Getting to know You� by GJ3Au1


									First Teacher/HRP Meeting Topics
Teacher/HRP introductions
Teacher/Aide Birthdays
Teacher philosophy regarding parental support
Best ways for room moms to support teacher
Communication (best way to communicate with teacher, the class, pooling information with
monthly upcoming events, etc.)

Classroom Activities
Parent Volunteers in Classroom (philosophy, need, scheduling, substitutes)
Material Preparation needs or desires
Wish List items (running list, post its by the door, etc)
Animal/Garden Care
Classroom Parties Dates and Ideas (incorporating green theme, allergy concerns and
wellness policies) Here are some examples….

        Halloween                                           100 Day
        Thanksgiving                                        Valentine’s
        Holiday                                             End of Year Picnic
        Chinese New Year                                    Last Day Party

Non-classroom Activities
Field Trip Assistance (planning, funding, drivers, day-of set ups, etc)
Care for Animals during vacations
Parent volunteers for Science, lice check, hot lunch etc.

Community Building Activities
Unofficial events – Mom’s night, class picnic etc.
Classroom yearbook
Mother’s/Father’s Day presents

Philosophy (upfront, as needed, quarterly, etc)
Range ($20-$50-$75)
Budget items (Wish List items, Class Store items, Staff Appreciation, Class Yearbook,
Teacher End of Year Gift, Aide and Non-Classroom Staff Gift, field trips? Bake sales? Class
store? Gingerbread house kits? Pumpkins? Subsidizing special field trips? Magazine
subscriptions?) Auction Project, Business Sponsor thank you gifts (With FOF direction)

Back To School Night
(IMPORTANT – Teachers only have 40 minutes to talk and we are asking for 5 minutes of
time for HRP introductions and brief discussion with parents. Please be respectful of time!!)
        Sign up for class roster/contact list
        Highlight key dates (class pics, parties etc)
        Fundraising Request
        Driver’s forms for field trips
Follow up letter in backpack mail
Getting to Know You Questionnaire…
Teacher Name: ________________________________________ Grade level: ________

Birthday: ____________________________________________

Teacher’s Aide: _________________________________ Days: _______ Hrs: ______

TA’s Birthday: ___________________________________

Favorite Foods, Desserts, & Drinks (and any allergies, please): ______________________

Preferred Mode of communication: ___________________________________________

Hobbies, Interests, Favorite Restaurants/Stores: _________________________________

Friends of the Foundation Grade Representative: ________________________________

Science Volunteer: _________________________________________________________

Field Trips Planned or Desired:

1. _______________________________         2. _________________________________

3. _______________________________         4. _________________________________

Supplies Needed: _________________________________________________________


Class Parties: _____________________________________________________________


Birthday Celebration Ideas (with Wellness Policy Considerations): ____________________


Classroom Helpers/Schedules Required: _______________________________________


Are there children in the classroom with Food Allergies: _________ What Kind? ______

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