WordSkills Lesson 2 by rkSA52


									             WordSkills Lesson 3

DIS-                  APART, AWAY___________________

Disarm                (verb) to take away a weapon from another
                      person, force, or country; to deprive of the
                      power to injure or harm.

Dissect               (verb) To cut up something in order to study
                      its internal parts.

Dissolve              (verb) To become incorporated into a liquid
                      and form a solution; to close down or
                      dismiss or put an end to.

INTER-                                Between, among______

Interact              (verb) To act in such a way as to have an
                      effect on another.

Intercept             (verb) To obstruct someone or something in
                      order to prevent them from continuing to a

Interfere             (verb) To prevent from continuing or being
                      carried out properly; to take part without
                      invitation or necessity.

INTRA-___                    Within, inside_______________

Intramural            (adjective) Taking place within a single
                      educational institution.

Introduce             (verb) To bring something, such as a product
                      or a concept, into use or operation for the
                      first time; to make known by name to
                      another person; to bring something up for
                      attention for the first time.

Introvert             (noun) a shy, quiet, and usually self-centered
RE-                  Back, again               ___________
Reflex            (noun) An action performed without
                  conscious thought as a response to a

Rehearse          (verb) To practice a play, piece of music, or
                  other work for later public performance.

Reproduce         (verb) To produce or make again.

UN-             Not                           ______________

Unabridged        (adjective) Not cut or shortened; complete.

Unbiased          (adjective) Showing no prejudice for or
                  against something; impartial; fair.

Unconditional     (adjective) Unquestioning; unlimited

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