EMERGENCY SUBSTITUTE PLANS For High School Art via Valerie Belford by eprITM4m


									                                               SUBSTITUTE PLANS
                                      For High School English for Brian Conant
DAILY SCHOOL SCHEDULE                                           My Schedule

1st Period            7:30 – 8:17              Period 1:
2nd Period            8:22 – 9:09              Period 2: Chicago Literature Room 204
3rd Period            9:14 – 10:06             Period 3: English 2 Room 204
4th Period            10:11 – 10:46            Period 4:
5th Period            11:03 – 11:50            Period 5:
6th Period            11:55 – 12:42            Period 6:
7th Period            12:47 – 1:34             Period 7: AP LIT Room 204
8th Period           1:39 – 2:26               Period 8:

If you have questions:
I should be able to check my email during the day: bconant@district158.org, and my cell is 312-498-5394

If you have an emergency call:
6540 –(Discipline Secretary) CALL 1ST IF THERE IS A DISCIPLINE PROBLEM
6504 - Nurse Donna Kunz
6603 - (Admin. Assistant Secretary)
6601 Dave Johnson (Principal)

     Daily Attendance:
            Class lists are attached to these lesson plan. Students are allowed to sit where they choose.

     Lesson plans:
 Chicago Literature (2nd Period)
             Students were asked to bring a news article of their choice to class. If they do not have an article I have
             some articles I have been saving for them (attached). They can calmly look though these articles and pick
             on in order to complete the “Found Article Assignment” (Handout)
             When students complete the Found Article Assignment they can have the rest of class time to work on
             upcoming assignments:
                  1. Art Presentations (proposals were due yesterday)
                  2. Timeline Presentations (proposals due today)
                  3. News Graphic Organizer (due every week)

 English 2 (3rd Period)
 20 mins       Students will continue to work in groups reading the short story “After the Ball” in the purple books. They
               should also work on reading guides for this reading (including a summary, discussion questions, personal
               reflection and connection). We will continue work on this tomorrow in class.
 10 mins       Students will read the handout on essay introductions
 10 mins       Students will complete the
               HOMEWORK: Work on your moral truth essay for another 20-25 minutes. Try to use today's class
              activity to help prompt revision and rethinking.
              If possible, send a draft of your essay to Mr. Conant. Print a copy of the essay and bring it to class.

 AP LIT (7th Period)
              Begin class by having students make a circle out of the desks in the room.
              Students will be able to lead themselves in a Socratic seminar based on their work reading and responding to
              the short story “interpreter of Maladies.” If discussion is not forthcoming, ask specific students to read one
              of their discussion questions for the story. They should have plenty to talk about, but if discussion subsides,
              ask students to compose a summary of the days discussion and turn this in at the end of the hour. If there is
        meaningful discussion for the duration, there is no need for students to compose a summary.

          If there is a fire or tornado drill, my emergency packet is red and should be Under the teacher’s desk. Please
take this with you so you can take attendance. For a fire drill, please take students out of the entrance (# 8) to the
right all the way to the grass. For a tornado drill, take students into the hallway (see map in the classroom by the
exit). Nurse numbers are above if you need to phone them.
-If you have any questions, just ask a member of the English department. They should be happy to help!
-Please try to keep the students out of the file cabinets, teacher computer and teacher desk.
-Please limit all student passes outside of class and if they really have to leave then you need to sign their student
handbook. I do not allow students to go to the bathroom or their lockers during class.
-When you are able, please stand outside of the doorway during passing periods to help monitor the hallways.

                                                Thank You!!!
Attendance: I do not have assigned seating in my classes. Feel free to move students if necessary to address any
problematic behavior.

  2 HOUR                           3RD HOUR                         7TH HOUR
  Acevedo, Kristen                 Beck, Jayme                      Andersson, Craig
  Andros, Mitchell                 Caldwell, Kayla                  Barrios, Emily
  Bartot, Peter                    Cannizzo, Chris                  Bates, Sarah
  Bengtson, Megan                  Costa, Sam                       Bingham, Spencer
  Carter, Taylor Marie             Cron, Jacquelyn                  Carlson, Jennifer
  Feltman, Matt                    Czeczot, Justyna                 Carter, Taylor
  Johnson, Blake                   Ferris, Lillian                  Clavero, Jessamine
  Kearns, Matthew                  Gomez, Julio                     Fulcer, Mckenzie
  Maggio, Sydney                   Josko, Jonathan                  Gaziuddin, Safia
  McDermott, Jacky                 Kitchen, Austin                  Gowda, Sheetal
  McPherson, Krista                Le, Cathy                        Knipp, Ashley
  Navarrete, Kassandra             Mendonca, Andrew                 Krebs, Michael
  Northcutt, Brandon               Mueller, Kailen                  Nigro, Tony
  Oplinger, Nick                   Navarro, Armando                 Onyibor, Franca
  Pawlowic, Joie                   Ozimek, Gabriella                Prasad, Priya
  Pilkerton, Max                   Perruccio, Tayler                Reich, Hayden
  Rios, Narhalee                   Prerost, Karl                    Rott, Kollin
  Rivera, Jorge                    Reilly, Lauren                   Schaefer, Jacob
  Sabie, Haley                     Renghini, Tony                   Sivakumar, Sai
  Sanchez, Gabriel                 Rojek, Makayla                   Skala, Charlie
  Scarnato, Ryden                  Rosales, Sabrina                 Thakkar, Priya Mayur
  See, Kyle                        Ruth, Kevin                      Vilcek, Natalia
  Standiford, Ryan                 Slater, Taylor
  Tanke, Joe                       Steinhoff, Joshua
  Tasarz, Tatianna                 Tarpey, Nick
  Taylor, Arron                    Tijerina, Nate
  Terravecchia, Stephanie          Walker, Natalie
  Thomm, Jessie                    Zorica, Jack
  Tramblay, Alec
  Tribuzio, Angela
  Walsh, Taylor
  Walter, Alyssa
  Wey, Denise
  Wiecek, Gus
  Young, Gabrielle

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