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									                            TIGERS Grant Proposal for a Service Grant

            Rubric for Online Instruction, CSU-wide Implementation

Laura Sederberg (Team Lead)                       Signature
Technology & Learning Program, Manager
Academic Technologies                              ______________________________________________
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-005
530.898.4326 (office)                             Supervisor
530.898.5369 (fax)
lsederberg@csuchico.edu                            ______________________________________________

Gayle Burns, Director                             Signature
Faculty Instructional
Tech. Support Center                               ______________________________________________
California State University, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90032
323.343.5607 (office)                             Supervisor
323.343.6486 (fax)
gburns@calstatela.edu                              ______________________________________________

Joan Van Duzer
Information Technology Consultant                 Signature
College of Professional Studies                   ______________________________________________
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA 95521
707.826.4460 (office)                             Supervisor
707.826.3963 (fax)
jdv1@humboldt.edu                                  ______________________________________________

Judith Norton                                     Signature
Director of Training
Professional Development Center                    ______________________________________________
California Virtual Campus
Torrance, CA 90506
310.660.6165 (office)                             Supervisor
310.660.3875 (fax)
jnorton@cvc.edu                                    ______________________________________________

Susan Kullmann Puz, Director
Instruction & Inf. Tech. Learning                 Signature
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
3801 West Temple Avenue                            ______________________________________________
Pomona, CA 91768
skpuz@csupomona.edu                               Supervisor
909.979.6304 (office)
909.979.6403 (fax)                                 ______________________________________________
Rubric for Online Instruction, CSU-wide Implementation
The overriding objective is for the “Rubric for Online Instruction” to achieve CSU system-wide
implementation across learning management systems (LMS) for evaluating online courses. This
proposal is to take five institutions and pilot test the Rubric for Online Instruction at each using
what works for their faculty technology support structure. Based on the findings of this pilot test
we will recommend a CSU-wide implementation plan. We will share results of each campus and
what worked, or didn’t, and why. The team approach to doing this across five different
institutions will give us a support system to help each other and communicate throughout the

Initial Considerations:
     The Rubric (“the Tool”) is created already by CSU, Chico
     Implementation per campus is key to provide scalability for CSUs
     Pilot-Test on different campuses (with different LMS)
     HL videoconference to share results upon completion

Team Actions:
1. Pull team together to review the Rubric for Online Instruction.
2. Meet to discuss proposal objectives. (Can happen via teleconference call.)
3. Discuss rubric implementation at Chico State, first nominations, and results.
4. Look at different campuses to pilot-test program over the first year with staff, faculty or
   combination teams. Look at the differences between campus implementations? Share
   strategies and plans.
5. How to recognize exemplary online courses CSU-wide to promote evaluating online courses
   per campus, and to promote the RTP process for faculty who move this direction to adopt
   online learning and teaching.
6. Recommend CSU wide recognition of exemplary courses.
7. Write a summary of the pilot-testing including Implementation Guidelines.

We will deliver a CSU system-wide implementation plan to use the Rubric for Online Instruction.
This will take the form of a HL video-presentation sharing our pilot-test results. A written report
with recommendations will be submitted based on the five-campus pilot testing. It is expected
that this report will include roles for team members per campus to play on implementing this on
a new campus. Teams comprised of staff, faculty and administrators may be recommended as
required players for this implementation to successfully roll out. The report will include a
document, “Implementation Guidelines.” Each CSU campus will have access to the Rubric for
Online Instruction, nomination process, evaluation process, and ranking forms.

CSU ATAC focus groups have identified that evaluating online instruction is a key component in
continuing to provide quality higher education. Accessibility of education to remote students is
achievable via distance learning. Distance learning is moving to the Internet arena. Internet-
based courses are being developed but as yet have seen accountable measurements.

The Rubric for Online Instruction has been developed at CSU, Chico with a joint committee of
faculty/staff/administrators. They addressed many issues before coming up with the rubric to
evaluate the quality of online teaching. This is in its first year of practice at Chico State.
Nominated courses are being evaluated and ranked to the rubric’s five categories, and will be
presented at the 2003 CELT Conference in September 2003, in Chico, CA.

It seems appropriate to share this valuable tool with other campuses so they won’t have to re-
invent it. Many colleges and universities across the country are trying this rubric out, too, as it is
mentioned in the following online resources:
      California State University Student Learning Outcomes web site
      Sloan Consortium

The TIGERS team will meet in conference phone calls to discuss variables, timeline,
implementation per campus, and to set up support and feedback. Laura will explain the
implementation of the rubric at Chico State, and the resulting refinements to the rubric and
changes in implementation strategy for Chico’s next semester. Team members will benefit from
this initial pilot-test.

Each team member will identify a key role she can play in implementing the Rubric for Online
Instruction at her institution. It is important to note that different campuses house their academic
technology staff differently. Faculty support is offered in different ways. Various outlines of
strategies for implementation will be shared. Regular monthly phone meetings will be scheduled
to check on progress and give feedback as a group.

Findings will be reported back by early December. Summary report will be written in January

Each member will get a commitment of shared time to work on this project by her supervisor. A
compensation of release time to cover not more than 20 hours of time comes to $3,390.00 for
the whole team. (See spreadsheet attached.)

Conference call phone time cost will consist of one call per month, at $33.00 per call, for seven
calls (June – December) totals $231.00.

Combining these totals = $3621.00 for the project.

Laura Sederberg, this team’s lead, has been involved with the development and design of the
“Rubric for Online Instruction” from CSU, Chico over the past year. She served as the CSU,
Chico chair of the Committee to Evaluate Exemplary Online Courses (CEEOC). She presented
this to the CATS 2003 Conference, and is schedule to present at the 2003 WebCT Annual
Users Conference this summer in San Diego.

Bios of other team members are available if needed.
TIGERS Grant Proposal for Rubric for Online Instruction Implementation

Labor Charge

Name                               Institution             Hours    Total

Sederberg              Laura         Chico            28      20         560

Van Duzer              Joan       Humboldt            31      20         620

Burns                  Gayle          LA              38      20         760

Norton                 Judith        CVC              35      20         700

Kullmann Puz           Susan       Pomona          37.5       20         750

Total                                                               $3,390

Phone Calls              Rate       Number       Total

Teleconference            33           7         $231

                                     Labor       Calls       Grand Total

Grant Proposal Total                $3,390       $231         $3,621

Laura Sederberg

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