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									               Annual Monitoring of Articulation Arrangements

The University of Bolton maintains the highest quality and standards on all of its
programmes, each of which is subject to an annual monitoring process. This
process, adapted as follows, extends to all those partner organisation
programmes leading to non-University awards which are the subject of an
articulation arrangement with the University.

If any major changes are made to these programmes, which have previously
been agreed as suitable for entry to University programmes, possibly with
advanced standing, the University may need to carry out additional scrutiny
and/or moderation visits to ensure that it is appropriate to continue the

In order to monitor any changes made, you are asked to inform the University of
Bolton immediately if any of the changes detailed on the attached form occur,
and in addition you are asked to complete and return the form annually at the end
of each academic year, even if it is a nil return. The completed form should be
sent to your nominated ‘Link Tutor’ contact(s) at:

University of Bolton
Deane Road

If any of your graduating students are accepted onto the linked programme,
either at the University of Bolton or at one of our partner organisations, please
attach a list giving the students’ names, the programme and institution and send
it to your nominated Link Tutor(s) at the University.

The completed monitoring form (without the information identifying students) will
be considered by the appropriate University course committee(s) as part of their
annual monitoring of the linked programme(s).
Articulation Arrangement - Annual Monitoring for Academic year: 20__/20__

Institution Name: e.g. Harraby College, Cumbria

Articulated Programme(s): e.g. Harraby Diploma in Agricultural Sciences

During this academic year, have any of the following occurred? (please mark all
the appropriate boxes):
                                                                     Yes        No
Changes to your organisation’s legal structure and/or status?

Changes to your organisation’s mission and/or objectives?

Changes to your organisation’s financial position?

Changes to your organisation’s management structure?

Changes to buildings/teaching rooms/labs/library provision?

Changes to the recruitment procedures for this programme?

New modules incorporated into your programme?

Modules dropped from your programme?

Significant changes to the content of any module?

Changes to the method of assessment of any module?

New staff teaching on the programme? Please attach CV’s.

Changes to computer hardware/software used on the programme?

Changes to the programme administration procedures?

Changes to your organisation’s quality procedures?

Changes to your organisation’s student support procedures?

If you tick ‘yes’ in any of the above boxes, please attach separate sheets giving
detailed explanations of the changes made.


In the last year, have any of your students progressed to a University of Bolton
programme, either at the University or at one of the University's partner
                     Yes                     No

If ‘Yes’, please complete parts A-D below; if ‘No’, please complete the details at
the end of the form.

A. Your programme title(s):     1.




B. Number of students           1.
   successfully completing
   your programme(s)            2.



C. Number(s) of students        1.
   from B above who have
   progressed to the linked     2.
   (please attach names         3.
   and which programme(s)
   separately)                  4.

D. Number(s) of students        1.
   from C above who have
   progressed either to         2.
   study at the University or
   at one of the University’s   3.
   partner organisations
   state which applies and      4.
   also indicate on the
   attached list of names)

Date Completed:                            Signature:

Print Name:                                Position:


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