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									Welcome to the Charities Information Bureau South & West Funding Alert. Working
with the South Wiltshire Funding Advice Service, the aim of this alert is to distribute
relevant funding opportunities to voluntary groups and community organisations in
Salisbury District. We hope you find it useful!

                              FUNDING TIP OF THE WEEK!
  Planning should be the cornerstone of everything your organisation does-
  only when you know what you want to achieve can you decide where to look for

The following charitable trusts and funders have recently been updated from new
information we’ve received. Of particular interest this week, please note:

       Postgraduate Performance Award, application deadline for 2010 is Monday 15
       February. Under GROUPS: The closing dates in 2010 for receiving applications are:
       Tuesday 20 April: Tuesday 24 August; Tuesday 26 October

Recent Updates:


Apex House
3 Embassy Drive
Calthorpe Road
B15 1TR

Tel: Advice Line: 0845 4 10 20 30 Text: 0845 039 02 04

Funders Overall Aim:
To help improve local communities and the lives of people most in need.
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Funding Type:
Between £300 and £10,000. Awards must be spent within one year. Can only have £10,000
in two years. Examples of what it will fund include: equipment hire or purchase, feasibility
studies for building projects that will cost £25,000 or less (including VAT), information
technology equipment, land, building, refurbishment, landscaping or property projects
(including playgrounds and temporary buildings) costing £25,000 or less (including VAT),
materials for use in your project, publicity materials for use in your project, sessional workers
(those who work only as and when required) training, transport costs, updating equipment for
health and safety reasons, venue hire, volunteer expenses, VAT that you cannot recover.

Funds Distributed:
£45million (2009)

Funding For:
Projects must meet one or more of the following outcomes:
*People have better chances in life - with better access to training and development to
improve their life skills.
*Stronger communities - with more active citizens working together to tackle their problems.
*Improved rural and urban environments - which communities are better able to access and
*Healthier and more active people and communities.
To improve your chances of success, applicants should:
*show strong evidence of need
*seek to involve as wide a range of people as possible
*meet more than one of the outcomes
*are from a group that have never received a grant from A4A
*are from groups with a smaller income
*are for smaller projects

Funding NOT For:
Individuals and sole traders, profit-making organisations, statutory organisations other than
those listed in who can apply, organisations not established in the UK. Activities that happen
or start before they confirm the grant, any costs you incur when putting together your
application, any expenditure incurred or committed before they confirm the grant (including
deposits), day-to-day running costs (for example, utility bills, council tax, rent and insurance),
contingency costs, endowments, existing activities and repeat or regular events, including
those they have funded before, feasibility studies for building projects that will cost more than
£25,000 (including VAT), fundraising activities for your organisation or others, items that
mainly benefit individuals (for example, equipment that is not shared), land, building,
refurbishment, landscaping or property projects (including playgrounds and temporary
buildings) costing more than £25,000 (including VAT), loans or interest payments, ongoing
staff costs (including salaries of permanent or fixed term staff), political or religious activities,
projects or activities that the state has a legal obligation to provide, projects that you cannot
maintain because of high ongoing costs or the need for specialist skills, projects that cannot
be completed within 12 months, routine repairs and maintenance, used vehicles, VAT that
you can recover.

Who Can Apply:
Not-for-profit group (including social enterprises), or you are a parish or town council, school
or health body. Must have a bank account that requires at least two unrelated people to sign
each cheque or withdrawal.
You have a governing body with at least three unrelated members and can spend the grant
within one year.

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How To Apply:
Download or request the Guide for Applicants. Download and complete an application form
from the website or call the telephone number above.

When To Apply:
At any time but send in at least three months before the project will start. If the application
has been successful, a conditional grant offer will be made within 30 days after the initial
application has been received although this is conditional on the group agreeing to terms
and condition and sending some documents that allow A4A to check how your organisation
is run. Only after these documents have been received and checked will A4A confirm the
grant offer.

Catchment Areas:

General Notes:
IMPORTANT NOTE: BIG LOTTERY are still keen to encourage more Awards for All
applications from Bristol, Plymouth, Poole, Gloucester and Cheltenham.
Until March 2009 Awards for All was ran with the other organisations that distribute Lottery
funds but there are now separate programmes for arts, sports and heritage projects. This
change means that the Big Lottery Fund's small grant scheme, Awards for All, will now only
pay for arts, sports or heritage activities where the main purpose of the project meets one or
more of the outcomes listed above. They will not fund applications where the main purpose
of the project falls within the scope of programmes run by the other Lottery distributors. Visit or phone the Lottery funding hotline 0845 275 0000
(textphone 0845 275 0022) for details of other small Lottery grants available.
Successful funding includes: £4,320 for creating boardwalks for greater access for those in
wheelchairs and children in pushchairs to a wildlife area in Devon, £2,095 for arts and crafts
work for over 60s helping them remain active and sociable.


The Investigations Officer
Lifeline 4 Kids
215 West End Lane
West Hampstead
London NW6 1XJ

Tel: 020 7794 1661
Fax: 020 7794 1161

Funders Overall Aim:
To provide essential equipment to help improve the quality of life for children with disabilities
and special needs irrespective of their race or creed.

Funding Type:
The Trust purchases equipment directly for successful applicants - no cash given.
Funds Distributed:
190,000 includes groups and individuals. (2002)

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Funding For:
To help equip hospital neonatal units with the latest incubators, infusion pumps and
ultrasonic monitors amongst other life saving equipment. Children£s hospices, respite care
homes and support centres throughout the UK also receive help with equipment including
beds, soft play and multi-sensory rooms.

Funding NOT For:
Building projects; research grants; salaries.

Who Can Apply:
Hospitals, homes, special schools and clubs for disabled children. Children aged upto 18
with disabilities

How To Apply:
Applications for help indicating specific requirements and brief factual information including
the child's name and date of birth (if appropriate), should initially be made in writing,
addressed to contact above. Provided it meets our criteria, an application form will be sent by
post or email. The form contains comprehensive questions relating to the child/children's
medical condition and requires backup information from health professionals together with a
financial statement of the applicant/organisation.

When To Apply:
At any time. Appeals are discussed and decided upon at monthly meetings. Emergency and
welfare appeals where possible, are dealt with immediately after receiving a completed
application form. Decisions to help can being made within days if vital.

Catchment Areas:


7-11 Britannia Street London WC1X 9JS

Tel: 0800 082 6700 or 020 7239 9119

Funders Overall Aim:
Helping people of any age and in any area of the music business who are in need as a result
of illness, accident or other misfortune. Also adopt an music education role, centred on
providing financial support to outstandingly talented instrumentalists and singers in the final
stages of study.

Funding Type:
Under INDIVIDUALS and the Postgraduate Performance Award scheme, awards range from
£1,000 to £5,000, as well as Care & Welfare one-off grants or loans. Under GROUPS
awards are unlikely to be for less than £1,000 and the current maximum award is £20,000.

Funds Distributed:
£1.8million (2007)

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Funding For:
The Fund's education role is advanced through a number of award schemes which provide
financial support to highly talented young musicians, usually in their final stages of study.
Awards are made following audition towards study fees, maintenance and instrument
purchase up to a maximum of £5,000. Awards schemes fall under: Instrumentalists; Singers;
Songwriters; Jazz & Popular Musicians; Aged 18 and Under; and Ensembles. The flagship
MBF funding scheme is the Postgraduate Performance Award.
For Care & Welfare, the Fund can also provide financial help to cover a wide range of needs,
from assistance with basic living costs through to substantial grants and loans for those in
need as a result of illness, accident or other misfortune; and/or those who have retired.
Organisations may apply for core funding or for funding towards a specific area of their work.

Funding NOT For:
Grants (relating to Care & Welfare) are not given towards funeral expenses, replacement of
uninsured instruments, income tax debts, private education and medical care (unless not
available on the NHS).

Who Can Apply:
For the Postgraduate Performance Award, the Fund makes awards to individuals for full-time
postgraduate study in opera and musical theatre, and to instrumentalists including
accompanists and repetiteurs, and to school age musicians. Check website for full details
against each scheme and guidelines of available to download.
For Care & Welfare grants/loans, those in any branch of the music business who are in
Makes awards to organisations based in the UK or Ireland which provide specialist training
or performance opportunities for outstanding young musicians in any genre of music.
Applications are only accepted from organisations working on a national level with a national
reputation, which can demonstrate the promotion of exceptional musical talent.

How To Apply:
For Postgraduate Performance Award, application form available to download via website.
For Care & Welfare grants/loans, contact the above correspondent for an application form.
Under GROUP:
Email: ,giving brief details of your organisation and its aims; and the
project for which you are applying for funding.
If they may be able to fund your organisation or project, they will suggest you make a formal
The formal application should consist of the following:
* a covering letter (2 sides of A4 maximum) describing your organisation and its aims, and
the project for which you are applying for funding
* a budget for the project including income and expenditure and stating the amount of
funding you require
* your latest annual report and audited accounts

When To Apply:
For Postgraduate Performance Award, application deadline for 2010 is Monday 15 February.

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The closing dates in 2010 for receiving applications are: Tuesday 20 April: Tuesday 24
August; Tuesday 26 October

Catchment Areas:
UK and Eire (and also British nationals living abroad).

General Notes:
The MBF also offer an online Funding Wizard, which provides information about the Fund's
awards and many others.
The MBF also organises holidays throughout the UK, funding accommodation, travel and
providing expenses, and provides grants to those who wish to make their own holiday


Carol Southall
Village Halls Adviser
Community First
St. Joseph's Place
Wiltshire SN10 1DD

Tel: 01380 722475

Funders Overall Aim:
Community First administers the Village Hall Grant Scheme on behalf of Wiltshire Council .
The scheme is for local communities wishing to provide, extend or refurbish Village Halls.

Funding Type:
Grants are available for major capital projects of £5000 or more.

Funding For:
Major repairs such as a new roof or heating system.

Funding NOT For:
Normal repairs and redecorations.

Who Can Apply:
Village halls

How To Apply:
Contact Carol Southall

When To Apply:
By August 1 for the following financial year.

Catchment Areas:
Kennet, North Wilts, Salisbury and West Wilts Districts of Wiltshire. Not Swindon.

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EDF Energy Trust

EDF Energy Trust
Freepost RLXG-RBYJ-USXE EDF Energy Trust PO Box 42 Peterborough PE3 8XH

Contact: Customer Service Team
Tel: 01733 421 060

Funders Overall Aim:
To help customers of EDF Energy with with debts relating to domestic gas/electricity and
other essential household debts and costs.

Funding For:
The Trust can help with:
* debts of domestic gas/electricity
* other essential household debts and costs.
You can apply for the latter even if you do not apply for help with your gas and/or electricity

Funding NOT For:
The Trust cannot give you a loan, nor can it give you help with any bills you have already
paid or any items
you have already bought.
The Trust cannot help you with the following:
* Fines for criminal offences
* Overpayments of benefits
* Educational or training needs
* Debts to central or local government departments, e.g. tax and national insurance
* Catalogues, credits cards, personal loans and other forms of non-secured lending
* Holidays
* Medical equipment, aids and adaptations
* Deposits to secure accommodation

Who Can Apply:
To apply for help from the Trust Fund for an energy debt, you must be a domestic customer
of EDF Energy (the account holder). If you live in a home which is supplied by EDF Energy
but you are not the account holder e.g. a lodger who pays gas or electricity as part of their
rent, you can still apply to the Trust for help with other essential household debts or costs
(FAPs) (evidence will be required that the household receives its electricity or gas from EDF

How To Apply:
If you would like to apply for help, you will need to fill in the Trust's application form. You can
either apply online, by email or by post.
If you think you might have difficulty in completing the application form, a local advice centre,
such as a Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), may be able to help you fill it in.

When To Apply:
Any time.

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        Talking to community groups about funding? Want some training?

Why not join our first 2010 course in February for funding advisers or for those who give funding
advice as part of their work? This is a highly regarded course with over 200 students having
successfully completed it. Can you (or your colleagues) afford not to join their ranks? Contact for further information.

We offer training in:

    1. Developing a fundraising strategy (includes advice on understanding your organisation,
       forward planning, budgets and action planning).
       Interactive presentation
    2. Delivery of the fundraising strategy (covers types and names of potential funders, ways in
       which approaches and applications can be made)
       Interactive presentation
    3. Making funding applications (includes the finer detail of putting together a successful
       application/funding bid).
    4. Securing support from Local Business: (includes advice on types of company giving,
       when and how to make approach businesses and which businesses to ask).
    5. Making the most of your money: (includes gift aid, tax relief, bank accounts, reserves
       policies )
    6. Charity Regulation: (includes constitutions, charity registration, roles and responsibilities of

Each package can be tailored to suit your needs, the ability level of participants, specified
themes or topics

All training can take place at morning, lunchtime, afternoon or evening session or expanded to cover a
whole day. Weekend delivery is possible.

Free funding advice – monthly funding advice surgery at Wessex Community Action

Community groups and voluntary organisations seeking advice on funding are invited to book in to a
Wessex Community Action Funding Surgery to talk to Kirsty Haasjes, Funding Adviser. Next dates
           rd                rd
are Tues 23 Feb and Tues 23 March. Whether your project is big or small, please call 01722
421747 or email to find out the next date and book your

         If you wish to give us feedback or unsubscribe from the Funding Alert, please email:
Local Area Board Funding Available

            Salisbury, Amesbury, Southern Wiltshire and South West Wiltshire Boards

Remember to check the next deadline to apply to your local Area Board for funding – applications
must be received a minimum of 6 weeks before the relevant Area Board meeting and will only be
considered if the application fulfils the criteria and all the necessary information has been received.
Visit for more information.

 To help us gain further knowledge about funders and to monitor this service, please do let us know if
 you are successful in securing funds from any of these funders. Also, please let us know if you have
                               details of any new funder/updated info.

The Funding Alert is compiled by Charities Information Bureau South & West and is funded by Salisbury
District Council.

If you are seeking further advice and information on funding, the South Wiltshire Funding Advice Service is
a free resource provided by Salisbury District Council, Wessex Community Action and Charities Information
Bureau South & West. The service provides information, advice, support and training to voluntary and
community groups regarding all funding related matters. For further information please contact: or call 01722 421747 or 01380 729279.

Charities Information Bureau South & West helps community groups, organisations and individuals to work
effectively by providing information, advice and support concerning charitable funding and charity regulation.
We have a database which holds information on funding available for groups and individuals. If you would like to
register for access to this database, please log onto our website and register your

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