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					Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                       Issue 15: 29 August 2008

MRC Open Market Implementation                                    Possibility of a statement to be included
                                                                   within Security Details regarding the
Guide v1.2                                                         European      Federation   of     Insurance
                                                                   Intermediaries (BIPAR) high level principles
The new MRC Open Market Implementation Guide is                    for placement of a risk with multiple
now available on the Market Reform Website                         insurers.
( as at 19th August 2008
or here. The amendments made reflect feedback                     Guidance for Fiscal and Regulatory section
from the market since its original delivery in June                significantly enhanced
2007 and to provide further clarifications where
queries were raised.                                              The FSA Client Classification code list is
                                                                   under review (in line with current FSA
As a reminder, the changes implemented are:                        publications).

      New document style adopted                          Future Developments

      Content has been edited to aid clarity              In keeping with the topic of MRC, the new MRCE
                                                           implementation guide for binders and lineslips is due
      MRC example updated                                 to be released to the market 1 September 2008.

      Inconsistencies between Usage of Headings           This new guide will be published via the September
       (Section 6) & Data Dictionary resolved.             bulletin (26 September 2008) but in advance of the
                                                           next issue, it will be made available on the Business
                                                           Operations intranet page; so keep your eyes peeled.
      New version (1.2) of Data Dictionary
       published containing enhanced guidance
       regarding the completion of EXPRESS
                                                           MRC Lineslip Declarations

      Guidance added regarding references to              We advised last month of the pending delivery of
       external wordings (e.g. expiring wordings)          the implementation guide for the ‘slimmed down’
       within CONDITIONS                                   MRC for Lineslip Declarations. This has now been
                                                           released on the MRO website and can be accessed
      Clarification of how US Surplus Lines notices
       should be reflected within Risk Details.
                                                           MRC Lineslip Declarations is a new, optional, format
                                                           which can be used for declarations where a
      Guidance   regarding  contract   change             significant proportion of the headings within the full
       documentation   added within   INSURER              MRC (Open Market) standard are not required in
       CONTRACT DOCUMENTATION                              each individual placing submission. The format is
                                                           most likely to be of value for declarations placed

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                          Issue 15: 29 August 2008

100% to a single Lineslip arrangement. It does not           in May). Although this is short of the interpolated
apply where the declaration also includes open-              monthly target of approx 1,800, the commitment
market lines, or for declarations off a binding              from the broking community over the last couple of
authority arrangement.                                       months is encouraging.

However, the MRO would like to confirm that the              In relation to insurers, it is hoped that from the
following matters are the subject of separate                3,000 broker eMRCE submissions, this will generate
ongoing     discussions   between the    Market              4,500 insurer responses. Unfortunately, insurer
Associations and with Lloyd's:                               stats have not been made available so we are
                                                             unable to comment on progress from this
       Whether the adoption of the European                 perspective.
        Federation of Insurance Intermediaries
        (BIPAR) high-level principles, relating to the
                                                             Future Developments
        placement of risks with multiple insurers,
        should be reflected within market guidance
        and practice.                                        The next set of targets for 2008 is as follows:
                                                             December data (reported in January 2009)
       Whether a new Several Liability clause                      8,000 broker submissions (equivalent to
        should be developed, and used, for Lineslip                  approx. 100,000 per annum)
                                                                    12,000 insurer responses

       Development        of  Model   Subscription
        Agreement content to cater for the needs of          Electronic Policies
        all sectors of the market.
                                                             Market Progress

We will provide details of the conclusions of these
                                                             2008 target is for 80% of bureau policies to be
discussions via this bulletin in the coming months.
                                                             signed electronically. To date the following stats
                                                             have been made available to monitor the progress
                                                             to the stated target: 2259 bureau policies signed in
Electronic Endorsements                                      June, of which, 691 policies were signed
Market Progress                                              electronically equating to 31%. This demonstrates a
                                                             reduction in the month previous where the
                                                             percentage signed electronically equalled 33%.
Due to the endorsement of eMRCE market targets
by the Market Reform Group (MRG) it is hoped that
3,000 broker submissions will be made to Carriers            Future Developments
during the month of September.
                                                             It is intended that an implementation plan will be
Progress to date would suggest that this is                  created to ensure yearend target is met.
achievable with approx 1,250 eMRCE’s being
processed in the market during June (up from 902

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                        Issue 15: 29 August 2008

IMR Agreement                                              Subsequent to the AON Watertrace Report on
                                                           market experience of using Ri3K, AON are taking
                                                           positive action to mend the markets views.
As many of you will be aware, the consolidated IMR
agreement between IUA/LMA/LMBC and Xchanging
Ins-Sure Services was delivered to the market at           Future Developments
the end of July 2008. The agreement sought to
provide a definitive contract between the market           The eagerly awaited Multi-Section guide from
associations (and its members) and Xchanging for           ACORD to allow the electronic placement of multi
the use and development of the Insurers Market             section risks is due to be released in the near future.
Repository (IMR) and replace the archaic schedule 5
of the LPSO agreement signed by the market
                                                           The existing LMA data set for ACORD messaging is
participants in 2005.
                                                           due to be enhanced early next year to aid the level
                                                           of information transportable via e-placing and
Not required to be signed until 19 September 2008,         further reduce the level of manual data entry.
QBE (both QIE and QUL) have demonstrated their
support of this initiative and have become an early
adopter of the agreement (enforceable from 1
October 2008).
                                                           Lloyd’s Exchange
                                                           The review of the vendor responses for the Lloyd’s
E-Placing                                                  Exchange has now been completed. QBE were
                                                           fortunate enough to be involved in the review
Market Progress                                            process to ensure that the solutions proposed are fit
                                                           for purpose and in keeping with the QBE strategy.
The number of organisations engaged in either              Involved from QBE were Dean Bin-Matt, David
investigating or implementing ACORD Direct                 Heard, Joe Dainty and Adrian Dabell.
Messaging has again remained static with 10
Brokers (4 actively using ACORD messaging), 31             The next stage will involve drawing together the
Managing Agents (9 actively using ACORD                    conclusions made by each of the review panel
messaging) and 10 Company Carriers.                        members (made up of Market Participants and
                                                           Lloyd’s) to identify a short list of 2 providers. From
Benfield continue to lead the way on this initiative       here, further presentations will be made and site
by ramping up two way messaging with Brit, Catlin          visits undertaken to appoint the preferred vendor to
and Kiln.                                                  develop and implement a pilot which will be rated
                                                           against a defined success criterion before a decision
                                                           is made to implement into the live environment.
QBE remain active in this area and will soon be
reviewing potential gateway providers to enable
benefit for Underwriters when transacting via              As this project develops we will provide further
electronic processes e.g. RI3K.                            information via this bulletin.

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                        Issue 15: 29 August 2008

As background, the Lloyd’s Exchange is being                ECF Update
developed to allow Managing Agents, Brokers and
existing set ups ( e.g. Ri3K) to connect to a central       Market Progress
messaging hub to enable routing of an agreed
version of ACORD messages                                   ECF transactions of in-scope claims remain above
                                                            90% of total in-scope claim volumes, with over
                                                            10,000 ECF transactions per month now being
A&S Update                                                  processed electronically through Xchanging.
Market Progress
                                                            In terms of brokers utilising this technology, 98% of
                                                            brokers by volume are able and actively using ECF.
The proportion of submissions sent via the IMR by           Those brokers that have not yet commenced are
the broking community for the settlement of                 affected by the ‘Access Control List’ issue which is
premium has increased steadily since its emergence.         currently being reviewed by Xchanging.
For the week ending 11 July, 2008, 91% of Original
Premium was processed via the IMR and 73% of APs
and RPs.                                                    Within the Company market, 29% of Company
                                                            claims were transacted via ECF in June 2008. A
                                                            target to assist ramp up is currently being
Named   OP    data   is       now    available    via       considered by the MRG.

                                                            Future Developments
Future Developments
                                                            Functionality is being designed to resolve the Access
Heads of Associations (IUA/LMA) will soon be                Control List issue which will be funded by the MRG.
approaching companies not yet submitting 90%+
OPs to understand the issues and to urge greater
take up.                                                    To further promote ECF, a new group ‘ECF Best
                                                            Practice Group’ has been created to develop and
                                                            communicate solutions to issues raised by the
Further focus to be made on ramping up the                  market.
percentage      of market APs/RPs processed
                                                            As mentioned within this bulletin, the IMR
                                                            Agreement is now available in the market for review
Finally, Release 5 is now scheduled for release on 17       and signing. The associations will continue to urge
November 2008.                                              companies operating in the London Market with the
                                                            intention of processing claims (and Accounting and
                                                            Settlement) electronically, to sign this agreement
                                                            by, 19 September 2008. The contract becomes
                                                            effective as of, 1 October 2008.

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                      Issue 15: 29 August 2008

The legacy ECF claims pilot continues. Approx 190               IUA – 25% (as of May)
files have been included to ensure thorough testing
of scenarios. It is also proposed that the first          Internally within QBE, the reduction activity has
Binders will be pushed through the pilot to assess        slowed but still continues irrespective of whether we
process.                                                  have achieved target or not. Broken down by
                                                          Company and Lloyd’s we can reveal that residual
The London Market Review Board (LMRB) is                  volumes that are to be addressed are:
considering the possibility of establishing a
measurement regime prior to setting ECF service           Company legacy reduction:      989 (6% of original
targets. However, LMRB are at present hesitant due        volume)
to the concerns around stating operational target
considering potential bad faith issues in the US.
                                                          Lloyd’s legacy reduction:      1,962      (9%      of
                                                          original volume)
                                                          Combined legacy reduction:     2,951      (8%      of
Market Progress                                           original volume)

Delinking May stats, subject to seasonality:              The graph below illustrates QBE’s legacy position as
                                                          at end Aug 2008.
      Lloyd’s – 65% (up 14% on May 2007)

      IUA – 74% (up 16% on May 2007)

Future Developments

As reported last month, Market Reform is working
with Xchanging to produce comparative data on
broker delinking performance (equivalent of IMR
adoption data by firm). We will advise via this
bulletin when this information is available.

Legacy Policies
The market continues to work towards the defined
yearend target reduction of 20% of July 2006
volumes. Current stats as reported to the MRG in          The E-Accounting forum continues to meet on a
July are:                                                 monthly basis to exchange ideas and encourage
      Lloyd’s – 14% (as of June)

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                          Issue 15: 29 August 2008

One of their aims is to gain commitment from                  approximately A$1.03bn for the businesses          –
Xchanging to make changes necessary to automate               equivalent to their net tangible assets.
acceptance of ELPAN2 as soon as possible.
                                                              PMI Australia accounts for around 40% of the
                                                              residential mortgage insurance market in Australia
QBE Wins Mine Fight                                           and is projecting gross written premiums for this
                                                              year of A$200m, including A$5m from New Zealand,
                                                              while PMI Asia has gross written premiums of
Insurance Day, 22 August 2008, reports that QBE
                                                              approximately A$12m in Hong Kong.
won its courtroom battle against a Tasmanian gold
mine, which was pursuing an A$45.5 (US$39.8m)
business interruption claim following a fatal rock fall       QBE will pay 80% of the acquisition cost in cash,
over two years ago.                                           with A$522m of existing excess capital and
                                                              borrowings of around A$300m. The balance will
                                                              consist of a promissory note payable in 3 years.
Beaconsfield mine have been pursuing the claim
after a rock fall caused by seismic activity in April
2006 took the life of one miner and caused 2 miners           Frank O’Halloran was quoted as          saying; “the
to be trapped 925 metres underground for 2 weeks.             acquisition reflects the group’s         strategy of
                                                              diversification”, and further claimed   the deal was
                                                              structured to allow QBE to exceed        its minimum
Following the closure of the mine for 6 months to
                                                              profit requirements.
allow investigations, and two years deliberation on a
policy clause, Victoria’s Court of Appeal ruled in
favour of QBE and stated that the policy did not              As a consequence of this announcement, rating
apply to losses through the closure of the mine by            agency Moody’s affirmed its A3 issuer rating of QBE
civil authorities unless the closure was due to               Insurance Group Limited.
physical damages.

Although the mine owners argued the closure was               QBE Affirmed at A+
due to physical damages i.e. the rock falls; QBE
denied this, a claim three judges agreed with.                Rating Agency, Fitch, has affirmed QBE Insurance
                                                              Group Ltd and its main operating subsidiaries
                                                              insurer financial strength rating of A+. This is in
More Acquisition Plans for QBE                                reflection of QBE’s strong operating performance, its
                                                              good level of product and geographical diversity and
                                                              robust enterprise risk management.
Reported in Insurance Day, 15 August 2008, QBE is
to buy the Australian and New Zealand operations of
US-based PMI Mortgage Insurance and intends to
acquire its Asian business as part of the deal.               QBE Record Profit for First Half
The two units produced operating profit of A$109m             QBE has reported record insurance profit for first
($95.6m) last year. QBE expects to pay                        half of 2008 despite the troubled capital markets, a

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                        Issue 15: 29 August 2008

raft of catastrophes and below-target net earned            consultation period on the reforms that closed on 30
premium.                                                    May 2008. As part of that consultation, an
                                                            Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the
In the first 6 months of 2008, QBE achieved an 8%           members of Lloyd’s was held at which the members
increase in insurance profit (A$1.12bn from                 overwhelmingly voted to support the reforms.
A$1.05bn) and an increase in profit after tax by 7%
to A$920m from A$860m.                                      Following its consultation process, the Government
                                                            is proposing that all of the proposals in the LRO
The good news was somewhat counteracted by the              should be made.
weaker equity markets which resulted in net realised
and unrealised capital losses after tax from equities       One of the main areas of reform is allowing Lloyd’s
of A$61m. This is a vast difference from the capital        Underwriters to accept business from non-Lloyd’s
gains of A$61m this time last year.                         Brokers, which demonstrates a major step change
                                                            to encourage more business within the Lloyd’s
To read the full article, see Insurance Day, 22             market.
August 2008.
                                                            To read the full reform document, please click here.

Breaking News – AON Buys Benfield
                                                            Lloyd’s rating A+
Aon Corporation and Benfield Group Limited
announced, 22 August 2008, that the boards of               After strong results in 2007 for Lloyd’s, rating
directors of both companies have unanimously                agency Fitch has affirmed its insurer financial
approved a definitive agreement under which Aon             strength rating (IFS) of A+. The same rating was
will acquire Benfield for 3.50 pounds Sterling              also given to Lloyd’s Reinsurance Company (China)
($6.55) per share in cash and assume 91 million
pounds ($170 million) of Benfield net debt,
                                                            Fitch stated that the rating was appointed due to
representing an enterprise value of approximately
                                                            record profitability of £3.85bn with strong
935 million pounds ($1.75 billion) on a fully diluted
                                                            investment income and a low combined ratio of
basis. The consideration represents a 29 percent
premium to Benfield's closing stock price on August
21, 2008, the last trading day prior to the
announcement of the agreement.                              For further information, AM Best have affirmed their
                                                            A rating and S&P, their A+ rating.

Reform of the Lloyd’s Act 1982
                                                            New Lloyd’s Appointment - Ireland
On 17 July 2008, HM Treasury presented its draft
Legislative Reform Order (LRO) to amend Lloyd’s Act         Lloyd’s has announced the appointment of Eamonn
1982 and an accompanying explanatory document               Egan, its first country manager for London. Eamonn
to Parliament. This follows the Governments                 will be replacing current legal representative Ray

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                         Issue 15: 29 August 2008

McGovern and has been charged with raising Lloyd’s           To read the full article, see Insurance Day, 13
profile in the country while establishing a new office       August 2008.
in Dublin (scheduled to open later this year).

                                                             Hardening Trade Credit Sector
Run-Off Abroad
                                                             Conditions in the trade credit insurance sector are
Directives aimed at solving high levels of                   hardening with continuing turmoil in the US
competition and a lack of new business in the run-           economy now prompting a surge in claims for
off sector may not be a panacea for London’s                 international risk carriers.
ailments Insurance Day, 11 August 2008, reports.
                                                             In the UK, the high-profile difficulties of some large
With a number of new entrants in this field in recent        US institutions are leading to an increase in take-up
years, competition has not kept pace and has                 of credit insurance policies among exporters that
resulted in a lack of new business.                          would not have bought cover in the past.

To stay afloat, London based firms may need to               To read the full article, see Insurance Day, 15
rethink their approach and set up local offices on the       August 2008.
continent where there is more activity, such as
Germany or France.
                                                             Benign Claims data                   warning        -
To read the full article, please see Insurance Day,
11 August 2008.
                                                             UK Insurers have been warned over the degree to
Aviation Set to Stay Flat                                    which they rely on benign underlying claims data,
                                                             reports Insurance Day.

The continuing flat market conditions within the
                                                             A new report on the property/casualty market from
Aviation sector would suggest that there is not much
                                                             analysts at Citigroup Global Markets warns that
to celebrate this side of Christmas.
                                                             reserve releases which have been bolstering many
                                                             of the sectors insurers are not sustainable.
According to AONs most recent sector survey, July
2008 has continued the virtually flat lead hull and
                                                             To read the full article, see Insurance Day, 5 August
liability growth seen the month previous.

It is AON’s view that the flat market conditions will
continue until the year end unless a major incident
changes market sentiment significantly.

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                          Issue 15: 29 August 2008

Tax Needn’t be Taxing...                                     tighten, they will look for other sources of income –
                                                             putting in a claim is seen as one of them.”

...Or so we are led to believe, however, for Brit, the
                                                             To read the full article, see Insurance Day, 21
issue of corporation tax in the UK has begun to take
                                                             August 2008.
its toll.

Written in Insurance Day, 19 August 2008, Brit has
laid the foundations for a move out of the UK by
                                                             Cut Costs to Stay Ahead
appointing Ernst & Young to advise on possible
relocations such as Bermuda, Ireland, Switzerland            Expertise, capacity and ability within the London
or the Cayman Islands where tax is more                      market comes at a significant cost and as a
favourable.                                                  consequence has dented London’s competitive edge.
                                                             As such, brokers and underwriters have been
The driver behind this supposed move is the lack of          seeking ways to reduce the frictional costs of
certainty around their tax position.                         transacting within Lime Street and its environs,
                                                             reports Insurance Day, 20 August 2008.

Dane Douetil, Brit’s Chief Executive joined Chaucer’s
CEO, Ewen Gilmour, in May 2007 in calling on the             The growing use of binding authority and line slip
Government to reform UK corporation tax to                   business is seen as one way to drive high-volume,
improve the competitive position of UK businesses.           low-cost premium through the market at a level at
                                                             which it is economic to do so.

Dane declined to confirm these rumours to the
Insurance Times, 21 August 2008.                             To read the full article, see Insurance Day, 20
                                                             August 2008.

Credit Crunch Claims Fears
                                                             IUA – RiskToday
With the British Chambers of Commerce warning
that 300,000 workers will lose their jobs by 2011,           The latest (August 2008) release of the IUA’s
Employer Liability insurers are fearful that the             RiskToday monthly publication is now available.
subsequent impact will be increased claims against
former employers.                                            Please click here to access the latest articles:
                                                                    IUA defends EU block exemption –
Speaking to the Insurance Day, Steve Adcock, QBE’s                   regulation improves efficiency and reduces
Casualty Underwriter, commented that, “We’ve seen                    legal costs
it in the past when, due to an increase in                          Premium payment improvements agreed
redundancies, claims increase”, “the loyalty to the
                                                                    Early adopters sign up for new repository
company is no longer there and if people are out of
                                                                     contract ahead of schedule
work longer than expected and the purse strings
                                                                    Progress on collateral reform plan

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                             Issue 15: 29 August 2008

       eMRCE on the up                                        This months’      edition    will   also     capture
       New motor questionnaire                                communications distributed at the end of July.
       IUA Chief Executive blog hits 30+ entries
       15 years of chopsticks                                 Lloyd’s
       Fire scheme to be updated
       CEO joins IUA Board                                    Canadian Regulatory Reporting

                                                                    To set out the detailed timetable and procedures
Market Reform Presentations                                          for the submission of the Quarter 2 2008
Market Reform Forum (June/July 2008)                                 Canadian Reporting packs to the Canadian
                                                                     Regulators (OSFI)

The August 4th Market Reform Forum presentations               US Classifications on Market Reform Contracts
recapped on the progress of all market initiative
during the month of July (presented by Chris Croft
                                                                    To remind the market of the US Classifications
of the MRO) as well as presentations to advise on
                                                                     that it is permissible to use on Market Reform
the Lloyd’s Exchange progress (presented by Sharmi
                                                                     Contracts, and to note a recommendation that
Biswas, Lloyd’s Project Manager) and the IMR
                                                                     brokers provide a further breakdown in respect
Security Model (presented by Pat Talbot, IUA).
                                                                     of “Non-regulated” risks

To access the presentations, please click below:
                                                               Enforcement Procedures – James Corrigan-Stuart /
                                                               Andrew Willoughby
       Market Reform Round Up (July)
                                                                    To   provide   information  relating  to the
       Lloyd’s Exchange                                             Enforcement Proceedings relating to Mr James
                                                                     Corrigan-Stuart and Mr Andrew Willoughby
       IMR Security Model
                                                               Canadian DCAT Data Request

Other       Market         Bulletins       (August                  To inform agents of additional data required by
                                                                     Lloyd’s in order to comply with Canadian
2008)                                                                regulatory reporting requirements

This section provides you with Lloyd’s, IUA and LMA            IUA
communications sent to the market during the
present month. To ease access, the communications
are split by supplier with a brief summary for you to          Registration for IUMI 2008 Vancouver
assess relevance. Please click on the bulletin title to
be taken to the full communication/article.

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                          Issue 15: 29 August 2008

   Provides  details of the forthcoming IUMI                   Advises of Xchanging’s intentions to review the
    conference being held in Vancouver, Canada,                  current Lloyd’s UPR in light of market changes
    14 – 17 September 2008                                       and to offer new reports to aid understanding of
                                                                 Policy signing requests by organisation

Announcement of target usage for Electronic Claims
   Files by the London Company Market                        EL Code of Practice – ABI/BIBA Protocol

   Provides information in relation to the ECF                 In response to Government and claimant
    activity of the Company Market Carriers                      pressure    to    improve     EL     policy-tracing
                                                                 performance, the ABI/BIBA have developed a
                                                                 draft Protocol for insurers/intermediaries that
   Company Market performance to date                           sets out the required steps to ensure EL policies
                                                                 can be successfully traced in the future
Opening the Brazilian reinsurance market: what
does it mean for London?
                                                             Non-Marine Model Broker Binding Authority Wording
   An update on the current situation in Brazil
    following the opening up of the reinsurance                 Advises of the produced Model Binding Authority
    market and the opportunities for firms in London             Agreement for Lloyd’s Brokers when acting as a
                                                                 coverholder by LMA’s Delegated Underwriting
Fraudulent Claims

   Please see attached for your information the
                                                                LMA3024 Non-Marine       Model    Broker   Binding
                                                                 Authority Agreement
    latest clause published by AICG, on fraudulent
    claims. It will also shortly be made available on
    the AICG website (                          Guidance notes


eMRCE Implementation

   Advising of agreement of the Market Reform
    Group (MRG) to introduce modest targets for
    eMRCE adoption through to September and the
    broker engagement which will result in a
    significant upturn in the deployment of eMRCEs

Xchanging Reports on Policy Signing

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                                         Issue 15: 29 August 2008


                                                             4th Sept – Opening the Brazilian reinsurance
                                                             market: what does it mean for London? 12 noon,
                                                             IUA Meeting Room, IUA Offices, LG, London
                                                             Underwriting Centre, 3 Minster Court, Mincing Lane,

                                                             15th Sept – Costs and the Civil Process Reforms
                                                             (presented by Nicholas Bevan of Bond Pearce), 12
                                                             noon, St Olave’s Room, Balls Brothers, Minster

                                                             16th Sept – Lost in Translation: An introduction to
                                                             European Law and Assessing Risk (presented by
Dates for the Diary (September                               Shane Sayers of Kennedys), 12 noon, St Giles
                                                             Room, Balls Brothers, Minster Pavement.
                                                             24th Sept – Fraudulent Re/Insurance Claims: the
LMA                                                          Present Position Under English Law (presented by
                                                             Ling Ong of Weightmans), 12 noon, St Olave’s
12th Sept - LMA Events Group Annual Black Tie                Room, Balls Brothers, Minster Pavement.
Dinner          –           please        contact for further details or
visit the                                  24th Sept – IT Strategies in the Insurance Industry
                                                             (presented by Catherine Stagg-Macey of Celent), 12
                                                             noon, St Margaret’s Room, Balls Brothers, Minster
16th Sept - Presentation of ISO products available to        Pavement.
Lloyd’s Managing Agents - between 9.00am and
1.00pm in Rooms 2 and 3 Gallery 11, Lloyd's. Please
contact Jason Turnstill        For more information relating to the IUA events,
for further information                                      please contact Deborah Finch on +44(0)20 7617
                                                             4451, email
22nd Sept - Lloyd's Marine Under 35s Educational
visit to Istanbul 22-26 September, organized by the
Marine U35's Committee. Visit              Contacts
for further information
                                                             Please refer your queries to the Business Operations

Insurance Market Services Bulletin                           Issue 15: 29 August 2008

     Contact                        Extension

     Dean Bin-Matt                  4732

     Joe Dainty                     4063

     Kerry O’Donnell                4727

     Kimberley Payne                5157

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