Alphabet Blocks Writing by eprITM4m


									                    Alphabet Blocks Writing

1. Distribute alphabet blocks, one per student or one per group. Students
   may be in pairs or groups. Announce the time to be allowed: e.g., 10

2. Assign the writing prompt—e.g., reflecting on what was learned
   yesterday—photosynthesis, algebraic equations, causes of the Civil
   War, conflict in the novel.

3. Students must write about the prompt, using a word (other than
   articles, prepositions, pronouns) that starts with one of the letters on
   the block. Preferably the alphabet word should be a concept word or a
   word descriptive of the concept.

4. As soon as the student has used one letter on the alphabet block, s/he
   should progress to another letter on the block.

5. If each student in a group has a block, the teacher may want to call
   time at the 6-minute mark, giving an opportunity for the last 4 minutes
   to be used for group members to collaborate and help each other with
   letters not yet used at that point.

6. Call time and ask group members to share their writing with each
   other. Have them choose the 3 reflections they want to share with the
   whole class.

7. Give a sheet of paper to each group and have them draw an alphabet
   block, showing 3 sides, each side with 1 of the 3 letters they chose and
   the sentence that goes with the letter. Call on groups to present their
   visual to the class.

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