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									   Importance of Feedback to the Forefront in Developing Effective PPC Campaigns

Movies get reviewed, restaurants get critiqued, employees get appraised –giving and receiving
feedback is part of everyday living. It is human nature to know where you stand and for businesses,
this is an important tool to change a certain tactic or do more of a certain action to be ahead of the

As a staple internet marketing practice, a PPC company should be able to monitor and assess the
effectiveness of a pay-per-click advertising campaign. This will allow adjustments to take place as well
as reinforce tactics that are delivering results.

Where Feedback Comes In

A marketing process, just like any other methodical practice in the world, is initiated by an input and
ended with an output. But what happens in between. The steps taken to reach Point B from Point A
are called throughputs.

For example, the input of an SEO company is the pay-per-click ad campaign itself. The throughput is
better exposure or rankings across markets that matter. At the end of the day, the process culminates
with an output or an ultimate objective to increase online sales.

Across the three, it’s the throughput feedback that is important because it allows you to adjust your
input (see what’s working or not) to produce the desired output.

Using the RAT Model When Filtering Through Feedback

 A PPC company can easily unearth and cull feedback simply because there are numerous analytics
tools out there that give feedback in empirical and measurable figures. But this can get overwhelming.
In the end, an SEO company might find out that it wasted significant amount of time trying to make
sense of data that do not even impact or have minimal effect on the ad campaign.

Clearly, when it comes to feedback, not everything is created equal. In a blog post, online marketer
Howie Jacobson provided a quick and easy way to determine what a high quality and usable
feedback is from the others. Just remember the acronym R.A.T.

       R is for Relevance. It is nonsense to ponder about a feedback which is not even relevant to
        your business objectives. If you are looking at the number of clicks, which category of clicks is
        most relevant to your business goals? Is it the overall clicks? The number of clicks for the
        highest potential keyword? For sure, you won’t look at organic clicks for a PPC campaign
        because you are after paid traffic.
       A is for Actionable. A PPC marketing company should look at analytics data that it can
        actually change by adjusting its tactics and strategies. An example Jacobson gives is the
        number of impressions. You really can’t do much about this, but what you can do is drill down
        on the venues and timings these impressions come from and adjusting your PPC roadmap
        based on this.
       T is for timely. Every SEO company knows that trends shift so it is important to analyze and
        get feedback using the context of the period where that information was mined.

A good feedback mechanism will enable a PPC company to deliver results from a PPC campaign. So,
go ahead and hunt for your R.A.T. feedbacks.
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