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					                    Landmine Monitor Report 2006: Toward a Mine-Free World

                          INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES
A variety of key actors in Landmine Monitor and the International Campaign to Ban
Landmines are available for in-person and telephone interviews. They are all well-versed in
Landmine Monitor Report 2006 findings, have interesting personal stories, perspectives and
in-depth knowledge of the landmine issue. These individuals can provide interviews on the
global landmine situation and specific countries.

Interviews can be arranged in the following languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,
German, Italian, Nepali, and Spanish.

To request an interview email or contact Jackie Hansen in Geneva, Switzerland
(GMT+1) at mobile +41-76-220-8687 or +1-613-851-5436.

Geneva (GMT+1)
Mr. Ian Doucet
Doucet has been involved with the landmine issue since 1992, and previous held editorial
positions in the fields of public health and medicine. He is the Final Editor of the Landmine
Monitor report. Language: English.

Mr. Stephen Goose
Serving as the Editor-in-chief of the Landmine Monitor report from 1999-2004 and the
Executive Director of the Arms division at Human Rights Watch, Goose is the official Head of
the ICBL delegation. Goose also sits on the Editorial Board of the Landmine Monitor.
Language: English.

Ms. Jackie Hansen
Hansen served on ICBL staff until early 2005 when she joined Mines Action Canada as the
Landmine Monitor Project Manager. Languages: English, Spanish.

Ms. Katleen Maes
Maes works with Handicap International and coordinates Landmine Monitor’s research on
victim assistance. Languages: English, French, German, Dutch.

Ms. Purna Shova Chitrakar
Chitrakar has coordinated NGO efforts to ban mines in Nepal since 1995. She is the
Landmine Monitor country researcher for Nepal and her advocacy work has most recently
been focused on ensuring non-use of landmines in peace agreements between the
government of Nepal and armed opposition groups. Languages: English, Nepali.

Ms. Habbouba Aoun
Aoun coordinates the Landmines Resource Centre in Beirut, Lebanon and is a mine risk
education field practitioner. She is the Landmine Monitor researcher for Lebanon.
Languages: English, French, Arabic.

Ms. Simona Beltrami
Beltrami joined the ICBL as Advocacy Director in 2006. She was previously Coordinator of
the Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines. Languages: English, Italian, Spanish.

Bangkok (GMT+7)

                    Landmine Monitor Report 2006: Toward a Mine-Free World

Mr. Stuart Maslen
Maslen works with Norwegian People’s Aid and coordinates Landmine Monitor’s research on
mine action. He also sits on the Editorial Board of the Landmine Monitor. Languages:
English, French.

Ms. Sylvie Brigot
ICBL’s Executive Director, Brigot has worked on the landmine issue since 1994 and is based
in Paris. Languages: English, French.

Brussels (GMT+1)
Mr. Stan Brabant
Brabant serves as Head of the Mine Policy Unit for Handicap International Belgium and also
acts as the Co-Chair for the ICBL sub-Working Group on Mine Risk Education. Brabant also
sits on the Editorial Board of the Landmine Monitor. Languages: English, French, Dutch.

Ottawa (GMT-5)
Mr. Paul Hannon
Hannon is the Executive Director of Mines Action Canada, a coalition representing the
Canadian arm of the ICBL. MAC is the lead agency responsible for coordination of Landmine
Monitor. Hannon also sits on the Editorial Board of the Landmine Monitor. Language:

Washington (GMT-5)
Ms. Jody Williams
Founding Coordinator of the ICBL and now ICBL Ambassador, Williams was awarded the
Nobel Peace Prize with the ICBL in 1997. She is one of only twelve women to have received
the prize and only the third woman in the United States. Languages: English, Spanish.


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