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Danbury High School by eprITM4m


									                                                 Danbury High School
Tryouts:                   TBD
Place:                     Danbury High School, 43 Clapboard Ridge Road, Danbury, CT
Time:                      TBD
Contact:                   Jackie DiNardo 797-9596 or 797-4816
                           With any questions or concerns
Cost:                      $25.00 try-out fee
Mail:                      Application and check to Jackie DiNardo,
                           3 Tom Thumb Lane, Danbury, CT 06811
AAU:                       Must attend tryouts to be considered
Deposit:                   If your daughter makes the team a $250.00 deposit is due
                           to hold her position.



City:_______________________________State:___________Zip Code____________________

Phone:________________School___________________Social Security #___________________

Age as of July 1, 2007_______________Grade:______Birthdate___________________________

Uniform Information: Choose 3 Numbers (do not use 6, 7, 8, or 9)              _______       ________       __________

Size: (Men’s Sizes)        Shirt: S M L XL Shorts: S M L XL Sweatshirt S M L XL Bag Y N
                           Included                  Included                      $25.00                   $25.00

I/we hereby certify that my/our child is physically able to participate in all programs offered by WESCON Fillies, AAU
          In consideration of this application being accepted by the WESCON Fillies League I/we do hereby waive and
release for myself/ourselves, my/ our heirs, executors, administrators, or representatives, any and all right or claims for
damages or other relief that I/we or she may have against the WESCON Fillies or its authorized agents, for any and all
injuries that may be suffered by my/our child as a result of her participation in any or all activities.
          I/ we hereby certify that we have read, fully understand, and agree to the terms and provisions contained in this
agreement between my/ourselves and the Wescon Fillies organization.

________________________________________                    _____________________________________________
          Parent/Guardian’s Signature                                   Participant’s Signature

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