Election Reform by alicejenny


									US= World Power
              Progressive Era
     Three Areas of Reform
1.   Easing suffering of urban
2.   Improving dangerous and
     unfair working conditions
3.   Reforming gov. @ all
   People who raked up or exposed filth of society
       Business and political corruption
   W/O them the changes possibly never would
    have come
   Reform movement that arose to address many
    of the social problems industrialization causes
   Writers and journalists first progressive because
    they demanded the public’s attention
                       Upton Sinclair
   The Jungle
     Writes and tells the horrors of the meat packing
     Teddy Roosevelt demands him jailed for writing
      such rubbish
           Roosevelt tours and is appalled demands the passage of
            the Meat Packing Act
                Father of the USDA and FDA
                       Jacob Riis
   Photographer
   Publishes How the Other Half Lives
       Pictures illustrated the horrendous living conditions
        on the lower east side
   Caused people to demand better
    living conditions
                  Ida Tarbell
   Exposed the business dealings of Standard Oil
    of how they illegally crushed competition
              Lincoln Steffens
   Exposed the corruption of city governments in
    his book Shame of the Cities
          Housing Reform- NY
   Light bulbs in public hallways
   Bathrooms for every two families
   NO outhouses

 Better living conditions

 Health improved death rate dropped drastically
                 Work Place Reform
      Working Conditions
   16 hr days                       Prohibit child labor
   40% working class lived          Limit working hours
    in poverty                       Minimum Wage
       1938 first federal wage          $7.25 in July
        Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
   Sweatshop
   Fire escape breaks
   Doors locked
   146 women burn to death

 Galvanizes the Progressive Party’s Mission
 NY adapts toughest fire safety laws.
           Government Reform
   Galveston TX creates commissioner form local
   Income tax over tariffs
   Robert M LaFollette- WI
     Leader in State reform
     Created regulation commissions and overhauled
      election campaigns
                        Election Reform
   Passage of 17th Amendment- 1913
       Direct election of Senators
            Before state legislature appointed Senators
       Believed it would limit power of party bosses
        Election Reform Continued
   Secret ballots adapted by all states
       Prior- parties used colored ballots to see who people
        voted for
   States adapt initiative, referendum, recall votes
     Initiative- voters collect signatures to put proposed
      law on ballot
     Referendum- allowing voters to collect signatures
      to remove a recently passed law
     Recall- enables citizen to remove an elected official
      from office by special election

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