Pre-qualification Worksheet by 7Hwfk9


									                                      Pre-qualification Worksheet
           Borrower 1                                                               Borrower 2
                                           Full Name (including M.I.)
                                                Social Security #
                                                Current Address

                                         Previous Address (if less than 2
                                            years at current address)
                                                  Date of Birth
                                               Married? (Y or N)
                                                  Home Phone
                                                  Work Phone
                                                   Cell Phone
                                                E-mail Address

                                                 Present Employer
                                                      Job Title
                                            Years / Months Employed
                                              Monthly Gross Income
                                          (if not salaried, please explain)
                                          Other Income (please explain)

                                         Estimated value of liquid assets
                                            (cash, checking, savings, etc.)
                                          Est. value of investment assets
                                         (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.)
                                          Est. value of retirement assets
                                               (401k, 403b, IRA, etc.)

        Who referred you to Fairfield Mortgage?
      Do you rent or own your current residence?
   If own, what is the estimated value of your home?
  If own, how much do you owe on any mortgage(s)?
 How much $ do you want to put down on new home?
  Will you be receiving a gift from anyone for closing?
        What price range do you hope to buy in?
 What’s your max desired monthly mortgage payment?
  How long do you estimate you will own this home?
   What area of town are you primarily looking in?
 Are you most interested in a condo, townhome, single-
       family detached, or multi-family dwelling?
             Is any borrower a US veteran?
  Are you required to pay alimony or child support?
 Additional important information that you think that
                 we might need to know:

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   A Division of Guaranty Bank, FSB                                   

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