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       NIH and Beyond: Areas of
Systems Science Developments
                   and Funding
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               Patricia L. Mabry, Ph.D.
  Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
           National Institutes of Health

          American Control Conference
                 St. Louis, MO
                June 11, 2009
              About NIH & OBSSR

• The National Institutes of Health (NIH)
   • is the the steward of medical and behavioral research for the Nation

   • is an agency of the U.S. federal government within the Department of
     Health and Human Services.

   • Annual budgets: NIH $30B; NSF $6.5B; DoD $515B

   • 27 Institutes and Centers (ICs) comprise NIH - each covering a specific
     domain of research, which is conducted both at NIH (intramural) and at
     grantee universities (extramural). See a directory of the ICs at

• The Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR)
  stimulates behavioral and social sciences research across the ICs.
                                              National Institutes of Health
                                               27 Institutes and Centers
                                                            Office of the Director
                                                            Office of the Director

                                                                             National Institute
                                                                              National Institute                           National Institute
                                                                                                                           National Institute
                        National Institute
                         National Institute       National Institute
                                                   National Institute
 National Institute
 National Institute                                 of Allergy and            of Arthritis and
                                                                               of Arthritis and      National Cancer
                                                                                                     National Cancer        of Child Health
                                                                                                                            of Child Health
                        on Alcohol Abuse
                        on Alcohol Abuse            of Allergy and
     on Aging
     on Aging                                                                Musculoskeletal
                                                                              Musculoskeletal            Institute
                                                                                                          Institute           and Human
                                                                                                                               and Human
                         and Alcoholism
                          and Alcoholism        Infectious Diseases
                                                 Infectious Diseases        and Skin Diseases
                                                                             and Skin Diseases                               Development

National Institute on
National Institute on    National Institute
                         National Institute      National Institute
                                                 National Institute                                 National Institute
                                                                                                     National Institute
Deafness and Other
 Deafness and Other       of Dental and
                           of Dental and         of Diabetes and
                                                  of Diabetes and            National Institute
                                                                             National Institute                               National Eye
                                                                                                                              National Eye
                                                                                                    of Environmental
                                                                                                    of Environmental
  Communication            Craniofacial
                            Craniofacial           Digestive and
                                                   Digestive and              on Drug Abuse
                                                                              on Drug Abuse                                     Institute
                                                                                                     Health Sciences
                                                                                                     Health Sciences
     Disorders               Research
                             Research            Kidney Diseases
                                                  Kidney Diseases

                                                                                                    National Institute
                                                                                                    National Institute
 National Institute
 National Institute       National Heart,
                          National Heart,         National Human
                                                  National Human             National Institute
                                                                             National Institute      of Neurological
                                                                                                     of Neurological        National Institute
                                                                                                                             National Institute
    of General
     of General          Lung, and Blood
                         Lung, and Blood         Genome Research
                                                 Genome Research             of Mental Health
                                                                              of Mental Health        Disorders and
                                                                                                      Disorders and       of Nursing Research
                                                                                                                          of Nursing Research
 Medical Sciences
 Medical Sciences            Institute
                              Institute               Institute
                                                       Institute                                         Stroke

                          National Center
                           National Center
National Institute of
National Institute of                                 Fogarty
                                                       Fogarty                National Center
                                                                              National Center                             National Center on
                                                                                                                          National Center on
                        for Complementary
                         for Complementary                                                          National Library
                                                                                                    National Library
Biomedical Imaging
 Biomedical Imaging                                International               for Research
                                                                                for Research                              Minority Health and
                                                                                                                          Minority Health and
                           and Alternative
                            and Alternative         International                                     of Medicine
                                                                                                      of Medicine
and Bioengineering
 and Bioengineering                                    Center
                                                       Center                    Resources
                                                                                 Resources                                 Health Disparities
                                                                                                                           Health Disparities

                                                                     Center for
                                                                      Center for              Center for
                                                                                               Center for
                                     Clinical Center
                                     Clinical Center                Information
                                                                     Information           Scientific Review
                                                                                           Scientific Review
 The Complex Problem Space of Human Health

the skin

the skin

 “Systems Science” terminology at NIH

Systems Science approaches appreciate the complexity,
  context, dynamic nature, and emergent phenomena
  associated with the problem under study
      SS methodologies include
           Computational/mathematical modeling
           Agent-based modeling
           Dynamic modeling
           Network Analysis
      Related Terms:
           Complexity science
           Complex adaptive systems
           Non-linear dynamics
 Why is NIH embracing Systems Science?
• Other approaches alone have not solved intractable health
• Health problems are embedded in dynamically complex systems
• Need to make best use of limited resources, evaluate trade offs
• Computers have the computational power to do what humans
   • keep track of large numbers of variables
   • including their synergistic, cumulative and compounding
     effects, and
   • delayed effects/changes over time
• System science methodologies used successfully in other fields
  – tried & true
    What are the benefits of systems science to NIH?

   Heuristic: to better understand problems (e.g., underlying

   Hypothesis Generation: new hypotheses and/or narrow
    the list of existing hypotheses prior to empirical studies

   Knowledge Synthesis: synthesize existing knowledge for
    meaningful interpretation

   Expose Gaps in Knowledge about a problem

   Forecasting to aid in preparing for the future

   Intervention Testing in a virtual environment: saves
    time and money; can do things that are impossible or
    unethical in the real world; and exposes unintended
             Current SS at NIH
   Interest in systems science (SS) is growing rapidly at NIH
   Systems biology is further along than SS in the behavioral
    and social sciences.
   SS is being used to study infectious disease transmission
    (e.g., HIV, flu, smallpox, SARS).
   Less SS is being done in chronic disease/behavioral and
    social determinants of health – these areas are ripe for SS
   Any area of health and disease is applicable for NIH
Potential Areas of Modeling for NIH

 • Pandemic flu
 • Tobacco use/substance abuse/addiction
 • Obesity
 • Health disparities/inequalities
 • Social determinants of health
 • Chronic disease – cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes
 • Health care delivery
 • Stress, mental illness
 • Demography and population health
Potential Areas of Modeling for NIH

 • Gene x environment interaction
 • Life course questions
 • Intergenerational transmission
 • Linking physiological processes and social
   environment – e.g., biology of stress, place effects
   on health, poverty and health
       Current and Future Systems Science Activities
                        NIH & CDC

   Videocast 2007 Symposia Series on Systems Science and Health
   Institute for Systems Science and Health – May 2009 - annually
   Recognition of need for “cross fertilization” to encourage
    collaboration – Society for the Study of Human Development (SSHD)
    Oct 18-20 Ann Arbor, MI. SPB10- D.C. Metro area
   Use the conference grant mechanism (R13/U13) to establish
    connections across fields
   Stay tuned to the BSSR Systems Science Listserv for future
    opportunities to connect and collaborate
  Grant Funded Systems Science and BSSR at NIH
Joshua Epstein, Director’s Pioneer Award, NIGMS, OBSSR,
   2008. Project Title: Behavioral Epidemiology: Applications of Agent-
   Based Modeling to Infectious Disease.
David Lounsbury, R03, NIDA, 2008. Project Title: Dynamics Modeling
  as a Tool for Disseminating the PHS Tobacco Treatment Guideline
David T. Levy, U01, NCI, 2002-2010. CISNET. Project Title: A Simulation
  of Tobacco Policy, Smoking and Lung Cancer.
Linda Collins & Daniel Rivera, R21, 2007-2010. NIH Roadmap.
   Dynamical System /Related Engineering Approach /Improving
   Behavioral Intervention
Daniel Rivera, K25, NIDA, OBSSR. Control Engineering Approaches to
  Adaptive Interventions in Drug Abuse Prevention.
Keith Warren, R21, NIDA Maintenance and correlates of cooperative
  behavior in therapeutic communities
Joseph Eisenberg, R01, NIAID, Environmental change and diarrheal
John Morgenstern, U13, NIAAA, Transdisciplinary Approaches to
  Mechanisms of Behavior Change in Alcohol: Facilitating Research
  Across Disciplines and Institutions.
  Grant Funded Systems Science and BSSR at NIH

PAR-08-224 – (R21) Using Systems Science Methodologies to Protect
  and Improve Population Health. Awards pending.
RFA-HD-08-023 (R01), Innovative Computational and Statistical
  Methodologies for the Design and Analysis of Multilevel Studies on
  Childhood Obesity (R01). Awards pending.
CISNET - Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network.
  Modeling to guide public health research and priorities. NCI. CISNET
  II, funded under RFA-CA-05-018, is focused on the application of
  already developed models to study the population impact of existing
  or emerging cancer control interventions.
MIDAS – Modeling Infectious Disease Agents Study
IMAG – Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group
  PAR-08-023 Predictive Multiscale Models of the Physiome. Open
  through 2010. Simulate a physiological system at more than one
  biological scale, including behavioral and population levels.
 Funding Mechanisms at NIH

NIH has a variety of mechanisms to address most any stage
  of the scientific development cycle:
   R03 – small grant, in general $100K for two years
   R21 - $275K Direct cost for a two year period
   R01 – up to $500K per year for up to 5 years
   R13/U13 – conference grant
   Training and career development awards are also
   Refer to for detailed funding info – I can send
    a resource page to you
Open Funding Opportunity Announcements at
         NIH in Systems Science

   PAR-08-224 Using Systems Science Methodologies to Protect and
    Improve Population Health (R21).
   PAR-08-212, -213, -214 Methodology and Measurement in the
    Behavioral and Social Sciences (R01, R21, R03).
   RFA-07-079, -080 Behavioral and Social Science Research on
    Understanding and Reducing Health Disparities (R01, R21)
   PAR-08-023 Predictive Multiscale Models of the Physiome in
    Health and Disease (R01).
**To stay apprised of new Funding Opportunity Announcements, join
   the Behavioral and Social Science-Systems Science Listserv.
   Send email to Patty Mabry to join.
    Other Relevant Funding Opportunity
Geographic and Contextual Influences on Energy Balance-
  Related Health Behaviors
   R01
   R21

Mechanisms of Behavior Change Initiation (MOBCI) for
  Drinking Behavior Solicitation Number: NIAAA-09-07 -

   **To stay apprised of new Funding Opportunity Announcements, join the
    Behavioral and Social Science-Systems Science Listserv. Send email
    to Patty Mabry to join.
   NIH Roadmap for Medical Research
The NIH Roadmap is a trans-NIH initiative funded through the Common Fund –
   ALL Institutes and Centers (ICs) participate.
Initiatives funded through the Roadmap/Common Fund fit into one or more of
     these major themes and address specific roadblocks or gaps to:
       Foster high-risk/high-reward research
       Enable the development of transformative tools and methodologies
       Fill fundamental knowledge gaps
       Change academic culture to foster collaboration
Director’s Pioneer Award Announced Oct
New Innovator Award Announced Oct
Science of Behavior Change
                      Other initiatives

NIH Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative
       An initiative to enhance the application of computer science to
        problems in biology and medicine
NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research

Comparative Effectiveness - $400M ARRA funds. CER definition: a
  rigorous evaluation of the impact of different options that are
  available for treating a given medical condition for a particular set of
        Advice for Getting NIH Funding
   Identify a research question or area for which your skills are
   Identify collaborators with the content expertise, NIH track
    record of success
   Identify pertinent FOAs
   Identify one or more IC’s who might be interested
   Develop a concept paper
   Talk to Program Staff (Scientific Contacts)
   Prepare application well before deadline – send draft out for

 Patty Mabry, Ph.D.

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