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									               SDL & Forrester Webinar: Mastering the 6 disciplines of global customer experience

Localized customer experiences are critical for global business success. But most global companies have just started tackling the
problem of coordinating customer experience efforts on a global scale.

In this webinar, Kerry Bodine of Forrester Research will share key findings from new global customer experience research. She will
explain the 6 core disciplines that multinational firms must master to deliver relevant local customer experiences and drive growth:
customer understanding, measurement, governance, strategy, design and culture.

You’ll learn how to use these disciplines to lay the foundation for experience-based differentiation on a global scale.

Date & Time-
2 October 2012 11:00 AM (45 minutes), Eastern Standard Time (EST)


Kerry Bodine, Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Customer Experience Professionals, Forrester Research, Inc.
Sophie Hurst, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, SDL

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