Professional Development Proposal by HC12100109559


									                              Grant Wood Area Education Agency
                 Professional Development Proposal
                                                         (No Credit)

 _________________________________                                                            Workshop Information

 Title
 Description
  (50 words or less)

 Objectives

 Skill Level                          Awareness                                 Knowledge/Skill Building
   (Please check)                     Application                               Advanced

 Format                               Lecture                                   Interactive
   (Please check)                     Lecture/Discussion                        Hands-On
                                       Discussion                                Small Group

 Target Audience                      Pre K                  Elementary                    Middle                    High
   (Please check grade
         level(s) and                  Audiologists                    Speech/Lang. Path.                    Counselors
       classification(s))             Consultants                     Social Workers                        Nurses
                                       Interpreters                    Secretaries                           Paraeducators
                                       OT/PT                           Parents                               Spec. Ed. Teachers
                                       Psychologists                   Administrators                        Teachers
                                       Early Childhood                 Reading Support                       Media Specialists

 Teaching                   This workshop addresses the following teaching standards
  Standards                           . . . academic performance and support for implementation of the school district’s student
   (Please check)                    achievement goals.
                                      . . . content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position.
                                      . . . planning and preparing for instruction.
                                      . . . instruction that meet the multiple learning needs of students.
                                      . . . methods to monitor students learning.
                                      . . . classroom management.
                                      . . . professional growth.
                                      . . . professional responsibilities established by the school district.

 Handouts                             I will provide a camera ready copy for Grant Wood AEA to duplicate.
   (Please check)                     I will bring copies.

 _________________________________                                                                  Room & Equipment
 Equipment                                 LCD Projector windows compatible*                  Easels/Paper #
  needs                                     LCD Projector mac compatible*                      Overhead
      (Please check)
                                            Wireless Microphone #                              Portable Boom Box
                                            VCR/DVD                                            other
                                  *Client supplies computer

 Room set-up                               Classroom                              U-Shape
  preference                                Theater                                Square
      (Please check)
                                            Rounds                                 Other (please include a diagram)

 _________________________________                                                                   Speaker Information
 Presenter

 Title/Position

 Phone Number

 fax number

 e-mail address

 Biographical
   (Attach vita)

 Please list
  published materials

 Permission to                I __________________________________             give my permission to Grant Wood AEA to video tape my
  video tape                   presentation for educational purposes only.

 _________________________________                                                                         Return this form
 Return to                    Sherry Sines, Professional Development Coordinator
                              Grant Wood Area Education Agency
                               4401 6th Street SW
                               Cedar Rapids Iowa 52404

                               Phone (work) (319)399-6517
                                     (work) 800-798-9771 ext. 6517
                                     (fax) (319) 399-6457

                               e-mail address:

workshop proposal: rev. 3/10

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