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									                                The UNIVERSITY of GREENWICH

                                  SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES

                               Minutes of the School Board,
                        Wednesday 24th May 2006, 14.15, Room KW003

Present:       Jane Longmore (Chair)         Sue Edwards (Secretary)
                Alessandro Benati            Alev Adil            Bob Tsukada Bright
               Dev Moodley                   Christine Morgan     Jenny Bavidge
               Mick Bowles                   Lorraine Lacey       Sandra Clarke
               Andrew Dawson                 John Dunne           Simon Dye
               Peter Humm                    Rebecca Harrison     Maria Kaspersson
               Peter Jones                   Gareth Jenkins       Michael Langan
               Ian Thompson                  Bridge Leach         Harry Derbyshire
               Pippa Guard                   Sian Lund            Stefan Manz
               Mairead McClean               Justine Baillie      Gavin Rand
               June Ernstzen                 Steve Peacock        Denise Leggett
               Carolyn Brown                 Gauti Sigthorsson    Caroline Smith
               Silvia Stanton                Douglas Stuart       Michael Zell
               Richard Wild                  Leonie Howe          Jim Urpeth
               Corinne Palmer-Brown          Ruth Risiott         Mairead McClean

Apologies:     June Balshaw                  Selina Goulbourne      Sasha Ricketts
               Suzanne Healey                Thomas Acton           Mavis James
               Stephen Kennedy               Xose Rosales           Nandini Gupta
               Alisa Corfield                Anne Cormack           Zoe Pettit
               Cecile Laval                  Angela Laycock         Susan Rowland
               Sally Alsford

In Attendance:

Gerri Hudson & Andrew Gould – Study Skills Services

1.   Chair’s Announcements:

An appointment has been made in English and Drama, Heather Lilley to start on 1st September

Thanks to Sue Rowland for the successful Postgraduate Conference held on Monday 22nd May.

TRAC exercise- the percentage return that the School has achieved is 37%. This is well below the
compliance figure of 80%. Colleagues are urged to complete their returns as soon as possible.

School Annual Conference to be held on 14th September, all staff to put into their diaries.

The School Board would like to express its condolences to Anne Cormack on the passing of her
mother today.

2.   Minutes of Last Meeting:

Agreed as an accurate record.
Attendance list to be amended.

3.   Matters Arising:


Business, GMI and Architecture and Construction are using 20-credit courses; all other schools are
using 15-30 credits.


School policy agreed for collecting copies of dissertations. There will be an early notice sent out
next year for undergraduate level; postgraduate to be implemented immediately.

SMG will check with HoDs if Summer Rota has been compiled.

4.   Information Strategy (Gavin Rand).

This strategy grew out of discussions within the SMG about the gaps within the school in areas
such as e-learning, web based learning and the flow of information and communications. A need
was highlighted for an information strategy to take us forward.

The three elements to be examined will be:

         E-learning, looking at encouraging more extensive use.

There are some resources available to take forward e-learning initiatives. GR would like to talk to
colleagues who wish to develop their ideas. An e-mail will be sent with further details. LEAP are
running an e-learning conference on 21st June 06 where teaching issues will be discussed.

         Web site and portal.

GR to be the portal co-ordinator for the next year. Issues will be taken up on behalf of the school
with the university lead, Clifton Kandler, who will also be invited to speak at the School

         Information and communications.

The aim is to improve information flows across the School. If there are particular issues that
anyone wishes to raise, please contact GR.

5.   Presentation from Study Skills Services

Gerri Hudson from the Study Skills services spoke about the activities they are able to offer
students. It would appear that a number of students do not know of the services that are on offer
until after they have failed. Contact details were handed out to staff. The study skills centre is open
all week except Thursday.

The study skills team would be happy to attend inductions. The Summer University was also
promoted as it is free to students. Staff were asked to refer those students who might benefit from
this additional help.

Andy Gould introduced himself to the Board and spoke about the work that he is involved in at the
Study Skills centre. There will be an area for Study Skills within the Portal with links to resources
that are available to students.

6.   Minutes of L & Q Committee (17/05/06)

There were no items for School Board approval.

7.   Minutes of Research Committee (08/03/06)

No items to be brought to the School Board
SG has volunteered to replace TA on the Research Ethics Committee.

Minutes of Research Committee (19/05/06)

Programme name change proposed by SG. Agreement of committee to change to Media Arts:
Philosophy Practice (MAPP)

Enterprise Strategy

A pro-forma has been circulated to all staff for HEIF 3 funding.

Project outlines to be sent to JD by 5pm Friday 26th May.

TC raised the issue that the new system of funding is as a loan for investment rather than actual
funding, the payback being in the outputs from the project.

8.   Draft Code of Practice on Assessment

Printed copies are available in the School office.

A summary of the main points was distributed and discussed. The Code will be implemented in
September 2006.

School Board accepted the revised Code of Practice

9.   Health & Safety Statement

The 2005-6 H & S statement has been circulated to all staff. Please report any errors to SP.

Recent office inspections have raised a number of issues that are being tackled and equipment
required will be purchased.

The issue of the old-style filing cabinets is also being dealt with and staff are asked to ensure that
cabinets are empty and ready for replacement.

H & S will be integrated into some courses such as Drama and if any other staff feel that this
would be beneficial to their students please contact SP.

JL would like to thank SP on behalf of the School for his work on the H & S statement.

10.   AOB

The following external examiners were approved by the Board:

       Phillip Tew            - MA Literary London
       Christophe Millart     - French & International Studies
       Katherine Napier       - Foundation Creative Industries (Art) Bird College

The chair would like to acknowledge that it is the final meeting for Denise Leggett and Gareth
Jenkins. She thanked them for their contribution to the School over many years. Rob Black will
also be retiring in the summer and was thanked for his contribution to the School and, previously,
the NRI.

Planning for induction in September has begun. Staff were urged to clear their diaries during the
week of induction so that they could participate fully in welcoming new students. There is a small
budget available for events. If any extra rooms are required please contact SA as soon as possible.

11.   Date of Next Meeting:

School Conference, 14th September 2006.


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