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									                Turtle River School Division

                            _____________________ School

                            ___________________, Manitoba

Student: __________________________ Teacher ____________________________

Grade 1                Year: __________       Principal ___________________________

Days Absent:           Term 1: __________ Term 2: _________ Term 3: __________

Code:   Descriptor:

 (3)    Is Meeting Grade Outcomes: The student is meeting the outcomes as outlined
        by the Manitoba Curricula. The student has an understanding of the concepts and
        skills taught. The student accomplishes tasks independently and displays a caliber
        of work expected at this level at this time.

 (2)    Developing Skills and Strategies: The student is approaching the grade
        outcomes at this time. The student may require some concepts to be retaught, a
        longer time to complete tasks, or extra support from the teacher.

 (1)    Not Meeting Grade Outcomes: The student is not meeting the outcomes as
        outlined in the Manitoba curricula at this point in time. The student is having
        difficulty understanding the concepts and skills associated with the outcomes.
        Task completion is often difficult even with extra support.

 (-)    Not Yet Taught: The curriculum topic has not been taught as of this reporting
        period but will be taught and assessed at an appropriate time during the school

               REGULAR PROGRAM: The grade outcomes are taught to the whole
                class using a wide variety of best instructional practices.

               ADAPTED PROGRAM: Strategies, resources, and assessment are
                consistently adapted to enable individual students to meet the grade
                outcomes. Adapted programs are only for those students who are
                experiencing difficulty with the regular program.
Term   Term   Term
  1      2      3    Language Arts
                                     Viewing and Representing
                     Attends to visual information
                     Communicates ideas visually
                     Speaks clearly and fluently
                     Participates in discussions
                     Recognizes sight words
                     Knows all letter/sound associations
                     Understands what is read
                     Uses reading strategies
                     Reads at grade level
                     Shows an interest in reading
                     Proper formation of letters
                     Prints neatly and legibly
                     Spells known words
                     Uses spelling strategies
                     Generates own ideas for writing
                     Writes complete sentences
                     Rereads and edits own writing with guidance

                     Understands concepts
                     Social Studies
                     Physical/Health Education
                     Motor skills
                     Understands concepts
Term Term Term
  1    2    3    Mathematics
                                           Number Concepts
                 Counts by 1’s to 100 (forward/backward)
                 Counts by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
                 Recognizes & names arrangements (1 to 10)
                 Recognizes & describes numbers to 20
                 Compares sets up to 20
                 Estimates 0 up to 20
                 Demonstrates an understanding of addition to 20
                 Demonstrates an understanding of subtraction from 20
                 Uses mental math strategies for addition facts to 18
                 Uses mental math strategies for subtraction from 18
                                        Patterns and Relations
                 Understands repeating patterns
                 Translates repeating patterns
                 Understands equal and not equal to 20
                 Records equal to 20
                                            Shape and Space
                 Compares and orders objects
                 Sorts and explains 3D objects and 2D shapes
                 Reproduces 2D pictures
                 Reproduces 3D structures
                 Participates using core vocabulary and structures
                 Understands concepts

                      Literacy with Information Communication
                 Literacy with ICT means choosing and using ICT responsibly, to communicate,
                 and to think creatively and critically in all subject areas. (Using computers,
                 printers, cameras, projectors, scanners, etc.)
                                           KEY:   I=independently
                                                  A=with assistance
                                                  S= needs on-going support
                                                  NA= not assessed at this time
                 Thinks critically- plans, gathers and organizes information:
                 analyzes data.

                 Thinks creatively – displays/presents electronic works (concept
                 maps, multimedia, tables, etc.); uses graphics, sounds, animations
                 and /or video.
                 Responsibility and ethics – shows respect for equipment and
                 other ICT users; follows division policy regarding ICT (safety,
                 security and appropriate usage)
                    Personal Growth Performance Scale
                                C – Consistently
                                S – Sometimes
                                R - Rarely

Term Term Term
  1    2    3           Work Habits
                        Works independently
                        Applies active listening skills
                        Follows oral instructions
                        Completes work on time
                        Completes homework
                        Displays organizational skills
                        Social Development
                        Works cooperatively
                        Shows respect and consideration for others
                        Follows standards of class behavior
                        Follows school rules

                                         Term 1
Teacher Comments:

Parent Signature: _______________________________

                                         Term 2
Teacher Comments:

Parent Signature: _______________________________

                                         Term 3
Teacher Comments:

                                 Principal’s Signature

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         Term 1                          Term 2                              Term 3

                Recommended Placement for the following school year
                              Grade: __________

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