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Newark and Pacific Supply & Safety

       Ordering Process for
 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

          June 18, 2008
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Link to Newark Punchout             Safety
Welcome to the Newark/PS&S   Pacific Supply &
Punchout Site!                         Safety
Finding Products on Newark
                                                                Pacific Supply &
Punchout                                                                  Safety
There are many ways to find items on the Newark
eProcurement website. Being familiar with the different
search methods will make it easier and faster for you to find
the items you need.

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                  Ordering: Methods
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Multi-SKU Quick Buy
• Copy and paste up to
  65 Newark part
  numbers and quantities
  at one time.
• Save your most
  frequently purchased
  items in a favorites
  folder, then instantly add
  items directly into your
  shopping cart.
Buy Now
• Enter the item and the
  quantity you need, and
  click “Add to Cart.”
  Ordering: Viewing Contract Pricing                                       Pacific Supply &
To see contract and quantity discounts, just click on the item price in the “Your Price” column.
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Search Results: Adding Items                                                   Safety

To a Favorites Folder
  If you would like to save an item to a favorites folder from search results,
  click the corresponding checkbox and click Add.

  Choose an existing Favorites Folder from the dropdown
  provided, or enter a new folder name in the field provided.
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Managing Favorites                                                         Safety

 Save individual folders for any reason at all, like projects you’re working on, each
 purchase order, or each stockroom. Group items based on commodity or
 manufacturer. Save kits or bill of materials in separate folders. You can also send a
 folder to a co-worker.
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Requested Items Feature                                         Safety

                                        Users click on the “Requested
    SLAC users contact the Newark
                                          Items” button and see the
    branch to get these items
                                          completed quote, create a
    “added to the Punchout site” for
                                       shopping cart, and save the item
                                             to a favorites folder.
Managing Requested Items –                                     Pacific Supply &
Resubmitting An Expired Quote                                            Safety

Quotes expire after 30 days. To resubmit, go to the “Expired” tab from the drop
down menu, select the items you want to resubmit and click “RESUBMIT.” To re-
quote one item, simply click the .
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Once you have selected the items
you would like to purchase, click
Entering Order
                             Pacific Supply &
Information                            Safety

                 Your Last
                                Pacific Supply &
Entering Ship To Address Data             Safety
                         Pacific Supply &
Review Order                       Safety

               Copy of
                            Pacific Supply &
Requestor Receives E-mail             Safety

                              Another method to
                              obtain a hard copy
                              of your order
Manager Receives E-Mail:
                           Pacific Supply &
Order Pending                        Safety

                            logs in
Process to approve an order:
The manager is presented with a list of pending
invoices. The manager can choose to view,         Pacific Supply &
approve or reject.                                          Safety
Manager Views and                      Pacific Supply &
Approves Order                                   Safety

           SLAC Charge
         SLAC Account Number Appears
           Number Here
           Appear here
Requester receives e-mail        Pacific Supply &
notification of order approval
    Requestor Receives Newark
    On-Line Order Confirmation                                                                                      Pacific Supply &
    Order Details:
    Order Number: 747532
    Your PO Number: 63619                                            Your last name plus unique number will appear on
    Order Date: 06/14/2007
                                                                                  Newark order Confirmation
    Bill To: Pacific Supply & Safety LLC Ship To: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
    Account Number: 559856                            Account Number: 615183
                                      For Attn Of: Paula Eslinger
    019A-0075
    PO Box 10754                                SLAC
                                      2575 Sand Hill Road
    Yakima                                 Menlo Park
    WA, 98909-1754, USA                              CA, 94025-7015, USA
    ____________________________________________________________________________
    ____
    Order:
    Lne SKU          UOM                     Quantity Price          Ext Price
    ____________________________________________________________________________
    ____
    1 94C3885 Each/1                          2       $180.94 $361.88
    Manufacturer Part Number : WESD51
    Customer Part Number: Customer PO Line Number: 1
    Description: Tools, Soldering station; Supply Voltage:120V; Unit Power Rating:50W; Leaded Process Compatible:No; Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C):No Shipping Via: UPS
    Expected Ship Date: 06/14/2007 Expected Ship Qty: 2 Final Ship Date:
    06/14/2007
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----
    2 84C9397 Each/1                          2       $114.95 $229.90
    Manufacturer Part Number : 34XR
    Customer Part Number: Customer PO Line Number: 2
    Description: Digital Multimeter; DMM Type:Handheld; DMM Response Type:True RMS; Number of Digits/Alpha:3-3/4; Calibrated:No; Current Measuring Range:200uA, 2mA,
     20mA, 200mA, 10A; Voltage Measuring Range AC:200 mV to 600 V Shipping Via: UPS 2 DAY ROLLOVER
    Expected Ship Date: 06/14/2007 Expected Ship Qty: 2 Final Ship Date:
    06/14/2007
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
                                    You Saved: $101.96
                                  Your Merchandise Total $591.78
    Requestor Receives On-Line
                                                                                Pacific Supply &
    Shipping Notification                                                                 Safety

From: []
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 10:55 PM
Subject: Newark InOne shipping confirmation
302 N Harding Ave
Wapato, WA, 98951-1044, USA
Dear Paula Eslinger
PIN# 1319302
Below you will find a shipment confirmation that contains package-tracking information.
If you have questions regarding your shipment, please contact your salesperson, or call us at 1-800-4NEWARK (1-800-
463-9275) and press 2 for customer service. You may also contact us via email at
Your Team at Newark InOne
P.S. Have you experienced the new
Re-energized for speed & ease, you'll find products, datasheets, tech articles & more in no time.
Shipment Acknowledgement follows:
Order Details:
Order Number: 747532
Your PO Number: 63619 - Rlse Number:
Order Date: 06/14/2007
Carrier Name: UPS
Carrier Service: UPS 2 DAY ROLLOVER
Shipment Date: 06/14/2007 21:56:26
Tracking Number: 1ZX295600298188306
                                     Pacific Supply &
Process to Reject an Order                     Safety

                      Paula places
                      $1200 order
View and Reject Order                 Pacific Supply &

                        Order Rejection
                        area at bottom of
                                 Pacific Supply &
Screen After Order is Rejected             Safety
Requestor Receives Rejected
                              Pacific Supply &
Order E-Mail                            Safety
Order Approval Process
                                                                                   Pacific Supply &
                                               Submits Order

                                              Receives Order
                                               From Newark

                                           E-mail notification
                                           Sent to Requester
                                             and Approver

                    Order                                                         Order
                   Approved                                                       Denied

   Affirmative                Order Sent                         E-mail sent to
  E-mail sent to              To Newark                            Requester
    Requester                  Backend


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