Electronic Key Fob Policy by rkSA52



The purpose of this policy is to establish and implement procedures for electronic key fob control of Baker
Victory Services facilities, to assign responsibility for the issuance of key fobs, and to implement procedures
for the control of such keys.
Through this policy BVS seeks to achieve maximum security for all persons relying on this building access
system for their safety.

   Electronic key fobs are the sole property of Baker Victory Services and are issued to eligible
      employees on a need to have basis. The key holder is personally responsible for the fob.
   Employees to whom fobs are issued are prohibited from loaning the fob to any other person.
   The key fobs will activate the 780 Ridge Rd. outside door directly leading to the back parking lot only
      between the hours of (5PM – 7AM Monday thru Friday) and (8AM – 5PM on Saturday, Sunday and
      Holidays). Absolutely NO entering or exiting the building without a fob during this time.
   Lost, Stolen, or misplaced fobs must be reported immediately to their Department Head so they can
      be deactivated from the system and replaced. There will be a $5.00 charge for the replacement of a
      missing key fob. Failure to report lost, stolen, or misplaced fobs may result in disciplinary action.
   Defective, damaged, or seriously worn fobs should be returned to your Department Head for
      replacement prior to activation of the replacement.
   Department Heads are responsible for maintaining accurate records of all issued fobs within their
   Employees who terminate employment or who transfer to another department or who possess a fob
      that is no longer needed must turn in their fob immediately to their Department Head.
   Reports on individual fob activity will be conducted regularly.
   Employees violating the Baker Victory Services electronic key fob policy are subject to disciplinary
      action up to and including termination of employment.

"I have received a written copy of Baker Victory Service’s electronic key fob control policy. I understand the terms of
this policy and agree to abide by them. I realize that the company's control key system may record the in-and-out
access of my issued key fob and keep a record of any and/or all activity."

This policy may be revised at any time without prior notice. All revisions supersede prior policy and are effective upon

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