Troubleshooting Guide for Ethernet Switch

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					Troubleshooting Guide for
     Ethernet Switch

            FAE. Yen Ru.
Intelligent Ethernet Switches

Q: Why I get lots of packet lost when I enable function
 “Mirror” ?
A: You have to enable Flow control”for each port because the
   sniffer port is going to full loading and that’s why you got packet
    lost in your network. Sniffer port is going to capture packets from mirror
   port. Default “Flow control” is disable.

Q: I mean that they will copy command for example from Windows Notepad
application and paste it to Hyper terminal. When doing like this HG-218M
misses characters every now.
A: This phenomenon reveal is because baud rate of console is too slow.
   For solve your situation, you can set “character delay” value up to 50 or
   higher. You can refer follow configure picture.
Intelligent Ethernet Switches
Intelligent Ethernet Switches

 Q: In which scenarios can this switch crash/hang while in normal operation?
    For example, how many PCs/switches are connected in series, how much
    traffic… or other ???
 A: If looping or Broadcast storming happened it probably make switch crash /

 Q: Does GS-7326’s HTTP port number changeable ? We have some difficulties
    with remote control when switches are behind the router that has NAT.
     So, does GS-7326 support this feature?
 A: Yes, GS-7326 supported this feature.
    You can easy find this feature to change HTTP port number via console \
   2.Management setup\ 5. Management features control \ 1. Web-Based capability
   \ 2. Select HPPT port number.
Intelligent Ethernet Switches

 Q : Could you explain in more detail what TX Drops are in the
   Statistics section. The manual says TX drops are due to lack of
   receive buffers. Please explain what this means.
 A : When receive buffer which indicated to the port full , then you
     will get account of TX drops of the port. There are many
     issues the receive buffer will get full. Such as broadcast ,
      multicast and so on....

 Q : At GS-7326 , how can I enable function of “Security” ?
 A : Currently , GS-7326 doesn’t support “Security”, so you can not enable it.

 Q: Can cluster Ethernet switch support Java version above 1.3.1 ?
 A: Yes, cluster Ethernet switch support Java and above version.
Intelligent Ethernet Switches

Here are some concept about stacking for your reference :

For management cluster intelligent switch.
1. Stack In & Out need string on each cluster switches.
2. Data and stacking are separated.
3. Network administrator can management cluster intelligent switches
   whenever via master or clients when both data and stack are
( So, you can not management cluster switches if your PC connected
on the client switch which lost data connection with master)
4. Network administrator can not management from one of cluster if
  data disconnect to master .
Fiber Modules

Q: My Intranet performance slow down when I slot in a fiber module into my
     Intelligence Ethernet Switch. How can I analysis my Intranet ?

     1. Check link LED status is steady link up .
     2. Check configuration - "Speed-Duplex" is the same (1. Auto; 2. 1000Full)
         on both side switches of fiber connection.
     3. Check configuration - "Flow Control" is the same (enable / disable)
        on both side switches of fiber connection.
     4. Put this1000G fiber module into an other slot.
     5. Change a new 1000G fiber module.
     6. Change fiber line .
     7. Change the Ethernet switch.
Fiber Modules

Q: In the Manual for our Ethernet Switch is written under Key features
   " Supports real-time clock (optional)"
   How to use these feature and how get these optional feature?.

A: RTC is optional feature .
   It is need put on a chip, RTC for real-time-click working.
   There is a socket on PCB of Ethernet Switch . It is about 48 pin .
   You can ask for RTC for shipping and then our manufacture will put the
    ship, RTC on .
    There is LED in the front panel which can shows RTC on or not.
    (refer user manual)

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