMA-2008
       15th Annual Conference, Groningen, The Netherlands, June 15-18, 2008
This track of the Euroma2008 conference will examine the myriad of issues that together
form the basis of buying and selling complex product performance. Papers relating to
complex product systems have increased significantly during the last decade as academics
have sought to develop frameworks and concepts that underpin and describe the paradigm.
The purpose of this track will be to provide further insights and to develop greater
understanding of some of the key issues emerging within the field. We are therefore seeking
papers that will explore the following issues (and beyond):

       Complex product/service bundles
       COPS
       Public Private Partnerships
       Large scale construction/engineering/IS projects
       Institutional perspectives
       Servitization
       Innovation in long term complex arrangements
       Managing and Contracting in long term relationships
       Governance issues in complex projects/chains
       HRM issues in complex projects
       International perspectives on complex collaborations

We welcome conceptual as well as empirical papers and encourage multi-disciplinary and
inter-disciplinary contributions. All methodological approaches are equally welcome.

Contributors are invited to email extended abstracts (500-800 words) to the conference site,, by January 14th, 2008. Each abstract should contain the name of
the author(s), affiliation, postal address, and e-mail, all placed on a separate page along with
the title of the paper and the track name (Buying and Selling Complex Performance). Please
indicate the corresponding author. Abstracts will be blindly reviewed and evaluated based on
the following criteria: Relevance, Clarity, Significance, Originality, Quality, and Impact.
Decisions regarding acceptance will be made by February 18th, 2008. Papers are accepted on
the assumption that the manuscript is an original work and has not been copyrighted,
published or accepted for presentation at other conferences. At least one author must register,
attend the conference, and present the paper. Full papers must be received by April 14th,
2008. Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Track organizers:
Nigel Caldwell and Jens Roehrich (School of Management, University of Bath, UK). The
track convenors would be happy to discuss ideas for papers and can be contacted by email: or

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