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Medical Imaging

Tata Elxsi’s extensive experience enables it to engage with several leading Medical Diagnostics device manufacturers across the
globe and provides imaging solutions for multi-modal systems.
Our services to healthcare segment in providing algorithmic solutions are backed by our expertise in core graphics technologies
from the application layer down to the hardware layer.
We offer imaging solutions, streamlined algorithm development for image enhancement, pattern recognition, feature extraction,
automatic region-of-interest detection, real-time video enhancement, 3D volume generation and visualization, biometrics
(finger print sensors & Iris recognition) and system design.

Services offered                              Medical imaging expertise
   2D/3D visualization                         Image acquisition – MRI, CT, US, PET        Other services offered
   Complete application development            DICOM                                        End user research
   Image processing and visualization          Volume reconstruction in real-time           Usability research
                                                                                                System Architecture & Design
   Product enhancement – new                   Pre-processing noise removal and
     feature addition, feature                     image enhancement                              Prototyping
     enhancement                                 Data storage and compression                   Product Development
   Value/ performance reengineering            2D and 3D image display                        Testing & QA
     – evaluation of Algorithms,
                                                 Image fusion - CT-MRI, MRI-CT,                 Maintenance & Sustenance
     customization of Algorithms
                                                   CT-US                                          Feature enhancements
   HMI/UI Development
                                                 Post processing enhancement,                   Value Engineering
   Testing and maintenance                       segmentation, feature
                                                                                                  Performance Engineering
   Migration to different platforms              enhancement, 2D/3D
                                                   measurements                                   Product Re-engineering

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