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									[company official letter template with logo and address, reference number ]

                                                                             Date: [Date]

To CDM National Bureau (DNA)
Ministry of Nature, Environment, and Tourism
Government Bld #2, UN Street 5/2,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Re: Request for Letter of Approval for the CDM project titled [project title]

Dear Sir or Madam,

As required by CDM Executive Board, I would like to request an official Letter of Approval for
the CDM project [project title] developed by the [name of project participant1] for validation
by DOE. Also we request the DNA to authorize [name of project participant] to participate in
the project named above.

For the approval of the Project, we have enclosed the following documents and agree to
report bi-annually to CDM National Bureau about the status of the current project until it is
registered or cancelled.

    1. Project Design Document (PDD) in most recent and approved format by CDM EB. (2
       in hard copies and an electronic copy)
    2. Document describing the contribution of the proposed project to sustainable
       development of the Mongolia according to the Mongolia DNA Sustainable
       Development Criteria. (2 in hard copies and an electronic format)
    3. Declaration signed by project participant that the project developers are aware of
       conditions when approval letter can be revoked.
    4. [……….list other documents attached to the request]

We also, hereby, assure you that we will not use the Letter of Approval for the purposes
other than during requesting registration at the CDM EB. If you need any clarification and
questions, please feel free to contact with me. I am looking forward hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Full name

[Signed and

Stamped ]

[by legal representative of PP]
 Name of company or organization participating in the CDM project as an Non-Annex 1 party. As stated in
company registration certificate and stated in the PDD

[!!! (Remove before printing) Request should be made by a person who has legal right to represent the
participating company or organization]
This template is for illustration purpose, you can add or change it provided that all the necessary facts
are included.

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