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					                         Teacher of French
Modern Languages (more specifically French and German) is taught throughout the school
from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13. Year 7 learn one of the two languages
mentioned above in alternate years (this year’s 7s are learning French). The top set take on
the second language in Year 8 and 9. Students in Year 9 who do not continue to GCSE sit
the AQA FCSE examination. At least 100 students are obliged to continue with their
language into GCSE. Consequently, numbers at KS4 are strong and standards are rising
dramatically with 65% of French students and 80% of German students achieving A* to C in
the summer 2012 GCSE examinations. This was from a total of 146 students who were
entered. The number of students achieving GCSE in a foreign language is double the LEA
average. Results at A Level are also strong. All teachers are encouraged to teach AS/A2
Level if they so wish.

The Department is housed in its own suite of five rooms on the first floor of the Academy
and the successful candidate will be based in his/her own room. The room has its own set of
text books for each course/language. It also has its own PC (with internet access), projector,
and CD/cassette recorder. The department has a large range of software and video available
to it on the school network and also a portable language lab. There are numerous computer
suites available to book. The courses currently used are Expo/Echo in KS3 and KS4 (the
latter including a fully electronic Active Teach version) and Elan/Zeitgeist in KS5. AQA is
the current examination board used for GCSE and A Level. The department also arranges an
annual Year 8 trip to France of Germany. The trip next year is to France.

The MFL Department is a friendly and hard working team of staff who work together well
and who are passionate about their subject. It consists of the Head of Department, a
Coordinator of French and five others. We are also fortunate to have two full time MFL

Trinity Academy is committed to high quality teaching as the basis for good learning. As a
department we are committed to ambitious targets for academic achievement. The Academy
creates a well-ordered environment and ethos, in which children and young people are safe,
stimulated and challenged, and enabled to succeed. Staff development is central to this. The
Head of Department plays a full part in further developing the skills and experience of each
member of staff within the department.

The distinctive Christian ethos, not only places supreme value on each member of the
community, but fosters an enquiring and open mind to the major questions of existence
within a framework which recognises Christianity as our underpinning philosophy. It is
important that all staff are happy to work within this framework where the freedom to hold
and express personal views and beliefs is fiercely protected and where staff and students of
all faiths and of none are welcome to be part of our school community.

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