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Re-entry system for committed workers receives positive response from firms
and foreign workers with 1,235 employment permits issued in its first month
The re-entry          system for committed workers, imple-                                    Many foreigners have applied for the test to re-enter Korea.
mented since          July 2nd, has turned out to be high-
ly   popular          among    firms and   foreign workers.
                                                                                              ◈ Special EPS-TOPIK
◈ Re-entry system for committed workers
                                                                                              The Special EPS-TOPIK is conducted for foreign workers who volun-
Under the re-entry system, foreign workers who, despite a tough                               tarily returned to their countries before the end of their employment
working environment, have worked earnestly in manufacturing busi-                             period, regardless of type and size of workplace, change of work-
nesses with 30 employees or fewer (businesses with 50 employ-                                 place, etc. Any foreign worker who has passed the test can easily and
ees or fewer in case of root industries) or in the agriculture & live-                        quickly re-enter Korea six months after his/her departure and work
stock, or fishery sector without changing workplaces are allowed to                           in the same workplace he/she used to work before leaving Korea.
re-enter and work again in Korea after three months have passed                               * Only those who went back to their countries before the end of their
since their departure, if they want to be re-employed in Korea.                               4-year and 10-month employment period are qualified to take the Spe-
                                                                                              cial EPS-TOPIK. The test is conducted four times a year (once a quarter).
According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL), of                                  * The test is now offered in Vietnam, Thailand, Indone-
703 foreign workers eligible for re-entry under the system, whose                             sia,    Pakistan,    Uzbekistan,     Bangladesh,      Cambodia       and
employment period expired in July, 536 or 76% have obtained                                   Mongolia, and will expand to other sending countries.
re-entry and employment permission and are leaving Korea.

It was also found that of those supposed to go back to their                                  By July 31st, 3,625 foreign workers in eight countries had
countries in August, 717 or 50% had obtained re-entry and em-                                 passed the test. As a result, they are allowed to re-enter and
ployment permission already in July, promising to re-enter Korea.                             find employment again in Korea six months after their de-
<Issuance of employment permits for foreign workers eligi-                                    parture. Among them, 2,897 who had worked for one year
                    ble for re-entry                                                          or more in their most recent workplaces before they left Ko-
                    (as of Jul. 31)>                                                          rea can make employment contracts preferentially with their
                                                                                              previous employers (or can be placed in their previous jobs).
 Month in which       Those   eligible      Those for whom
 employment           for employment        employment                Percentage              * By July 31st, employment permits had been issued for 694 out
 period   ended       p e r m i t           permit     was                                    of the 2,879 foreign workers eligible to be placed in their previ-
                      ( p ers o n s )       issued(persons)                                   ous jobs. As most of them have passed the test recently (this
                                                                                              June), the number of employment permits issued for those eligi-
    Jul. 2012                703                    536                   76%                 ble for placement in their previous jobs will continue to increase.
    Aug.2012                1,425                   717                   50%
                                                                                              Foreign workers not eligible for placement in their pre-
      Total                 2,128                  1,253                                      vious jobs are recommended first to workplaces apply-
                                                                                              ing for foreign worker employment permits. Once employ-
                                                                                              ment contracts have been signed between companies and
* Employment permits are being issued for those whose em-                                     workers, the foreign workers will be brought into Korea.
ployment period will expire in August 2012. (Application period                                                                                         continue to page 3
: 1 month~7 days before the end of the employment period)

The fairly positive response seen during the first month of its
implementation seem to be mainly because under the system,                                                                                         PAALALA
foreign workers do not need to sit a Korean language proficiency
test, are exempted from pre-departure and post-arrival training,                                                                  MAPAGPALANG ARAW, SA LAHAT PO NG TAGASU-
                                                                                                                                    BAYBAY AT TUMATANGKILIK SA SULYAPINOY
and have an opportunity to re-enter Korea after a lapse of three                                                                PUBLICATION,NAIS PO NAMING IPABATID SA INYO NA
months and be employed for another 4 years and 10 months.                                                                          MAY PAGBABAGO SA ATING WEBSITE. MAYROON
                                                                                                                                    NA PO TAYONG BAGONG WEBSITE AT ITO AY
In addition, their employers do not have to make efforts to                                                                                  WWW.SULYAPINOY.INFO
                                                                                                                                 ANG LUMANG WEBSITE NA WWW.SULYAPINOY.ORG
find Korean workers and can re-employ skilled workers in a                                                                       AY HINDI NA PO MAGAGAMIT NGAYON PANSAMAN-
short period of time. For these reasons, both foreign work-                                                                                          TALA.
ers and their employers seem to greatly prefer the system.                                                                          KAMI PO AY HUMIHINGI NG PAUMANHIN SA
                                                                                                                                 ABALA KUNG HINDI PO KAYO MAKAPAG ACCESS SA
                                                                                                                                  LUMANG WEBSITE. HANGAD NAMIN ANG INYONG
Meanwhile, for foreign workers excluded from the re-en-
try system due to their change of workplace, etc., the Spe-
cial EPS-TOPIK has been administered since December 2011.

 Volume 2                  Issue 28                 August 2012                                                        NOT FOR SALE
Manila, Our home
By Theresa Rea-Ocampo , 42, works as an IT applications specialist for Du-
                                                                             if we were never far away. We
                                                                             introduced them to our friends,
                                                                             and they saw a different side
                                                                                                                    at her and she said, “Mom,
                                                                                                                    I do not want to return to
                                                                                                                    America anymore, I want to be
Pont in Pennsylvania                                                         of their parents. Again, we are        with our relatives.” She then
                                                                             fortunate that both sides of the       started crying so hard until I

L   ast year, we were able to           still the reserved but jolly per-    family are a tightly knit bunch.       was able to lull her to sleep.
    spend the holidays back             son I remember. It was a crazy       A few days into our vacation,my        We then returned to our nor-
                                        event and the picture-taking         mother      and    my     father-      mal lives. One day, my eldest
home, the Philippines. We got a
                                        that ensued took ages because        in-law asked my children to            asked, “Mom, after I finished
call from my sister and brother-                                             stay for good in Manila. My            8th grade, I want to return to
                                        of the laughing and teasing.
in-law, asking us to come home                                               husband and I laughed since            Manila and study there for high
                                        A few hours later, we moved
soon. One of our dear friends           back to my husband’s place           we knew what their answers             school. Three years is enough
was afflicted with cancer and           for another gathering. The en-       would be. My kids love their           time for you to prepare, right?”
an uncle was suffering from a           tire family was there and again      school, so moving elsewhere            My second child chimed in,
similar fate. We knew the situ-         it was a happy moment. Our           is a big no-no for them. How-          “Mom, we want to move back
ation of the two special people         friend was there too. I gave him     ever, to our surprise, my sec-         to Manila for good.” They have
in our lives but getting those          a very big hug. He was very          ond born responded, “Yes, I            planned their lives and they
messages from our families              thin and stayed with us as long      want to stay here for good”.           know what they want. We asked
bothered us so much. It was             as he could. I would be with         Her answer caught us off-              them why, and they replied
something we could not ignore.          him during his treatments and        guard. We asked her why, and           with tearful eyes, “Manila is our
We didn’t know what to do,              call him often during our stay.      she replied, “Our families are         home, it is where we belong
where to get the funds and              We, especially my kids, were so      here, this is where we belong.”        and it is where our families are.”
hauling the kids out from               busy bouncing from one family        Everyone at the dining table be-       The trip back home left an in-
school was not that easy.               to another and scheduling the        came silent. My eldest replied,        delible mark on my children.
However, with God’s interven-           time was a challenge for me.         “Mama, this is where we want           We lost my uncle and my friend
tion, we were able to fly back          I hardly slept at all since the      to be.” Their replies brought          this year. These painful events
home on December 10, 2009.              day we arrived. Almost every         tears to our eyes. I choked from       — the realization that our par-
My kids were restless flying            night my siblings and I would        their responses. My children’s         ents are no longer young and
to Manila. But upon arrival,            spend time together at a sis-        words were from their heart.           my children’s desire to move
they marveled at the displays           ter’s house, talking endlessly       Our return trip to the US was          back — are our driving force to
of decorations and lights dur-          and drinking coffee until the        heart-breaking. While at my            make sure our dreams should
ing the drive home. They were           bells chimed for Simbang Gabi,       parents’ house and bidding             come true. We cannot deny
amazed at how well-lit the              when we would part ways. My          everyone goodbye, my eldest            our children the bond and love
streets were and how festive            youngest sister would then           child thought they were hav-           we have back home. We want
the environment was. We went            drive me to my in-laws’ place        ing another sleepover at my            them to have what we had
to a Jollibee drive-in and my           at around 5:30 a.m. I would          sister’s house. I gently told her,     growing up — our families.
children had their first taste of       take a shower, talk to the help-     “No, darling, we are flying back       Family matters, and my chil-
the yummy burger. Dining at             ers while waiting for my fam-        to the US tomorrow.” I could           dren, young as they may
Jollibee became frequent for            ily to wake up, then later on        see the sadness in her eyes.           be, know and value this.
us during the entire vacation.          bond with my in-laws. I would        We returned to my husband’s            Courtesy: Philstar/ pinoy world
From the time we got off the            take short naps in the car or        place and packed our bags.             wide / my overseas story
plane, life was pretty busy for         anywhere and whenever there          All of my husband’s siblings
us. The following day, lunch            was as opportunity. Tiring, but      and their children stayed with
                                                                                                                    Source:   http://www.philstar.
time, we went to my side of             nevertheless, I was very happy       us until it was time to depart.        com/pinoyworldwide/ar-
the family. Seeing my fam-              with it. I savored each mo-          My girls and son were quiet.           ticle.aspx?publicationSub
ily and relatives was such a            ment I had with both families        During the last leg of our trip        CategoryId=503&articleI
wonderful moment. My un-                and our friends. My children         back to the US, I realized my
cle, in spite of his illness, was       bonded with their cousins as         eldest’s hair was wet. I looked

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                                                                                                      in some instances, their personal lives. FEWA does
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2                                                                                                           August 2012
                          Phil wins 2 golds at Expo
                                         (The Philippine Star) Updated August 15, 2012

M ANILA, Philippines - The
  Philippine pavilion at
                                 ion’s design. The pods were
                                 made of recycled materi-
the   just concluded 2012        als and projected visuals of
Expo in Yeosu, South Ko-         marine life onto the pods’
rea won two gold awards          floors, each one ringed by
for Theme Development and        different colored sand from
Creative Display at the Of-      Boracay      (white),    Albay
ficial Participants’ Awards      (black), Guimaras (brown)
organized by the Bureau In-      and     Zamboanga       (pink).
ternational des Expositions.     The pods showed attrac-
The awards are given based       tions from Luzon, the Visayas
on the participants’ interpre-   and Mindanao, and one
tation of the theme and sub-     pod was dedicated to bio-
themes as well as for their      diversity and conservation.
display and presentations.       The façade, also made of
The Expo, which ended last       recycled     materials,     ap-
Sunday, had the theme “The       peared like a sculptural
Living Ocean and Coast.”         three-dimensional coral wall.
The Philippine pavilion fea-     The Philippine pavilion bested    Pods hanging from the ceiling and made of recycled materials mimic
tured four pods suspended        ten other countries – among       glowing corals, the inspiration for the Philippine pavilion design. The
from the ceiling that mimic      them Mexico, Vietnam and          coral wall at the entrance (right) is also made of recycled materials.
glowing corals, the main         Egypt – in the category for pa-   Source:
inspiration for the pavil-       vilions with only one module.     tionsubcategoryid=68&fwcc=1&articleid=838108

Immigration Offices Throughout                                                                                         Gimhae Airport
                                                                                                                       Immigration Of-
            Korea                                                                                                      fice mainly han-
By: Genie Kim                                                               Gimhae            051-979-1322~5           dles procedures
                                                                            Airport                                    pertaining to entry
                                                                                                                       and departure of
       Office           Telephone               Location                                                               Korea.

                                           319-2, Sinjeong                                                             17-26, 4-ga,
                                           6 (yuk)-dong,                                                               Juang-dong, Jung-
                                           Yangcheon-gu,                                                               gu, Busan
                                           Seoul                                                                       Subway: Juang-
       Seoul          02-2650-6212~5       Subway: At                         Jeju               064-722-3494          dong Station (Bu-
                                           Omokgyo (Mok-                                                               san Subway Line
                                           dong Stadium)                                                               No.1 Exit No. 10 or
                                           Station exit 7. Go                                                          12) 10 minutes on
                                           straight for about                                                          foot.
                                           10 minutes.
                                           117, Hangdong 7
                                                                    continuation from page 1
                                           (chil)-ga, Jung-
                                           gu, Incheon
                                           Bus: Take               <Implementation of Special EPS-TOPIK (as of Jul. 31)>
      Incheon         032-890-6305~6       Incheon City Bus
                                           #3, #12 or #24
                                                                                       Those having      Those eligible      Those for whom
                                           to Jungbu Police                            passed the test   for placement in    employment per-
                                           Station. 10 min-          Test applicants                     their previous      mit was issued
                                           utes on foot.                                                 jobs

                                           Incheon Inter-
                                           national Airport
    Incheon Int’l                          Office mainly han-       Lee Tae-Hee, the Director-General of the Manpower Policy
      Airport          032-740-7013        dles procedures          Bureau, said, "Since the two systems guarantee an easy
                                           pertaining to en-        and rapid re-entry process for foreign workers, and ease
                                           try and departure        labor shortages by allowing employers to re-employ skilled
                                           of Korea.                foreign workers, foreign workers re-entering Korea using
                                           17-26, 4-ga,             those systems will continue to grow in number, which in
                                           Juang-dong,              turn would greatly help prevent illegal stay of foreigners."
                                           Jung-gu, Busan
                                           Subway: Juang-           He also stressed, "If foreign workers want to be re-employed
        Busan         051-461-3091~5       dong Station (Bu-        in Korea for another 4 years and 10 months through Special
                                           san Subway Line          EPS-TOPIK or the re-entry system for committed workers,
                                           No.1 Exit No. 10
                                                                    the most important thing is that they must return to their
                                           or 12) 10 minutes
                                           on foot.                 home countries before the end of their employment period."

3                                                                                               August2012
                     Kaibigan ko                                                                 TRAVELER’S FLIGHT
                                                                                                               By: Aldin Jalang Potot
                         By Ehd Villarta

                                                                                   The days came in a fast pace
              Kaytagal rin kitang nakasama ng ilang taon                      But then I asked only a simple grace
              Di mapipigilan oh kay bilis nga ng panahon                       I left everything including my love
                Laro ng tadhana at dala ng pagkakataon                        But then I sent my kiss through the                     I traveled a glorious life
             Kailangang lumisan, sa Inang Bayan paparoon                                 wings of a dove                           But went through the tip of a
             Tuwing nag iisa sumasaglit ka sa aking alaala                                                                          Hoping for a brighter future
            Mga masasayang kahapon na ikaw ang kasama                                   I saw the rising sun                       Just to make sure my love is
                                                                                 And I always thought it was fun                               secure
              Mga tawanan natin, mga biruan at pagkanta
                                                                              I walked through the valley of desert
           Isang tunay na kaibigan kasakasama ko sa tuwina
                                                                                     until I became an expert
                                                                                                                                      I search for happiness
             Marami ang nagbago mula ng ikaw ay lumisan                                                                             Found the cup of gladness
              Marami akong nakilala mga bagong kaibigan                       I stepped in the land of the morning                This makes my journey vary in
            Nagiging kasama sa mga lakad,inuma’t kasiyahan                                    calm                                              slopes
           Mga bagong karamay sa oras ng aking kalungkutan                      And feel the softness of His palm                But still I hold on to what we OFW
                                                                              Hoping someday I will have my rest in
              Naalala mo ba nung ika’y bigo sa pag ibig                            the pearl of the orient sea
            Mga panahong akala mo’y pasan mo ang daigdig                      And no need for me to beg for mercy
             Pero ika’y nanatiling matatag at di nagpadaig
               Lahat ay ating nalampasan ng kapit bisig

             Kamusta na kaibigan? Nasaan ka man ngayon
            Akoy nangungulila sa masasaya nating kahapon
            Damayan at pagsasamahan natin aking iingatan
           Mananatili ka sa puso ko at di mawawala kailanman               The poem is all about an OFW who left his/her Philippines for a brighter future for him/her
                                                                           family. Travelled miles and miles away from home, just to secure a brighter future. But in its
                                                                           journey he/she face obstacles just like holding thru a tip of a knife. But still he/she was able to
                                                                           find happiness and gladness and that give him/her hope to continue his/her journey as an OFW.

                                   ANG AKING MGA TANONG
                                                               Ni Carlo Bertillo

      ay mga bagay sa              ginagawa ng mahal natin ang
M     mundo na ang hi
rap hirap ipaliwanag, mga
                                   mga bagay na nakasanayan
                                   na natin iniisip natin na nag-
                                                                            May mga bagay sa mundo
                                                                          na mas magandang mala-
                                                                          man ng walang magsasabi
                                                                                                                               desisyon ang gawin natin
                                                                                                                               ay ayos lang basta naka-
                                                                                                                               handa tayo sa mga susu-
tanong n mahirap sagutin.          bago na siya? And so? Bkit pag         sayo, discovery ika nga nila.                        nod na magaganap pag-
Ano nga bang meron sa              nagbago na ba siya di mo na            Mga bagay na tatatak sa at-                          katapos ng ating disisyon..
eggs ng Angry Birds at ni-         kayang mahalin? Paano kung             ing pagkatao at huhubog ng                           Hay buhay! Kung puwede
nanakaw ito ng mga baboy?          di na siya sweet? Paano kung           iyong personalidad. Maaring                          lang gawing madali ang
Hot pa dn ba ang hot sauce         di na siya gentleman? Hindi            masakit o mahirap pero sa                            lahat. Gabi na kailangan
pag nilagay mo na siya             na thoughtful o malambing              huli makikita mo ang dapat                           ko na nmng matulog for
sa ref? Bakit si Pringles          man lang? Ibig sabihin ba              mong Makita. Kailangan lang                          tomorrow’s work. Dami ko
walang bibig at mas mad-           nun kalimutan na lang? Mi-             nating mas maging mapa-                              pang tanong sa mundo.
ame pa ang bigote kesa             nahal mo ba siya kasi may              nuri sa ating mga nakikita at                        Ano bang meron sa brand
buhok? Hirap di ba? Sa             mga mgandang katangian                 naririnig bago tayo humusga.                         X at galit na galit dito ang
dami ng dapat nating isipin        kang nakita sa kanya? Paano            Hindi lahat ng nakikita ng                           ibang brands? Masaya lang
sa buhay. Sa dami ng da-           kung nawala na yun? Handa              mata ay totoo.May mga ba-                            ba ang pwedeng umorder
pat nating alalahanin hindi        ka pa din bang mahalin siya?           gay na lubhang mapanlin-                             ng Happy meal? Pag ang
pa din maiiwasan ang mga           Paano kung iba na ang pina-            lang… Hindi lahat ng bagay                           bakla ba nagka amnesia
tanong na labis na nakak-          pakita niya kesa sa sinasabi           na naririnig mo ay tama.                             bakla pa din ba siya? Bkit
agulo sa atin, bakit ganyan        nya? Paano kung sinasabi               May mga bulong na wala                               may nalalaglag na kanin,
na siya? Mahal nya pa ba           niya di mo naman nakikita?             namang       kasiguraduhan…                          pero nawawala naman pag
ako? Bakit ang mga babae           At paano kung di mo na nga             Ang paggawa ng desisyon ng                           pupulutin ko na? Kaya ba
selosa at lahat ng makita          siya makita, wala pa siyang            isang tao ay isang mahala-                           ito tinawag na “mumu”?
nila iniisipan ng malisya?         sinasabi? Hanggang saan mo             gang parte ng buhay. Hindi                           Is it really more fun in the
Bakit kapag nasasaktan             ba kayang masaktan? Pag ba             kasi natin malaman alin pa                           Philippines? If yes explain
na tayo mas pinipili nating        nagpapakamartir ang tawag              ba ang tama sa mali lalo na                          briefly if no mag migrate ka
humakbang pabalik kesa             “tanga” agad? Bakit yung               kapag nasasaktan na tayo o                           na,,hahahahahahahaha...
magpatuloy na maglakad?            lasengo sa amin ang tawag              di kaya naman eh masaya                              G o o d n i g h t !
Bakit    kapag   hindi   na        tanga hindi naman martir?              na tayo. Pero ano mang

4                                                                                                                        August 2012
     eadline for the registra-       residents  of  other   coun-         bile registration site at the
D    tion for the Overseas Absen
tee Voting is on 31 October
                                     tries who are recognized as
                                     such in their host countries.
                                                                          time of registration, or may be
                                                                          downloaded, in advance, from
                                                                                                                representative, may file an ap-
                                                                                                                plication for reinstatement or
                                                                                                                correction of your name with
2012. Under Republic Act No.                                              the websites of the COME-             the Committee on Overseas
9189, otherwise known as             3. What is the difference be-        LEC ( or           Absentee Voting in Manila.
“The Overseas Absentee Vot-          tween     an  Application   for      the Department of Foreign Af-
ing Act of 2003”, all citizens       Registration as an Overseas          fairs ( dur-           12. I registered as an Over-
of the Philippines abroad, not       Absentee Voter and an Ap-            ing the registration period.          seas Absentee Voter in 2009
otherwise disqualified by law,       plication for Certification as                                             but was not able to vote in
at least eighteen ( 18 ) years       an Oversea Absentee Voter?           c. If you are a Seafarer, you         the 2010 National Elections.
of age on the day of the elec-                                            must also submit a photo-             Do I need to apply for cer-
tion, and who are registered         An Application for Registration      copy of your Seaman’s Book or         tification to vote abroad?
overseas absentee voters with        as an Overseas Absentee Voter        any other document that will
approved application to vote in      is filed if you are not yet a reg-   prove that you are a seafarer.        No, because your name is al-
absentia, may vote for Sena-         istered voter in the Philippines.                                          ready listed in the Certified
tors and Party-List Representa-                                           8. May I submit my accom-             List of Overseas Absentee
tives in the 2013 elections.         An Application for Certification     plished OAV Form No. 1 and            Voters (CLOAV) and the Na-
For purposes of the May 13,          as an Overseas Absentee Voter        come back on another day to           tional Registry of Overseas
2013 elections, the filing of        is filed if you are already a reg-   have my biometrics captured?          Absentee    Voters (NROAV).
applications for registration/       istered voter in the Philippines
certification and transfer of                                             No, everything must be done on        13. I am a registered Over-
registration records shall be        4. Do I need to personally           the same day, otherwise your ap-      seas Absentee Voter but failed
filed at the Post or other des-      show up at the Philippine Em-        plication will not be deemed filed.   to vote in the last 2 Philippine
ignated registration areas from      bassy to register and vote?                                                elections of 2007 and 2010. Can
now until October 31, 2012.                                               9. How will I know if my ap-          I still participate in the upcom-
                                     Yes, you must personally ap-         plication     for  registration/      ing national elections in 2013?
As the registration deadline is      pear at the Philippine Embassy       certification has been ap-
just a few weeks away, each          or the identified registration       proved       or   disapproved?        No, as your name will have
one is requested to continue         site to register so that your                                              been deleted from the CLOAV.
dissemination of information         biometrics may be captured.          You may check the web-                You will need to register again.
regarding OAV registration and                                            site of the COMELEC or with
to urge those who have not           5.    What     does       captur-    the     Philippine Embassy.           14. I would like to register as
yet done so to register for the      ing   of   biometrics      mean?                                           an Overseas Absentee Voter but
May 2013 elections. The only                                              If your application has been          know that I will be in another
requirement for registration is      Biometrics capture means that        disapproved,   you   will re-         country by May 14, 2013. Can I
a valid Philippine passport. In      your photograph, signature           ceive a Notice of Disapprov-          still vote in the 2013 elections?
the absence of a passport, a         and thumb mark will be elec-         al of your application from
certification from the Depart-       tronically recorded using special    the Committee on Overseas             Yes, you may register as an
ment of Foreign Affairs, is-         digital equipment. Hence, you        Absentee Voting in Manila.            Overseas Absentee Voter and
sued through the Philippine          must be personally present for                                             subsequently file a Letter-
Embassy, asserting that you          your biometrics to be taken.         10. What should I do if my ap-        Request for Transfer of Regis-
have submitted document that                                              plication has been disapproved?       tration Record (OAVF No. 1B)
will warrant the issuance of a       6. What are the other registra-                                            with the Philippine Embassy.
passport or that you are a valid     tion sites for Filipinos in Korea?   Within five (5) days from re-
passport holder but are unable                                            ceipt of Notice of Disapproval,       15. I intend to register as
to produce it for valid reasons.     The Philippine Embassy will          you or your authorized rep-           an Overseas Absentee Voter
                                     conduct several mobile registra-     resentative may file a Motion         but know that I will be in the
For more information, please         tions at various areas . Notices     for Reconsideration before the        Philippines on May 14, 2013.
contact the Philippine Embassy       will be put out as soon as the       Resident    Election   Registra-      Can I go ahead and regis-
at telephone number 796-7387.        areas are identified and sched-      tion Board of the COMELEC,            ter, and then vote in the 2013
                                     ules have been programmed.           based in Manila, which shall          elections in the Philippines?
Frequently    Asked    Questions     7. What requirements must I          hear and act on all applica-
                                     present or submit when I register    tions for registration/certifica-     Yes, you may register as an
1. When is the registration period   as an Overseas Absentee Voter?       tion as overseas absentee voter.      Overseas Absentee Voter and
for the 2013 national elections?     a. A valid Philippine passport.      you or your authorized rep-           then file a Letter-Request for
                                     In the absence of a passport, a      resentative may file a Motion         Transfer of Registration Re-
From November 02,           2011     Certification from the Depart-       for Reconsideration before the        cord (OAVF No. 1B) before the
to   October 31,            2012     ment of Foreign Affairs, issued      Resident    Election   Registra-      Committee on Overseas Ab-
                                     through the Philippine Embassy,      tion Board of the COMELEC,            sentee Voting in Manila. Upon
2. Who are qualified to register     asserting either of the following:   based in Manila, which shall          receipt of approval of the re-
as Overseas Absentee Voters?                                              hear and act on all applica-          quest for transfer of registra-
•All Filipino citizens abroad who    - that you have submitted            tions for registration/certifica-     tion record, you have to go to
are at least 18 years old on 14      document that will warrant           tion as overseas absentee voter.      the office of your local election
May 2013, and who are not            the issuance of a passport; or                                             officer and submit CEF 1B (Lo-
otherwise disqualified by law;                                            11. What should I do if my name       cal Application for Transfer) and
•Those      who       have   reac-   - that you are a valid pass-         has been omitted, misspelled or       have your biometrics taken.
quired or retained their Phil-       port holder but are unable to        erroneously written in the Nation-
ippine citizenship under R.A.        produce it for valid reasons.        al Registry of Absentee Voters?
9225 and other Filipino citi-        b. An accomplished OAV Form                                                Courtesy:
zens with dual citizenship;          No. 1 that may be obtained at        There will be a period within         Philippine Embassy Seoul
•Immigrants        or   permanent    the Philippine Embassy or mo         which you, or your authorized

    5                                                                                           August 2012
 A Sulyapinoy Correspondent Report:

 Pag-aapila laban sa Hindi Nababayarang Sahod (임금체불)
 by: Katherine Ann Corteza &
 Lee Hyeon-Hee

                             Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers (한국외국인력지원센터)
    a kasalukuyan umaabot na sa mahigit 800,000 ang bi-               Sa pagsasampa ng kaso, bukod sa mga migrants’ center,
S   lang ng mga dayuhang manggagawa (EPS) dito sa Ko                  maaari din kayong humingi ng tulong sa Korea Legal Aid Cor-
                                                                      poration (KLAC, 대한법률구조공단). Ang maaaring gumamit
rea at 42,469(source) na manggagawang Pilipino na-
man ang nakarehistro bilang mga legal na EPS workers.                 ng libreng serbisyong hatid ng KLAC ay iyong mga empleya-
Isa sa mga pangkaraniwang problema na nararanasan ng                  dong hindi napapaswelduhan sa loob ng 3 buwan o higit pa at
mga dayuhang manggagawa ay may kaugnayan sa hindi                     kung ang sahod nila ay hindi lalampas sa KRW4,000,000 kada
nababayarang sahod, maling pagpapasahod, o kaya na-                   buwan. Maaari kayong tumawag sa hotline ng KLAC (☎132).
man ay ang mga naaantalang pagbabayad ng sahod. Sa                    Kung matapos ang kumpirmasyon tungkol sa maling pag-
mga ganitong problema, ano ang nararapat gawin ng mga                 papasweldo (o hindi pagpapasweldo) at ayaw pa ring
manggagawa upang makuha nila ang kanilang sahod?                      makipagkasundo o magbayad ng inyong employer, maaari
Una sa lahat, maaari kayong lumapit sa mga migrant cent-              kayong mag-file ng petisyon (진정고소) sa Labor center. Pi-
ers na nagbibigay na konsultasyon sa wikang Filipino at In-           tong araw matapos mai-file ang nasabing petisyon padadal-
gles. Maaari kayong tulungan ng mga tagapayo sa migrant               han ng notipikasyon ang nasasakdal (i.e., employer) upang
centers sa pagkakalkula ng inyong sweldo, gayundin ang                magpakita sa Labor office para sa hearing. Tatawagan din
pakikipag-usap sa inyong employer upang kumpirmahin at                ng Labor office ang nagsampa ng kaso (i.e., manggagawa
tiyakin ang tungkol sa hindi nababayarang sahod, at iba pa.           / empleyado) upang magpakita sa Labor para sa hearing.
Sa pagkakalkula ng sweldo, mahalagang malaman ninyo ang               Sa pagsasampa ng kaso, iimbestigahan ng mga opisyales
pinakapangunahing impormasyon kaugnay dito. Gaya ng                   ng provincial office ng Labor ang mga detalye tungkol sa
itinakdang minimum wage na nagbabago taon-taon. Para sa               inihaing petisyon. Sa pamamagitan nito, matitiyak nila kung
taong 2012, ang minimum wage ay 4,580won bawat oras. Sa               magkano ang nararapat na matanggap na sweldo ng man-
makatuwid, ang sahod bawat araw base sa 8 oras na pagtatra-           ggagawa. Upang maisagawa ito, makikipag-ugnayan ang
baho ay aabot sa 36,640won. Para sa overtime rate, night              Labor sa inyong employer at saka siya hihikayatin na mag-
differential at iba pa, sumangguni sa talahanayan sa ibaba:           bayad. Kung sakaling nagmamatigas ang inyong employer
                                                                      at ayaw pa rin niyang magbayad, isusulong ang kaso sa
                                                                      public prosecutor’s office. Kung sakaling sa kabila ng lahat
2012 Minimum Wage (January 1~December 31, 2012)                       ng ito at ayaw pa rin magbayad ng employer, maaari kayong
                  (unit:KRW)                                          magfile ng civil suit (민사소송) laban sa inyong employer.

                                                                      Ang nasasakdal na employer na hindi makakapagbayad na
 시급 수당 Hourly rate                  4,580                             tamang sweldo ay sesentensiyahan ng 3 taon na pagkakaku-
 연장 수당 Overtime rate                (4,580*1.5)             6,870     long o kaya naman ay pagbabayarin ng KRW20,000,000.
 야간 수당 Night Differential           (4,580*0.5)             2,290     Sa pagkakataong hindi pa rin makuha ng employer na
 (10pm~6am)                                                           magbayad, maaaring mag-apply ang manggagawa para
                                                                      sa “Guarantee Insurance for Unpaid Wages (보증보험).”
 하루 수당 Daily Rate                   (4,580*8)            36,640       Sa pamamagitan ng nasabing insurance, maaari kayong
 월급 수당 Monthly Wage (above (4,580*209)                    957,220     makatanggap ng hindi hihigit sa KRW2,000,000 bilang
 20 workers 40hrs a week)                                             compensation sa hindi nabayarang sahod (ito rin ay appli-
 월급 수당 Monthly Wage (be-            (4,580*226)          1,035,080    cable sa severance pay (퇴직금)). Subalit, kung hindi kayo
 low 19 workers 44hrs a week)                                         member ng nasabing insurance, wala kayong matatanggap
                                                                      na compensation para dito. Para malaman kung kayo ay
Source: Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers (http://migrantok.   member ng “Guarantee Insurance” pumunta sa website ng
org/english/viewtopic.php?t=562)                                      Seoul Guarantee Insurance (
                                                                      Maaari kayong mag-file ng petisyon sa labor 14 na araw
                                                                      matapos ng resignation day. Kung sakali namang mag-
Kung sa palagay niyo ay hindi sapat ang natatanggap ninyong           eexpire na ang sojourn period ninyo, maaari kayong
sweldo. Lumapit kaagad sa mga migrants’ center upang lin-             mag-apply ng G1 visa upang ma-extend ang sojourn pe-
awin ang tungkol dito bago kayo dumiretso sa Labor offices            riod ninyo para sa pagfa-file ng petisyon. Subalit, hindi na
(고용노동부). Sa paglapit ninyo sa migrants’ center hihingiin              kayo maaaring kumuha ng Special EPS-TOPIK (CBT) kapag
nila sa inyo ang ilang mahahalagang impormasyon upang ma-             nag-extend kayo ng inyong sojourn period kahit ito pa ay
bigyang solusyon ang inyong problema. Kung kaya’t napaka-             para sa pag-aasikaso ng kaso laban sa inyong employer.
halagang alam ninyo ang mga sumusunod na impormasyon:                 Gayunpaman, maaari pa rin kayong magfile ng petisyon sa
1. Personal na impormasyon: pangalan, alien card number, con-         Labor sa pamamagitan ng pagsa-sign ng Special Power of
tact number, oras ng pagtatrabaho (working hours), at iba pa          Attorney (SPA) na nagbibigay karapatan sa inyong kaibigan
2. Mga impormasyon kaugnay ang inyong employer: pan-                  o kakilala na lakarin ang inyong petisyon para sa inyo. Kung
galan ng kumpanya, buong pangalan ng inyong em-                       kaya’t bago kayo bumalik ng Pilipinas, siguraduhin ninyong
ployer (sajangnim), address ng kumpanya at ng employ-                 iiwan sa inyong kaibigan ang kopya ng SPA na inyong pin-
er, contact numbers, bilang ng empleyado sa kumpanya                  irmahan, payslip, bank book, at iba pang mga dokumento.
Bukod pa rito, kinakailangan ding dala-dala ninyo ang in-             Maaari      kayong      tumawag      sa     aming     center,
yong payslip, bank book kung saan inihuhulog ang in-                  ☎1644-0644       para     sa   mga      katanungan     tung-
yong sweldo, time card, at kopya ng inyong labor contract.            kol    sa    mga     usapin    na    tinalakay   sa    itaas.

 6                                                                                  August 2012
      Illegal aliens given grace period to surrender themselves
The Korea Immigration Service (KIS) will offer a grace peri-             those      countries     easily      allow       an      individu-
od from Sept. 17 to Nov. 30 for immigrants with forged pass-             al to change one’s name and even age,” Kim said.
ports or expired visas to report themselves to the authorities.          “From our point of view, however, those passports are illegal,
                                                                         as we require anyone who was forced to leave here in the past
The KIS said Monday that foreign residents who show up vol-              to submit documents that show such changes occurred. And al-
untarily during the 75-day period will be allowed to re-enter            most all of those passport holders fail to follow the regulation.”
the country with legal passports six months after deportation.           Those considered illegal aliens by the KIS will be asked to
                                                                         report to any of its 15 branch offices across the country.
It added that those who fail to report themselves, how-
ever, will be prohibited from visiting the country for 10                Illegal    foreign    residents   who   are    senior    citizens,
years after they are eventually caught and forced out.                   pregnant or unable to travel will have their cas-
                                                                         es      reviewed       when     their    condition     improves.
“We have introduced the policy to reduce the number of illegal im-       Individuals on the wanted list by local or international
migrants and for better control of the foreign population,” said Kim     law enforcement agencies, however, will be deported
Jae-nam, a deputy director of the investigation division at the KIS.     immediately         without     permission       for     re-entry
                                                                         even      if     they     turn   themselves     in    voluntarily.
Among the 1.45 million foreigners as of Aug. 31, the number
of illegal immigrants with expired visas is 174,058. Kim said            The KIS estimates most of the                  illegal immigrants are
it’s actually higher considering that a number of other foreign          Korean-Chinese,  followed     by                Chinese    and     na-
residents who were previously deported snuck back into the               tionals      of      Southeast                    Asian      countries.
country with forged identities, mainly names and dates of birth.
                                                                         Courtesy of Korea Times, by Yi Whan Hoo as dated 09-10-2012
“The thing that makes it difficult is that their passports were issued   Source:
legally     back    in    their      respective     homelands,      as   tion/2012/09/205_119590.html

Basic Korean Info                                                            SHOPPING - 쇼핑
Part 1- In Store                                                               By: JIMMY ALBERT GODOY

            English                                            Hangul                                    Pronunciation
Do you have...?                                ... 있나요?                                         ... innayo?

shirts                                         셔츠                                               syeocheu

pants                                          바지                                               baji

caps                                           모자                                               moja

shoes                                          신발                                               sinbal

 Do you have this in...?                       이거 ...로 있나요?                                     Igeo innayo?

red                                            빨간색으로                                            ppalgansaegeuro

large                                          큰걸로                                              keungeolro

small                                          작은걸로                                             jageungeolro

 I’m looking for...                            전 ...를 원해요.                                      Jeon ....reul wonhaeyo.

something particular                           뭔가 특별한 것                                         mwonga teukbyeolhan geot

something large                                뭔가 큰 것                                           mwonga keun geot

something small                                뭔가 작은 것                                          mwonga jagun geot

7                                                                                               August 2012
8   August 2012

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