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									The Spring Branch Independent
School District (SBISD) is soliciting
prospective vendors for future formal
quotations & bids/proposals on
categories of personal property as
required by Section 44.033 of the
Texas Education Code. Vendors must
submit on company letterhead their
Company Name, Address, City, State,
Zip Code, Phone No., Fax No., Contact
Person & Title, Email Address
(optional), & the name(s) of the specific
categories of formal quotations &
bids/proposals they wish to receive in
the future. Information may be faxed
to (713) 365-5214 or mailed to:
Director of Purchasing, SBISD
Purchasing Dept., 1031 Witte RD,
BLDG. E, Houston, TX. 77055-6016,
OR, register electronically at:
For additional information, contact the
SBISD Bid Specialist (Purchasing
Dept.) at (713) 365-5223, ext. 2326.

The following categories of personal
property are proposed to be purchased
during the next 12-month period.

Custodial: Chemicals and Dispensing
Equipment, Dust Mop Rental, Janitorial
Supplies, Paper Products &
Dispensers, Trash Disposal and
Related Services, Pest Control, Can
Liners, & Various Related Custodial
Equipment and parts, Custodial
Equipment repair services.

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Food Service: Produce, Food Service
Equipment & Repair Services, Dry &
Frozen Food, Disposables &
Consumables, Bread, Warewashing,
Milk, Ice Cream, Chips & Snack Cakes,
Slush Drink Mix and Dispensing
Equipment, Fresh & Canned Fruit,
Beverages, OEM Kitchen Equipment
Parts & Accessories, Grease Trap
Cleaning, Commodity Meat
Processing, Catering Products &
Services, Full Service Distribution

Instructional: Office & School Furniture
& Supplies, Art Supplies, Art Paper,
Audio Visual Supplies, Binders, Class
Record Books, Science Equipment &
Supplies, Audio/Video Equipment and
parts, Music Equipment & Supplies,
Band & Orchestra Instruments, Band &
Orchestra Instrument Repair, Band
and Orchestra Uniforms & Formal
Wear, Sheet Music & Related
Instructional Books and Materials,
Physical Education Supplies,
Playground Equipment, Relocation,
Repair Services, ADA Access, Fall
Zone Materials & Services, Duplicating
Equipment & Supplies, Laminating
Equipment & Supplies, Teaching &
Instructional Supplies, Athletic
Supplies & Equipment, Diplomas,
Gowns & Related Graduation Supplies,
Library Books & Related Reading
Materials, Electronic & Graphing
Calculators, Industrial Technology
Equipment & Supplies, Magazines &

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Computers & Related Products:
Computer Equipment, Printers &
Supplies, Parts, Software, Monitors,
Memory, Peripherals, Cabling
Materials & Services. Networking
Materials & Services, General
Technology Equipment, Related
Supplies & Services.

Maintenance & Construction: Glass,
Replacement Services & Supplies,
Electrical & Lighting Supplies &
Services, Electronics Parts & Supplies,
Lumber, Hardwood, Laminate &
Related Materials, Inspection &
Maintenance of Bleachers, HVAC,
Parts/Supplies including Refrigerants,
Equipment & Services, Air Filters,
Plumbing Supplies & Services, Roofing
Supplies & Services,
Hand & Power Tools, Batteries,
General Building Materials & Services,
Various Recycling Services, including
paper, plastic and metal products.
HVAC Compressor & Chiller
Equipment Repair Parts & Services,
Painting Materials & Services, CCTV &
Related Security Monitoring
Supplies & Equipment, Elevators &
Related Equipment Services &
Supplies, Lawn Mowers & Tractors,
Parts Services & Supplies, Fire
Extinguishers & Services, Grease Trap
& Waste Water Cleaning Services,
Fence Materials & Services, Ceiling
Tiles & Related Materials, Masonry
Materials & Services, Asphalt Materials
& Services. Caulking/Glazing/Sealing
Materials & Services, Floor & Wall
Covering Materials & Services,
Drainage/Dirt Work Equipment,
Materials & Services, Gym Floor

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Refinishing and Marking Services,
Lockers, Parts & Services, Gas Line
Pressure Testing Materials & Services,
Canopy Materials & Services, Storage
Containers & Rental Services,
Fasteners, Transportable Building
Construction & Relocation Services,
Mechanical Services to include Heating
and Boiler Services.

Transportation: O.E.M. & Aftermarket,
Truck, Tractor, Forklift, Automotive,
Truck/Bus Replacement/Repair Parts
Supplies & Services, Gasoline & Diesel
Fuel, Vehicles; Cars, Trucks, Vans,
Buses & Forklifts, Tires, Batteries,
Additives, Lubricants, Antifreeze &
Oils, including disposal services,
Rentals & Leases, Transportation
Services, Truck/Tractor/Forklift/
Automotive/Bus Damage Repair and
Painting, Automatic Transmission
rebuilding Services, Alternator &
Starter Repair, Parts and Rebuilding
Services, Radiator
Repair/Replacement, Parts and
Rebuilding Services .

Miscellaneous: Boxes, Envelopes,
Flags, Folders, Index Card Stock,
Labels, Pens & Markers, Printer
Ribbons, Towels, Tape, Video & Audio
Tape, Courier Service, Printing,
Copying, Graphics Materials &
Services, Portable Radio Equipment &
Supplies, General Office Supplies,
General Merchandise, Classroom
Groceries, Medical & Training
Supplies, Fund Raising,
Commemorative Items & Service
Awards, Student Pictures, Yearbooks
& Video Yearbooks, Communications
and Security/Fire Detection Materials,
Equipment & Services, Photographic

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Equipment Supplies & Services, Soft
Drink & Snack Vending Equipment &
Services, Fire/Smoke & Burglar Alarm
Equipment & Monitoring Services,
Paging Equipment Rental & Services,
Copier Supplies & Parts, Towels,
Shop, Towels/Fender Covers Rental,
Uniforms, Uniform Rental & Cleaning
Services, Publication Distribution &
Mailing Services, & some Insurance

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