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									                          Computerized Accounting Assignment Sheet
                                      Lesson 3: Working with Vendors

   Use the table below to complete the lesson.
   When you have completed all work for this lesson and checked your work with the answer key, e-mail the QB Lesson
    3 Test and the assignment sheet to In the subject line, type QuickBooks Lesson 3.
                                                                                             Date           Your
Assignments                                                                    Page(s)     Completed        Score
Lesson Overview (15 minutes)
Read the Lesson 03 Overview presentation in the Lesson 03 folder on
your L:drive
Concepts and Develop Your Skills (2 hours)
Read Lesson 03 in your textbook, completing each Develop Your Skills
exercise as you work through the lesson                                        72-105
Concepts Review – online (15 minutes)
Complete the Concepts Review Quiz by going to the textbook website
at, choose Unit 1 Essentials Skills, Lesson
3, Lesson 3 Quiz and e-mail the results to                                               / 18
Reinforce Your Skills (45 minutes)
Complete Reinforce Your Skills 3.1                                             106-107
Complete Reinforce Your Skills 3.2                                             107
Complete Reinforce Your Skills 3.3                                             108
Complete Reinforce Your Skills 3.4                                             108-109
Complete Reinforce Your Skills 3.5                                             109
Apply Your Skills (45 minutes)
Complete Apply Your Skills 3.1                                                 110
Complete Apply Your Skills 3.2                                                 111
Complete Apply Your Skills 3.3                                                 111
Complete Apply Your Skills 3.4                                                 112
Group Project
Complete 3.3 Use the Web as a Learning Tool, see your instructor for
your group assignment                                                          114
Theory Questions (45 minutes)
ExamView, password is quickbooks (open book)                                                                    / 23
Sequence (15 minutes)
Put the following steps into the correct sequence (1-6) to pay a partial
amount on a bill.
            Click and drag over the amount displayed in the Amt. to Pay
            Click Pay & Close.
            Open the Pay Bills window.
            Type the amount you will be paying.
            Select the bill you want to pay.
            Select the account from which you wish to make the payment,
            along with the payment method and date.                                                             / 04
  Put the following steps into the correct sequence (1-7) to record a
  handwritten check for an expense you wish to pass on to a customer.
             Select the proper expense account(s) on the Expense tab.
             Choose to whom you wish to issue the check.
             Choose the customer to whom you wish to pass on the
             Type the amount of and date for the check.
             Click Save & Close.
             Open the Write Checks window.
             Make sure the check is not set to be printed; enter the check
             number in the No. field.                                                                / 05

  Assignment Sheet                                                                                   / 50
  Critical Thinking, Complete 3.1 Sort Through the Stack and 3.2 Tackle
  the Tasks for a test grade. Print Screen (Ctrl + Print Screen) each task
  and enter in a word document saved as QB Lesson 3 Test.                    113-114                 /100


                                             Competency Exam
In order to earn a competency certificate for this course, you must pass the Brainbench QuickBooks
exam or the QuickBooks Certified User Exam by the end of this semester. Do not forget to put your
name on Brainbench printouts! See the Brainbench login sheet and grading scale for more details.

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