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									Sussing out the skills

      Nick Brown
   Aims of the New Curriculum
• successful learners
who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve

• confident individuals
who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

• responsible citizens
who make a positive contribution to society
   Emphasis on aims on skills
• The new curriculum continues to
  recognise the importance of subjects while
  at the same time it places emphasis on the
  development of skills for life and work.
• Less prescribed subject content
• Let’s get out of the box
             Language skills

•   Linguistic competence
•   Knowledge about language
•   Intercultural understanding
•   Creativity
•   Language Learning strategies
PLTS           =skills=    Functional

•   Personal              •ICT
•   Learning              •Maths
•   Thinking              •English
•   Skills
             PLTS 6 groups
•   independent enquirers
•   creative thinkers
•   reflective learners
•   team workers
•   self-managers
•   effective participators.
          Creative thinkers
• generate ideas and explore possibilities
• ask questions to extend their thinking
• connect their own and others’ ideas and
  experiences in inventive ways
• question their own and others’
• try out alternatives or new solutions and
  follow ideas through
• adapt ideas as circumstances change.
       Creative thinkers
The key concept of creativity emphasises
the need for pupils to use their existing
knowledge of language in an imaginative
way to communicate a wide range of ideas
and opinions. It requires creative thinkers
who can explore possibilities of adapting
and re-using language for new purposes
and in new contexts and who can try out
alternatives or find new solutions.
    What does it mean for us?
• Links to Languages
     What do we/can we do?

• Embedding the skills, planning

     Personal, learning, thinking?
          Across our subject

• Research

• Delivering a group

• Writing a letter

• Describing my past

• An international Café

•   A coherent curriculum
•   Thinking outside the box
•   Equipping our learners with skills
•   Empowering our learners to learn

• We teach MFL and..
     Measuring skills models

• RSA Opening Minds

• Learning to learn
   A model for Competencies
Term Competency   Done well?       Evidence
                  To Improve?
     1a           multiplication   French bk

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