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Breaking Size Prejudice Video & Educator’s Guide                      $30      ____            ______
23-minute educational video to promote body-size acceptance
21-page educator’s guide describes additional activities & projects
to promote body-size acceptance.
Target audience: 11 to 17 year-olds

Videos of Larry Kirkwood’s Work
Artist and culture critic Larry Kirkwood makes body casts of men and women to encourage viewers to
appreciate all human bodies in terms of artistic shapes and forms instead of comparison to unreal images
projected by the media. Two videos have been developed from the artist’s exhibit, lecture, and interview at
the University of Wyoming in February 2002.
   Search for the Real*                                              $20       ____           ______
    12-minute video and lesson
    Target audience: Adults

   Glimpses (of Kirkwood’s Body Image Project) $30                             _____          _______
    47- minute video and discussion questions
    Target audience: Educators and health professionals

WIN Kids
    Educational lessons*                                              $25       ____           ______
Set of 12 interactive lessons that address the importance of
enjoyable physical activity, healthful and pleasurable eating and
body-size acceptance. Suitable for classroom and non-classroom
settings. Lessons include educator’s lesson plan, handouts,
take-home activities and ideas for community projects.
Target audience: 5th and 6th graders or 10 to 13 year-olds.
If you have computer access, lessons are available on-line at

    WIN Jeopardy CD*                                                  $20       _____           _______
Slide show/interactive game to help 5th and 6th grade youth
learn how to enjoy physical activity, enjoy pleasurable and
healthful eating, respect body-size differences, and enjoy the
benefits of self-acceptance. Topics and specific answers and
questions are related to WIN Kids lessons for 5th and 6th graders.
Can serve as an introduction or a review for these lessons.
Designed to reinforce WIN Kids lessons, but can be used on its own.
    WIN Kids Educational Videos & Lessons
Each video is approximately 10 minutes. Accompanying lesson is included on a CD.

   As If*                                                           $20        ____           ______
    Uncovers some of the myths of body-image
    messages and their unrealistic images of perfection.

   Portion Investigators*                                           $20        _____          _______
    Illustrates how super-sized portions can contribute to
    overeating. Designed to help students recognize normal versus
    outrageous portion sizes and to discover ways to order, select and/or
    serve appropriate portions in response to hunger cues.

                                                                     Total Amount Due           _______

*Developed by WIN the Rockies

      Please make checks payable to University of Wyoming Family and Consumer Sciences.


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Email_________________________ Daytime telephone ___________________

Send to:                                                   For more information contact Carol at:
Carol Crowder                                              307-766-4170
UW Cooperative Extension Service                           or email
University of Wyoming
PO Box 3354
Laramie, WY 82071

May 2003

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