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During the school day and after official school time ends you will see the P.E
teachers guiding and instructing the students doing exercises and practicing
different games.

(photo)           they are practicing karate for an hour three times a week.

(photo)              Degla valley language school is one of the fewest schools

                     that has fencing( foil, saber, epee') training .

(photo)               most of the young children specially girls like the gymnastic


Degla valley language school honors to be the school that held and joined in
an international experiment (……………………………………………………….)
sponsored by SEED organization and the students did that experiment life
and it was successful.

Which leads to encourage "El Gazira Children" channel to come and had an
interview with those children to be shown at "Lakatat" programme to talk
about their experiment and how they did it!!

Art & craft:

It has been a successful year for the Art & craft department. It has joined in
the school Bazaar, the children who were very talented, participated to
perform fabulous art work.

Also it's the first time for this department to share in the annual year party by
drawing the backgrounds of the plays and designing most of the costumes. It
was well presented in (Taming of the Shrew) and the background of (King


The school choir presented this year nice songs in Arabic & English language.
During the school academic year pupils are will trained to practice playing on
different musical instruments like: Xylophone, Piano and Drums.

Our mission:

Degla valley school is a language school which provides a high quality of
education and provides all the educational needs that a family could look for.

We offer a high standard of English books which fulfill the needs of a national
school and its students. With Science and Math books which are in English.
In addition to the Arabic language and the Social studies.

Computer studies are presented in both Arabic and English language.
The school encourages the pupils' talents and sense creativity and support
every individual talent.


ICDL Center

Drama club


Human facilities



Degla valley language school has the honor to be chosen by the "UNISCO" to
be a centre to offer those who like having the ICDL certificate.

(photo)   pupils from different grades have achieved great results and they
were honored by the school during the school annual party.

(photo)   the same happened with the teachers

Drama club:

It was held since 2003. This club was established first by three English
teachers. This club helps every student who has an acting or writing talent to
improve his\her talent and show it to the audience at the annual year party.

(photo)     this year the school took an interest in Mahmoud Saeed who has
an astonishing talent at acting. So he participated in many plays that were
held this year like (The planets) at Science, (King Lear) at English and (Mask
of Zorro) at the Saber performance.
(photo) the same happened with Shady Osama who has the major role as
"Patricio" in the play of (Taming of the Shrew).

(photo) Mohamed Niazi also is talented in writing stories and poems and he
recited one of his poems at the annual school party.


An English Course:

To improve our language and bring it to more acceptable state. Topics
included subjects for conversation, talk through vocabulary and writing about
different themes are well prepared to be presented in the best way.

Facts, Information , Skills, deep and wide Knowledge will be gained in this

Our English Course is for:

   1-   Knowledge
   2-   Skills
   3-   Understanding
   4-   Community Work

Human :

The school enjoys friendly relations with parents and pupils. The good
relationship is clear in many occasions. The school celebrates several
occasions: El Haj, Christmas, Birthdays and Orphan's Day.

Also social service is given to those who need satisfy them.

The school encourages even the parents to share in every occasion to feel
that they have an important role in the school life. As in giving a speech at the
annual school party, sharing in designing and making some
Our staff:

All of the school teachers are highly qualified with experience and with
teaching courses (especially for English teachers).

The supervisors:

Miss. Karima Youssif          for English language

Mrs. Ola Mahmoud              for Mathematics

Mrs. Mervat Abdul Moaty       for Arabic language

Mr. Sameh                     for Science

Mrs. Fatema Mohamed           for Computer studies

Mrs. Azza Abdul Razek         for Social Studies
Mr. Mohamed                   for French

English teachers:

Primary stage: Miss Selferaz Ahmed

               Mrs. Wafaa Wanys

Prep. Stage: Mr. Mohamed Gharib

             Mr. Eid

Mathematics teachers:

Primary stage: Mrs. Amany Mansour

               Mrs. Iman

Prep. Stage: Mr. Hisham Doctor

             Mr. Said Fawzy

Arabic teachers:

Primary stage: Miss Marwa Saad

         Mrs. Shimaa

Prep. Stage: Miss Hanan

             Mr. Essam

             Mr. Abdul Hamid

Science teachers:

Primary stage: Mr. Mohamed Samir

Prep. Stage: Mr. Sherif
Computer teachers:

Primary stage: Miss Mona Mahfouz

Prep. Stage: Miss Amal

Social Studies teachers:

Primary stage: Mrs. Wafaa Abdul Zaher

Prep. Stage: Mrs. Ghada Ahmed

Music teachers:

Mrs. Walaa

Art & Craft teachers:

Mrs. Hala

Mrs. Sohir

Miss Nahed

P.E teachers:

Mrs. Hanan

Mr. Houssam

Mr. Mahmoud

These teachers are supported by an excellent management team:

Mrs. Samah

Mrs. Amany Wagih

Miss Amal Farag

Miss Hanan

Mrs. Hoda

Mrs. Afaf
Mrs. Mervat

Mrs. Manal




School uniform

Application form & fees


Degla Valley Language School is a national school which provides an
excellent education for three stages:

   1- Kindergarten (1 & 2)
   2- Primary Stage: grades from 1 to 6
   3- Preparatory Stage: grades 1, 2, 3

Latest news:

      On (………………3-4-2007…………) the school Bazaar and its benefits
       went to the Orphans' House.
      On (…………5-3-2007………………) it was the Press fair which was
       attended by the manager of Education Administration and some of the
       educational senior supervisors. The fair has gained great admiration.
      On (………………11-12-2007…………) the karate team has
       participated in Maadi Zone competition and the students won medals.
      On (………………16-6-2007…………) the final year party which was
       very successful this year. There was a lot of performances by the
       pupils of the primary and the preparatory stage.
       Congratulations…..!! Wishing everyone progress and success.
      There's a communication between the school and media. The school
       had the honor to have an exciting "Interview" with (El Gazira Children)
       channel, to discuss the best way of having a link between children
       channels and schools, to help the teachers in the process of teaching.

      The school has gained the cast admiration through exchanging ideas
       about the ideals programmes to children through their channel and if
       there is a way of interacting between the school and the channel.

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