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					          County of Santa Cruz Fish and Game Advisory Commission
                              GRANT APPLICATION

I.     Application Date: October 21, 2010

II.    Name of organization or individual submitting the proposal:

       Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project
         (contact: Mathers Rowley)

III.   Project name: Coho Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Effort

IV.    Amount of funding requested: $4000.00

V.     Name, Address and Telephone Numbers of Contact Person:

       Mathers Rowley 482 Swanton Rd., Davenport, CA 95017
       Phone: (831) 426-5091
       E-Mail Address:

VI.    Fund Recipient: Name on the check and mailing address:

       Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project
       243 Ranchitos Del Sol, Aptos, CA 95003
       (831) 688-4257

For each of the following sections, give a brief description:

VII.   Project Description:

       Each year our organization, along with the National Marine Fisheries Service and CA
       Fish and Game, work together to try to restore the populations of Coho Salmon and &
       Steelhead Trout. We capture adult fish when they return to our local streams in the
       Winter and spawn these fish at our hatchery on Big Creek. These young fry are raised
       for a year at the hatchery and then the young fish are released into their local stream of
       origin. $1,000.00 of the grant total will be used to help us purchase fish food and
       supplies to feed and care for these young fish and the coho captive brood-stock for a

       An expansion of the coho captive brood-stock facility requires a new tank, pumps,
       predator exclusion netting and shade structure along with plumbing and electrical
       work. Keeping vigorous captive brood-stock is essential to the survival of the southern
VIII.   Project objectives and goals

        To restore historical runs of Steelhead Trout and Coho Salmon into streams that flow
        into the Monterey Bay.

IX.     Background and history of the problem

        Over the past 100 years, Steelhead Trout and Coho Salmon have seen their populations
        and genetic diversity diminished as the local human population has risen. With the
        drop in water flow and available habitat in local Monterey Bay streams due to rise in
        human population, these two fish populations have seen their numbers steadily decline,
        especially Coho Salmon.

X.      How will the project be accomplished (design specifications or plans, if applicable):

        Using the hatchery, we are able to repopulate many of our local streams with fish from
        the same evolutionary unit. The guide-lines are determine by the National Marine
        Fisheries Service and CA fish and Game. Twice yearly, we meet with both
        organizations to determine which streams will receive our fish.

        To expand and improve our coho captive brood-stock facilities a new 20 foot diameter
        by five foot deep tank with adjustable circulating current will be added to our current

XI.     Budget (include sufficient detail to explain use of grant monies). Specify if there are
        any sources of other funds committed to the proposed project:

        $1000 of funds received will be spent on fish food and medical supplies to sustain
        these fish for the length of time we raise them. Funds received this Fall or next year
        will be used to raise the fish resulting from capture and spawn in the Spring of 2011
        and will assist in the care and feeding of our coho captive brood-stock.

        We are currently improving infrastructure so as to provide a higher quality of care for
        the coho captive brood-stock. This will require the addition of some pumps to create
        stronger current for the fish to swim against (increasing their strength and vigor),
        additional shade structures and shade-cloth, and predator exclusion netting. Electrical
        work and plumbing will be required to make these improvements. Currently we are
        seeking “Adaptive Funding” through the DFG administered Salmonid Restoration
        Fund to purchase a new 20 foot diameter by 5 foot deep pool to keep coho brood-stock
        from the 2010 brood year. If that source is unable to provide sufficient funding for the
        project then the use of funds granted by the Santa Cruz County Fish and Game
        Commission could be used as fill-in match to make the project happen. In the event
        that we do not get permission from the land-owner for the additional tank, then the
        pumps, shade structure, and predator exclusion netting will be applied to an existing
        tank to improve the suitability for captive brood-stock (this would reduce the adaptive
        functionality of our facility and interfere with our regular programs, but would be done
        to ensure the future of our local coho).

        The MBSTP receives funding from the Salmonid Restoration Fund administered by
        CDFG, as well as from local organizations and individuals. These funds are needed to
        pay our employee and maintain the facility.

Item                         Funds             Match            Total
                             Requested         Contribution     Amount
Coho captive brood-stock     $3,000            23,260 DFG       26,260
facility upgrade.                              3,000 MBSTP
                                               (in-kind &
Fish food and medicine       $1,000            2,000            3,000

TOTAL AMOUNTS                $4,000            28,260           29,260

XII.    Timeline for completion:

        We plan to release the fish we spawned in the Winter/Spring of 2011 in the Spring of
        2012. The food will help sustain their growth over this time.

        Coho captive brood-stock upgrades must be complete by mid-March 2011.

XIII.   Background or history of your organization:

        The Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project has been in existence since 1977. We are a
        Non Profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation, originally founded to help preserve the Coho
        Salmon populations in the streams that flow into Monterey Bay. The group is the only
        organization that holds a Section 10 Permit to handle endangered Coho Salmon in our
        area. When the hatchery moved to a new facility on Big Creek in the 1980’s, the
        organization began to work with Steelhead Trout populations as well, at the request of
        CA Fish & Game. Because of our collaboration with National Marine Fisheries and
CA Fish & Game, the hatchery has become one of the most state of the art restoration
hatcheries on the West Coast. Our protocols continue to be developed, and evolve as
new information becomes available on fish culture of these two fish species.

Our Profit / Loss Statement for January 1 through October 25, 2010 appears on the
following page. Please note that we have received a substantial bequest this year and
know that our strategy regarding this funding is to hold one years operating budget in
reserve so as to increase the financial stability of our Project. In recent years we have
had substantial financial challenges. We are grateful to now have sufficient financial
resources so as not to be operating at the very edge of our capability. The bequest
funds can be accessed only on an emergency basis.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 831.426.5091 or


           Mathers Rowley

   NOTE: If your request is approved for funding, you will be required to report back to the Commission at the end
   of the year or at the end of the project. Grantee must notify the Commission of the date of project completion and
   schedule a time to make a presentation to the Commission on how the funds were expended and the success of the

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