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									                                  POSITION DESCRIPTION
                                   Business Specialist
                     Small Business Technology Development Center

FUNDING:          Grant funded                                 UPDATED:        August 16, 2012
UNIVERSITY TITLE: Specialist (8120)                            POSITION #:     00017895
HEADQUARTERED: 615 Olive, Ste 1300, St Louis MO                SALARY:         $46,500 - $65,000

Small businesses are an essential element in the Missouri economy generating new jobs,
increasing sales, attracting investments and contributing to the tax base. Business
development is an important component of the state’s economic development strategy and
the University of Missouri’s economic development mission.

The primary role of this position is to provide individualized and confidential business and
technology development counseling services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and
university faculty. Areas of instruction, technical assistance, and consultation include
strategic business planning, marketing, management, finance, capital formation, technology
development, operations, human resources, government contracting, business start-up and
business growth/sustainability, as well as other timely business related topics to assist
existing and new entrepreneurs. Broad, general knowledge of the principles and practices of
business is required.

This is a 12-month academic position. Appointment may be made as non-tenure track ranked (NTT)
pending University approval of academic credentials and qualifications of the successful candidate.

Program Development and Delivery

      Teach: Plan and deliver adult educational programs in business subject matters
       targeted to meet the local needs of business and prospective business people.
      Business Technical Assistance: provide business assistance through coaching
       entrepreneurs and companies in starting, growing, and operating businesses that
       result in economic and societal outcomes. This includes the ability to assist clients
       with accessing funding to start/grow their business. I.e. SBA loans, Angel
       Investments, Venture Capital, and local Revolving Loan Funds.
      Marketing and PR: Market educational programs and promote the mission of
       University of Missouri to area leaders and capital resources, economic developers,
       chambers of commerce, County Extension Councils, and other partner organizations.
       Maintain positive relations with partners and constituents of MU Extension. Key
       activities of this role also include promoting the SBTDC services.

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      Research and Scholarship: Keep up to date on business trends and research-based
       knowledge to create new and effective programs. Effectively translate job successes
       (results, outcomes, and impacts) into scholarly products (i.e. peer-reviewed journal
       articles, published work, new curricula, funded grant proposals, etc.).
      Resource Generation and Sustainability: Seek out and develop external funding
       sources that are in alignment with organizational priorities, values, and mission
       including identifying fee’s, new opportunities, appropriate grant or contract
       opportunities, and partnerships that provide revenue growth opportunities for new
       and existing educational programs.

Program Goals and Evaluation

      Achieve goals in the areas of outcomes (impact), quantity (ie. #of clients, hours of
       counseling, etc.), quality, stakeholder relations and revenue generation.
      Develop and execute an annual plan of work aligned with local, regional and state
       objectives of the business development program, in cooperation with regional
       director, program director, and colleagues.
      Work with supervisor, business development state office, and assigned teams to
       establish individual and team goals, ensuring local needs, regional goals, grant
       requirements, and partnership/stakeholder goals are met.
      Ensure compliance with grant/contract/other requirements and maintain fiscal
      Document impact of work with business clients and training attendees through data
       entry and client files to provide data for individual, regional and statewide evaluation
       and reports.
      Communicate and promote economic and societal impacts to key stakeholders,
       councils, administrators, and targeted decision makers.
      Receive programmatic leadership from the state business development office.


      Build strong relationships with key strategic partners involved in economic
       development and technology development.
      Develop coalitions and partnerships with colleagues, individuals, and organizations to
       enhance programming success.
      Work as a team member of the Missouri Small Business and Technology
       Development Center network, and other offices of the University of Missouri
       Extension Business Development Program and regional Extension faculty to carry out
       the mission of the University of Missouri Extension.

Professional Expectations

      Regular travel in-state using own vehicle and occasional out of state travel is
       required. Work evenings and weekends as needed to meet the needs of clients,
       programming goals, and partnership expectations.
      Actively foster inclusion of diverse clients by delivering educational program that
       represent the population diversity in the assigned counties. Diverse audiences
       include racial, ethnic, underserved, women, veteran, and people with disabilities.
      Regularly demonstrate effective written and oral communication, public speaking,
       teaching, organizational, interpersonal, public relations, group facilitation, and

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         technology skills to ensure high audience satisfaction and learning, as well as
         effective colleague relations.
        Actively participate in professional development opportunities to continuously
         improve skills and research-based knowledge in business subject matters and
         personal skills development.
        Participate in interdisciplinary teams, committees and task forces. May serve on
         committees and teams outside program area to meet organizational needs.
        Assume programmatic and administrative responsibilities as assigned, which may
         include subject matter expertise; performing other campus-based and/or general
         extension duties, or other roles to support the mission of MU Extension.
        Conduct all activities in accordance with the Civil Rights Acts, Title IX, Rehabilitation,
         Americans with Disabilities Act and local, state and region affirmative action plans.




Supervision is received from St. Louis SBTDC Director.


Programmatic leadership is received from the Small Business Technology Development
Center State Director.


An earned master's degree in business, engineering, business education, or related area
with appropriate coursework exhibited is required. Related areas include government
procurement, marketing, finance, accounting, management, human resources, operations
management, e-commerce or engineering.

Professional experience in applying and transferring research-based knowledge in above
subject matter areas is expected. Experience in operating, managing and owning a
business, training, and/or consulting are preferred.

                                      EEO / ADA / AA Employer

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