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					                                          Anibal Baranek
                               15 6106-7036/4545-7268
                                       31 years
Two years living in the US. Communications Sciences student. Practical experience in the editorial
world. Very organized to work. Good teacher capable of explaining complex ideas in simple terms.
Excellent cultural background. Extensive knowledge of the aviation world. Team player
                                    Areas of knowledge

   Contributing editor: Over twenty articles published in the trade magazines Alas and
    Aeroespacio, both published in Argentina as well as the magazine Flight Training published in
    the US. Four articles available in Internet.
 Translation: Translation of articles from English to Spanish for Alas Magazine. Translation of
    technical manuals from Spanish to English for “Ponis SA”
 Technical Writer: Writing of technical manuals for scales on behalf of “Ponis SA”.
 Flight instructing: “Naples Air Center” flight school located in Florida, USA.
                                          Articles published
   ALAS Magazine
      December 1994, “Pilotos Privados, cómo empezar”.
      September 1996, “F-16, volará en el sur?”
      November 1996, “EAA ‘96”
      December 1996, “Su-37 las garras del oso”
      December 1996, Especial C-130 Hércules
      January 1997, “Doble cruce del Río de la Plata”
      March 1997, “Efecto suelo 1ª parte” –translation to spanish of an article published in Flight
      April 1997, “Su-27 los primeros Flanker”, “Aviación y computación 1”
      May 1997, “Los pasajeros y el miedo”, “Aviación y computación 2”, “Efecto Suelo 2ª parte”
      June 1998, ‘Entrevista a Frank Robinson”
      July 1998, “Jane’s Fighters Anthology, el juego”
      August 1998, “Hatzerim, panteón de leones”
      October 1998, “El precio de volar”
      January 1999, “Primer seminario de seguridad aerocomercial”, “Aeroclub Villa Gesell”
      March 1999, “Desert Fox, la Guerra del Golfo continua”
      May 1999, “Latin Aviation ‘99”
      August 1999 “La industria aeronáutica europea goza de buena salud”
      October 1999, “Aprender a volar en los Estados Unidos”
      January 2000, “Hasta el infinito y más allá”

   Aeroespacio Magazine
       May 2000, “El mítico SR-71 Blackbird”

   Flight Training (USA) Magazine
        December 2002, “A day in life”

      “A day in life”
       AOPA on line
      “Air war over the South Atlantic”
       “Will the F-16 fly in the south?”
      “Hatzerim, where the lions rest”
       The Israeli air force museum
                                   Academic background
College: Bachelor in Communications Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, 2 years left before
                               Languages/Computer skills
English: Very fluent. TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language). Score: 283 points over a max
of 300. 1999

OFFICE (Word, Excel, Access, Explorer).

                                                                                 August 2006

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