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					Environmental Policy Group
The research programme of the Environmental Policy
  Group focuses on:
Environmental Governance and Management of…
       Sustainable production and consumption
       Sustainable Natural Resource Use
       Global Environmental Change
   14 lecturing staff and around 40 PhD students
   Yearly, some 30 MSc thesis students
   Network of over 400 graduates
 Research Program ENPand some related courses
                                         • Environmental management and industry
                                         • Sustainable technology development
                                         • Governing Sustainable Cities

   • Environmental Policy analysis and
   • Sociological Perspectives on
     Environmental Change

• Water Governance
• Environmental                                         • International environmental policy
  Quality and Governance                                • Climate Governance
• Social Theory Perspectives on Nature                  • Environment and Development
Current research areas (a.o.):
   Climate mitigation and adaptation: governance
    mechanisms underpinning renewable energy provision
    and biofuels
   Role of information and transparency in governing global
    environmental change
   How to initiate transitions in consumption routines
   Green innovations in water supply in the Netherlands
   Sustainable waste and sanitation infrastructure for the
    urban poor in East Africa
   Sustainable Natural Resource Use in Rural China
   North Sea fisheries management
   Sustainable building and living
ENP Courses for MES

   Required Courses MES for thesis ENP:
     ENP 34306 Environmental Policy: Analysis and
      Evaluation (2nd period, morning)
    + One course out of:
     ENP 31306 Sustainable Technology Development
     ENP 30306 International Environmental Policy (4th)
     ENP 33306 Environment and Development (5
ENP courses for MUE
   Apart from the Restricted Optional course
       ENP 36806 Governing for Sustainable Cities
   Choose 2 required courses for thesis ENP in
     ENP 20806 Environmental Management and Industry
      (1, morning)
     ENP 31306 Sustainable Technology Development (3)
     ENP 32306 Advanced Environmental Economics and
      Policy (5, afternoon)
    But: replacement can be discussed with study advisor,
     ENP 33306 Environment and Development (5,
    Optional ENP courses for MUE and MES
   Political Theory (2, mornings)
   Sustainable Technology Development (3)
   International Environmental Policy (4)
   Governance for Sustainable Cities (4)
   Water Governance (BSc minor course) (4)
   Sociological Perspectives on Environmental Change (5, mornings)
   Climate Governance (5, afternoons)
   Environment and Development (5, afternoons)
   Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy (5, afternoons)
   Social Theory Perspectives on Nature Protection (5, mornings)
   Ocean and Coastal Governance (5, mornings)
Contributions of ENP to other courses:

   Principles of Environmental Sciences (Gert Spaargaren)
   Principles Urban Environmental Management (Bas van
   European Workshops (Marine: Simon Bush, Urban: Bas
    van Vliet)
25 – 30 theses / year
Looking for ENP thesis subjects?

   Our Thesis Subject Brochure!
   List of offered theses and internships:
     (fill in: “Environmental Policy Group”
        under “chairgroup” and don’t bother starting date
   All other topics related to our broad research
    fields can be discussed!
Examples of subjects for thesis research (1)
   Sustainable Production and Consumption
       Implementing the Plastic Hero. The implementation of the new
        household plastic waste collection system in the Netherlands
       Energy-wise scan of Rotterdam. A study of domestic energy
        consumption according to socio and urban variables
       The role of mainstream clothing retailers in stimulating sustainable
        consumption patterns.
       Low energy housing policy in Germany
       Environmental flows and the governance of ship scrapping industry
        in China
       Waste and Sanitation infrastructures management Rwanda
       Product labels (rice-Vietnam, tomatoes-Spain)
       Palm-oil by-products as biofuel (Malaysia – NL)
Examples of subjects for thesis research (2)
   Sustainable Natural Resource Use
       Negotiations around Westerschelde
       Decentralisation of Wetland Policy in Uganda
       Use of economic instruments in biodiversity conservation
       Sacred forests: a sustainable conservation strategy? The case of
        sacred forests in the Ouémé Vally, Benin.
       Agrarian Reform…The pathway to sustainability? The case of
       Towards policy coherence for fish stock conservation in the EU and
        beyond? An assessment of the Common Fisheries Policy and the
        EU-Pacific tuna relations domain.
Examples of subjects for thesis research (3)
   Global Environmental Change
       The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). An analysis
        of the state of play in Uganda.
       A World/United Nations Environment Organisation? An
        explanation of the non-decisions on the reform of the
        international environmental governance system.
       Influence of institutional interplay in developing and
        implementing adaptation policy to climate change
       EU’s role in international environmental politics, does it
List of Theses at ENP website

 To get a feeling of the variety of thesis topics:
  look at our list of finalised theses:
Applying for major thesis research
   Keep an open eye for subjects during the year!
   Check major requirements (see Msc thesis Guide at ENP
   Browse topics (website, journals, fellow
    students, ENP theses in Leeuwenborch Library)
   Contact education coordinator to discuss topics,
    requirements (Bas van Vliet)
   Talk to lecturers during courses
   Attend ENP thesis colloquia announced at our website
   Focus your research proposal (together with supervisor)
Internships and career perspectives
You can find ENP internship students as well as alumni in...
 Consultancy (national and international)
       Grontmij, Haskoning, Arcadis, DHV, EcoSecurity, Ecofys
   Policy and politics (various levels)
       UNEP Nairobi, Dutch / European Parliament, European
        Commission, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
   Academic and other research / education institutes
       WUR institutes, Leuven University, Wisconsin University
   Industry and industry-related organizations
       E-on, Shell, KWR (water industry)
   NGOs (international, environmental, consumer)
       European Council for Nature Conservation, European
        Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth NL, or Curaçao or…

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