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									                                    Budget Worksheet
                           UVic International Exchange Program

                                           Please print clearly

This worksheet is intended as a planning tool and will help demonstrate to the selection committee how
well you have planned for your exchange. Please estimate your costs on the basis of either half- or full-time
exchange (one or two terms). Exchange rates can fluctuate, affecting budget plans substantially; therefore,
plan for some contingency funds to deal with these and other unexpected costs.

NOTE: If you plan to use student loans for your exchange, please e-mail the IESS outgoing student
advisor, Sherry Contreras, at src@uvic.ca to arrange for an appointment to discuss if this is feasible for
the institution(s) you are choosing.

 Student Name:                                                       Student No.

 Host Institution (first choice only):

 Proposed Academic Time Overseas:               One Term (4 months)        Two Terms (8 months)

        Estimated Costs in Canadian Dollars                  Estimated Resources in Canadian Dollars

                   Item                       Amount ($)                   Item                    Amount ($)

Each successful applicant will be                 $ 150
assessed a non-refundable
administration fee of $150
UVic Tuition and Other Fees                                Savings
(You will have to pay for either 7.5
units for half year or 15 units for full
year, plus all other associated fees)
Airfare                                                    Student Loans

Accommodation                                              Scholarships

Visa application fee & medical exam                        Private Loans/Gifts
or documents fees (where applicable)
Food                                                       Income - Summer/part-time work

Textbooks                                                  Other (please specify):

Private Health Insurance

Communication (phone, e-mail, mail)


Local Transportation

Entertainment, Recreation and Travel

Contingency Funds


                             Total Costs                                         Total Resources

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