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					Press release

ecofinance starts cooperation with Swedbank

Swedbank has chosen the Cash Management & Pooling
System CPS by ecofinance, thanks to its extensive scope of
functions and the software provider’s experience of similar
large-scale projects with other reputable banking

Graz, 19th October 2009 – ecofinance, leading provider
of Treasury Management software solutions in the
German-speaking        area   implements    its   Cash
Management & Pooling System for banks – CPS – at
Swedbank AB, headquartered in Stockholm. The
system’s functions include cash concentration and
notional pooling and an interface for the bank-user
and web interface for the customers in Swedbank
Group. The web front-end (CPS@web) has been
customised to fit with the look and feel of Swedbank.
By implementing the system, Swedbank is able to
offer its business customers real added value and
enhance customer loyalty. This was a logical decision
for the banking establishment that is renowned for
its high levels of personalised customer service.

Leif Karlsson, Head of Payments at Swedbank: “The
ecofinance solution was chosen due to functionality and
time-to-market reasons. This is an important step in our
effort to broaden our cash management offering. We visited
banks that are already running ecofinance and we were
able to decide that ecofinance was the right system for us.”
Dr. Karlheinz Schlögl, Managing Director of ecofinance: “We       Finanzsoftware & Consulting GmbH
have raised the technological level of our tried and tested       Hannelore Molzbichler
                                                                  Arche Noah 11
CPS core product. The synergies in the developed system           8020 Graz, Austria
                                                                  Fon ++43 (0)316 / 90 80 30
can now be fully utilised by integrating all the ecofinance
solutions. The installation of the ”new“ CPS is exciting for us
too. The software scope includes additional functions, such communications
                                                                  Petra Reppert
                                                                  Franz-Joseph-Str. 9
                                                                  80801 München
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Press release

as a new pooling method that we have implemented for

CPS – worldwide cash pooling for corporate clients

By implementing the cash management & pooling system
CPS by ecofinance, banks can combine its corporate clients’
globally    distributed   accounts    with  different  credit
institutions into efficient cash pools. Besides the cash
concentration methods, the functions also include notional
pooling methods. It is also possible to map multi-level
cascades in different currencies. Via a secure internet
access, the corporate client can obtain an overview of the
transactions for the account balance concentration at any
time. As part of an additional service, the bank is able to
illustrate the interest difference that has accrued by using
the CPS, thereby demonstrating a direct benefit of using
the system. The user can view all information in the form of
reports and/or download these as CSV or PDF files.

Inter-bank service
The overlay structure generally enables any credit
institution to be integrated into the cash pooling. By
concentrating the balances of many sub-accounts into one
or a few main accounts, this considerably simplifies the
daily disposition for the corporate client. This relieves the
burden on local finance departments. The interest income in
the group is optimised by economies of scale in short-term
lending and short-term fund raising. In terms of currency,
pooling also facilitates foreign exchange management. The
bank offering the best service in this respect manages the
”master accounts“ upon which the financing and investment       ecofinance
                                                                Finanzsoftware & Consulting GmbH
requirements of its corporate clients are reflected. This       Hannelore Molzbichler
strengthens business connections and generates lucrative        Arche Noah 11
                                                                8020 Graz, Austria
subsequent business.                                            Fon ++43 (0)316 / 90 80 30
CPS is designed to complete its tasks reliably in the
background. The CPS Monitor is used to systematically  communications
                                                                Petra Reppert
monitor all processes so that a notification is immediately     Franz-Joseph-Str. 9
                                                                80801 München
                                                                Fon ++49 (0)89 / 99 01 97-11
                                                                Fax ++49 (0)89 / 99 01 97-29
Press release

generated if account information is not delivered, for
example, meaning that the responsible bank employee can
intervene before the pooling run takes place.

New functions
ecofinance has introduced a new client structure. This
means that customer-specific settings can be made for each
individual corporate client (such as displaying of reports,
pooling methods, partner banks, currencies etc.). This
facilitates the calculation of pooling accounts (account
rendering for corporate clients).
The new version also includes enhancements enabling the
corporate client to actively control pooling. The client can,
for example, choose to skip pooling runs if scheduled
incoming receivables have not entered the accounts on
time. The cash requirement of pooling sub-accounts is
reported. Therefore double signatures can be used. Another
new function is the time-controlled adjustment of the
account limits. At a predefined time a higher limit can be
granted, later reverting to the daily limit. Therefore if
scheduled transfers take place later in the day, the funds
have already been made available in the morning. In the
case of account underfunding, it is also possible to define
priorities for distributing the funds within pooling. If the
balance in the main account is too low to cover all the
pooling requirements, the sub-accounts can be prioritised
on the first pooling level.

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Press release

Dr. Karlheinz Schlögl
Managing Director of ecofinance

Source: ecofinance Finanzsoftware & Consulting GmbH

                                                      Finanzsoftware & Consulting GmbH
                                                      Hannelore Molzbichler
                                                      Arche Noah 11
                                                      8020 Graz, Austria
                                                      Fon ++43 (0)316 / 90 80 30

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Press release

ecofinance Finanzsoftware & Consulting GmbH

ecofinance is the leading German-speaking software developer in
Treasury Management. In its role as a professional and reliable partner
to international groups, the company has been offering its ITS Integrated
Treasury System since 1984. Close cooperation with different universities
and   experts      simultaneously    allows      the   profound    and     systematic
enhancement of the modular system. With integrated software solutions
and   one-to-one      support,   ecofinance       supports    companies      in    their
treasury, cash and risk management, in financial planning, in payments
management and in reporting. ITS is being used across the globe –
group subsidiaries are integrated simply and easily into the system. As
Application Service Providers (ASP), financial institutions can offer their
corporate clients access to professional cash management, cash pooling
and treasury management with the software from ecofinance. Numerous
businesses and reputable banks have been using integrated systems
from ecofinance for more than 20 years. Amongst these are Bilfinger
Berger,       Schörghuber        Unternehmensgruppe,              Bosch,          Müller
Drogeriemärkte,       Deutsche      Bahn,       Flughafen    München,      STRABAG,
Zumtobel, ZF Friedrichshafen, REWE, Wilh. Werhahn, Giesecke &
Devrient, Lindt and many more. Reputable banks such as UniCredit
Group, Commerzbank or Raiffeisen Zentralbank use the integrated
systems       by      ecofinance.         For     further      information,         visit


Swedbank’s vision is to be the leading financial institution in the markets
where we are present. Swedbank has 9.4 million retail customers and
600,000 corporate customers with 419 branches in Sweden, 278
branches in the Baltic countries and another 215 branches in Ukraine.
The   group     is also   present    in    Copenhagen,       Helsinki,   Kaliningrad,
Luxembourg, Moscow, New York, Oslo, Shanghai, St. Petersburg and
Tokyo. As of December 2008 the group had total assets of SEK 1,812
billion and approximately 21,000 employees. Swedbank’s strategy is
based on strong local presence through an extensive branch network and                      ecofinance
                                                                                            Finanzsoftware & Consulting GmbH
a full range of easy-to-use and competitively priced services. Swedbank's                   Hannelore Molzbichler
                                                                                            Arche Noah 11
brand mirrors our ambition of being a service leader. Every customer
                                                                                            8020 Graz, Austria
should see us as accessible, uncomplicated and proactive. Bank branches                     Fon ++43 (0)316 / 90 80 30
and the Internet and telephone banks are well integrated in our business          
organisation, which is supported by units with specialists’ expertise and
efficient production units. For more information about Swedbank, please                     Petra Reppert
                                                                                            Franz-Joseph-Str. 9
visit                                                                     80801 München
                                                                                            Fon ++49 (0)89 / 99 01 97-11
                                                                                            Fax ++49 (0)89 / 99 01 97-29

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