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					                 Reading Guides Guided Notes (answers underlined)

A “Reading Guide” (RG) is an activity that helps students to apply _reading strategies_.

Reading guides are a collection of “_components_(like a dvd player and xbox for your
TV” That can be used interchangeably. Sometimes specific components will be
_required. Other times student will be given a _choice as to which component they will
use. All of the components put together is one _reading guide_____.

Describe some of the basic reading guide components:

Summary: An efficient account of only the most vital facts or events in a text. Written in
complete sentences.

Making Connections: Connections can be personal or academic. The important thing is
not that a similar idea or event is identified, but that the connected event reveals
something about the new or old content. As an example: it is not enough to say that
“The Interlopers” reminds you of “The Most Dangerous Game.” You would need to
discuss what comparing the two texts reveal to you about them – how thinking about
them both makes you think about them in a new way.

Personal Reflection: Describe how the text changes or challenges the way you think or
what you believe.

Connection to themes: Reflect on the text’s relevance to one of more of the class’
organizational themes (identity, morality, power, truth, heroism).

Answering Questions: Thoughtfully answer questions given about the text in complete
sentences. Use text to support answers.

Asking Questions: Compose a list of questions about the text. These questions should be
open-ended and should generate discussion or controversy. Students may be asked to
answer their own questions.

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