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					                               EDEXCEL: National Diploma in Information and Communication
                               Technology (ICT) Practitioners

                               Unit: 2 Computer Systems

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          2.1                                              System unit components

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Start Date                                   Monday 19th October 2009
Deadline Date                                Friday 20th November 2009
Teacher                                      M.A. Fletcher

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                               EDEXCEL: National Diploma in Information and Communication
                               Technology (ICT) Practitioners

                               Unit: 2 Computer Systems

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit you should:
1. Understand the hardware components of computer systems.

The charity ‘Techno for Tanzania’ is run by a group of Tanzanian businessmen to recycle aging and
discarded computer systems for use by children in village schools in their home country. They have
collected a number of old PCs, some fully working, some partially working and some not working
at all. They have also collected spare components and devices, such as power supplies, disk drives,
graphics cards and internal memory. Local computer companies have also donated some new
systems components.
The charity is asking for volunteers to work with their own experts to use these materials to create
working systems, of various specifications, for shipping to the children in Africa. You may also be
asked to apply your knowledge and expertise in evaluating and justifying the selection of additional
computer systems for specific types of work.
Task 1
To help the businessmen develop a better understanding of the technical language used when
discussing computer systems you are to create an interactive PowerPoint presentation that clearly
explains the purpose of the main components in a computer system and how they
Your presentation must include:
    1. Motherboard.
    2. Processors including Heat Sink and Fan.
    3. Cache.
    4. RAM.
    5. ROM.
    6. Buses and Bridges.
    7. BIOS.
    8. Power Supply.
    9. IDE/EIDE SATA Controllers.
    10. Hard Disk Drive including master and slave.
    11. Ports including: VGA, Parallel, Serial, Audio, USB & IEEE1394 Firewire.
    12. Peripherals e.g. Keyboard, Mouse, Printers, Plotters, Scanners, Cameras.
    13. Specialised Cards e.g. network & sound cards.
Within the “Speakers Notes” section of each of the slides you must reference the sources for any
text or images that have been used in the slide.
The PowerPoint presentation is to be printed with 2 slides to a page and submitted for assessment
and a copy of the presentation is to be e-mailed, as an attachment, to MAF@KGV.AC.UK by 16:30
on the assignment deadline.

                               EDEXCEL: National Diploma in Information and Communication
                               Technology (ICT) Practitioners

                               Unit: 2 Computer Systems

Task 2
The organisation has received a donation of £2500 to purchase one or more new computer systems
to be used as the directors see fit. They have decided to use some of the money to buy a new
computer and software to use at their British office.
The system must be able to run the usual word processing, spreadsheet and database software as
well as good quality DTP, graphics and multimedia software. It will be used to produce leaflets and
other literature and possibly CD and DVD material for use by the children and teachers in Tanzania.
There will also be the need to scan documents, access email and set up and maintain a web site. The
system selected will comprise hardware, operating system and software utilities and the cost will
leave sufficient funds available to purchase much of the required applications software.
You are to research and evaluate the specifications of three commercially available computer
systems, select the most appropriate and justify your selection.
You will need to present your findings to Mr Tchaikondi, one of the directors of ‘Techno for
Tanzania’in a the form of a detailed report that evaluates the three computers that you have
researched and justifies the one that is most appropriate to meet the clients needs.

Criteria Tested:
Reference            Assessment criteria
P1                   Explain the function of the system unit components and how they communicate.
                     Evaluate at least three specifications for commercially available computer systems
                     and justify the one most suitable for use in a given situation.

Deadline: Friday 20th November 2009


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