stormwater kings bay by lZKSKZ


									8. Work by firms or joint-venture members which best illustrates current qualifications relevant to this project (list not more than 10 projects).
                                                                                                                                          e. Estimated Cost (in thousands)
                                                                                                                     d. Completion
                                            b.   Nature of Firm’s    c.   Project Owner’s Name & Address & Project      Date (actual or                         Work for Which Firm
a. Project Name & Location:                      Responsibility           Manager’s Name & Phone Number                 estimated)          Entire Project      Was/Is Responsible
Stormwater and Master Drainage              Hydrology and            Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Master Drainage Plan for the Fleet          Hydraulics               Southern Division                                    1980’s                 N/A                   N/A
Ballistic Missile, Submarine Support Base                            Project Engineer - Charlie Black
Kings Bay, St Mary, Georgia                                          843-820-5612
Southeast the United States

South East United States

        SAAD Consultants staff has diversified experience in the
        design of water resources projects including master drainage                     Design of the drainage system for Westlake Avenue Station of
        plans and stormwater management projects. Described here                         Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). The City of
        are selected projects, representing that experience.                             Atlanta and their MARTA general engineering consultant, P.B.T.B,
                                                                                         used the design approach, which seriously addressed the complexity
                                                                                         of the problems inherent in urban drainage as a model for similar
       Development of the concept and detailed design of the Master                      design problems. Flood control facilities were designed by routing
       Drainage Plan for the Fleet Ballistic Missile, Submarine                          inflow hydrographs through the facilities storage. This resulted in
       Support Base, Kings Bay, St Mary, Georgia, including                              attenuation of the flood peak, thus maintaining the existing flow of
       coordination with various A\E firms responsible for the                           the undeveloped conditions, as required.
       design of the infrastructure of the naval base for the Southern
       Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Charleston,
       South Carolina. Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses were
       performed for the concept and detailed design using the SCS
       TR-20 and the USACE HEC-2 models. This project design
       earned attention from the Engineering News Record (ENR).

        Developed an area-wide master drainage plan for the City of
        Warner Robins, Georgia, population 50,000, including
        surveying, drainage system inventory, design, and evaluation
        of scheme alternatives, recommendation for improvement,
        estimation of construction cost, and method for plan
        implementation. The TR-20 hydrologic model was used to
        develop flood hydrographs in designing the drainage system,
        including culverts and channels, and retention facilities
        similar to the pond shown here.

                                                                                                                                                    Standard Form 255 (Rev 11-92)

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